Despite it being pretty obvious USI-Tech has operated as a Ponzi scheme since BTC Packages were released last year, the company maintains it isn’t.

Amid an ongoing ROI revenue crisis that has seen daily ROI rates plummet, someone at USI-Tech has inadvertently confirmed it’s a scam.

In an update sent out to USI-Tech affiliates sometime over the last 24 hours, the company has revealed its “repayment plan for BTC Pack 1.0”.

As per the official company announcement;

The income from the direct sale of a BTC 2.0 Package sales is split as follows:

– 35% to commissions for the referring upline

– 15% for company expenses

– ​50% for repayment of: (obligations at 24th Feb, 2018)

Remaining 1.0 packages, Outstanding commissions (and) Prior wallet balances

As above, USI-Tech have officially confirmed they are literally using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors.

For those of you who are mathematically inclined, you’ll no doubt have observed that 35% + 15% + 50% = 100%. USI-Tech affiliates are supposed to be investing in mining, so where is that money coming from?

The answer, I believe, lies in what’s left of previously invested funds.

When US regulators began to crack down on USI-Tech, the company abandoned the US. In doing so, USI-Tech lost its primary source of ROI revenue.

Knowing that only dug them deeper into a never-ending spiral of Ponzi ROI liability, USI-Tech cancelled all previously owed returns.

The invested funds the company had left appear to have been dumped into cryptocurrency mining, which will be used to pay BTC Pack 2.0 investors.

Or at least that’s what USI-Tech represent in their announcement.

With lies upon lies from company management piling up, who knows.

What we do know is that if USI-Tech had been generating ROI revenue, as represented by Ralph Gold back in June, 2017, the company would have had no problem registering with the SEC and proving it.

Instead, here we are…

The above plan was the only option given the losses we faced to enable the business to move forward, and for us to be able to achieve the intention of 100% BTC repayment.

Of those USI-Tech affiliates that are still getting paid, daily payments appear to be in the ballpark of a few dollars.

One USI-Tech affiliate from Australia lamented, “They claim they’re paying me back $3.18 a day for 26 years”.

Sounds like not too many people are falling for the same BTC Package 2.0 scam second time around.