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USI-Tech throws Canadian affiliates under the bus, gets banned anyway

Following an order permanently banning USI-Tech from operating in Ontario, Canada, the Ontario Securities Commission has published detailed reasoning behind its decision. The reasoning includes an email from USI-Tech management that throws their Canadian affiliates under the bus.

USI-Tech likely to be permanently prohibited in Ontario after hearing

Seemingly more procedural than anything at this stage, the Ontario Securities Commission is seeking an order that would permanently ban USI-Tech.

USI-Tech drops crypto mining charade

Despite collapsing in April, USI-Tech has kept up the crypto mining charade in their affiliate backoffice. Unfortunately for desperate investors still bothering to check their backoffice, on October 23rd they were informed the charade has been dropped.

Horst Jicha blew $1.5 mill of USI-Tech funds chasing magic energy

Outside of a yellow Lamborghini that may or may not belong to Ralf Gold, there hasn’t been much information on what the millions USI-Tech investors lost has been spent on. Following the filing of a lawsuit by Horst Jicha, we can now account for an additional $1.5 million in stolen USI-Tech investor funds.

USI-Tech blames Ponzi non-payment on state of crypto mining

Rather than just admit USI-Tech was a Ponzi scheme that collapsed, owners Joao Severino, Horst Jicha and Ralf Gold continue to string investors along. In their latest communication, USI-Tech now blame non-payment on the state of the cryptocurrency mining industry.

USI-Tech begs Ponzi victims to use TechCoinDeals

Thought the USI-Tech Ponzi scheme had completely collapsed? Yeah, not quite. USI-Tech had initially planned to exit-scam through the TechCoin ICO. Y’know, the usual stuff: Promise the shitcoin will moon, get it listed on some shady exchanges and then convert unpayable Ponzi ROI balances to TechCoin and do a runner. Fortunately USI-Tech’s plans were interrupted [Continue reading…]

USI-Tech scam warning issued in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority has issued an investment warning against USI-Tech. Better late than never?

Frank Calabro Jr. agrees to stop securities fraud, continues anyway…

Rather than clear his name with evidence he isn’t a serial scammer, Frank Calabro Jr. has agreed to stop committing securities fraud in North Carolina.

USI-Tech securities fraud cease and desist issued in Ohio

As part of Operation Cryptosweep, Ohio has issued USI-Tech with a securities fraud cease and desist. The May 18th notice identifies USI-Tech Limited as the sole respondent, through a PO Box address in Dubai.

Top USI-Tech promoter Justin Verrengia sends FBI after critic?

Justin Verrengia was one of USI-Tech’s top US-based investors. After USI-Tech collapsed in the US, Verrengia, who is based out of Florida, began scrubbing the internet of his association with the Ponzi scheme. Most of Verrengia’s promotion of USI-Tech, primarily through his “Crypto Alchemy” Facebook group, has since been made private or deleted. I did [Continue reading…]