When Texas issued USI-Tech with a cease and desist and provide evidence of external ROI revenue, rather than do so the company hastily terminated operations in the US.

The problem with this decision however was that the US was by far USI-Tech’s largest source of investors, which also meant they were owed the most amount of money.

Unable to pay out their affiliates (that’s not how a Ponzi scheme works), USI-Tech has stalled on the matter since the decision to run from US regulators in early January.

This stalling saw the company hide behind the fiction that it was conducting an internal audit to root out fraud.

Perhaps the only thing more unbelievable than a Ponzi scheme supposedly auditing itself to ferret out fraud was the affiliates who went along with it.

A few weeks ago USI-Tech effectively ordered its affiliates to “shut up or else“. Hanging in the balance was the millions of dollars US affiliates are believed to have invested.

Having determined enough time has passed, USI-Tech has announced the result of their internal audit charade.

Not surprisingly, from the sounds of it US USI-Tech affiliates are screwed.

The exact findings are now available. A large number of our distribution partners have illegally and in violation of their contracts received additional commissions and monetary claims.

These considerable, fraudulent violations result mainly from unlawful double payments for partner activities via fabricated REBUY, commission payouts via fake multiple registrations, and illegal advertising for the acquisition of benefits.

As a result of this misconduct, the viability and profitability of the active BTC Packages in their current form are no longer feasible.

In order to not excessively jeopardize your costs and expenses for the BTC Packages— considering the aforementioned fraudulent behavior—and in order to spare you a loss, we are unfortunately forced to immediately discontinue the BTC Packages in their current form.

Though we deeply regret doing so, we hereby terminate the contractual relationship through your BTC Package immediately by extraordinary or ordinary termination.

The communication does not single out USI-Tech affiliates or provide specifics as to each case of alleged fraud (again not withstanding USI-Tech’s entire business is fraudulent).

In an attempt to justify screwing over their investors, USI-Tech points to its “terms and conditions”.

From a legal standpoint however, a Ponzi scheme’s terms and conditions are not legally binding.

With a bullshit cover story to wipe Ponzi ROI liabilities, USI-Tech is aware that an avalanche of complaints to authorities will be made over the coming week.

After all, invested funds and promised ROIs being held hostage was really the only card USI-Tech had to play with investors.

In an attempt to combat anticipated regulatory complaints, once again USI-Tech are dangling the prospect of returned funds.

Despite the notice of a risk of total loss in our terms and conditions, we strive not to assign a financial loss on the BTC Packages to ANY CLIENT.

After the successful termination of all BTC Packages, we will undertake the following approach.

All clients who have withdrawn 100 percent or higher (due to payouts) of the deposited amount of their respective purchased BTC Packages are terminated immediately.

Due to the termination of the contractual relationship, there will be no further recoveries or payments for this BTC Package.

Illustration of how the current BTC Package(s) will be reset or stay live until they have reached the break-even point of 100%

All clients who have withdrawn less than 100 percent of the original purchasing price of their BTC Packages will be granted future financial benefits, as demonstrated in the following illustration, so that these BTC-Packages can reach their original purchasing price.

Our goal is to avoid any financial loss for our clients.

So basically those who have been paid more than they invested (net-winners) are getting the boot. And their victims are being told to sit tight.

Naturally with affiliate recruitment elsewhere in the world nowhere near enough to cover ROI payouts in USI-Tech’s largest market, where the company plans on getting the money from in a timely manner arises.

Answer: They aren’t.

At the present moment, however, we cannot foresee how long it will take for us to attain cost recovery for all of our clients.

Basically however long it takes USI-Tech to fleece new investors of funds, divvy that up between themselves and US victims.

Enter “BTC Packages 2.0”;

We are convinced that we will continue to attain financial success for you with our NEW BTC PACKAGES 2.0 in a newly modified and 100% transparent form (BTC Packages 2.0 will be directly linked to mining capacities and will receive the net earnings from them 7 days a week).

It is however at least as important that, due to the new structure, a similar situation will not be able to arise.

In the next newsletter, we will announce all of the details about technical processing and the new BTC PACKAGE 2.0.

All related functions will shortly thereafter be activated and go LIVE.

Why didn’t USI-Tech just show the Texas Securities Board evidence of external mining operations it’s claimed to have since June, 2016?


Oh and yeah, this obviously means the gullible investors being newly stolen from will get screwed in turn.

But hey, chances are they come from some dodgy third-world country anyway… so who cares, right?