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South Africa demands $7.2 mill from Swiss TVI Express haul

In 2011, back when South Africa actually regulated MLM fraud, the Reserve Bank declared TVI Express was a pyramid scheme. TVI Express promoters responded by declaring anyone against the company was ‘against black people becoming wealthy‘. TVI Express collapsed nationally a year later in 2012. Authorities pegged South African losses at around $254 million. Investigations [Continue reading…]

TVI Express owner Tarun Trikha arrested in India again

TVI Express was a travel themed pyramid scheme that collapsed years ago. The scams mostly Indian victims continue to seek justice against the scheme operator, Tarun Trikha. To that end Trikha has been arrested again by the police in Delhi.

TVI Express criminal fraud charges filed in India

Although it collapsed ages ago and its website is offline, the TVI Express saga continues. Five years ago Indian authorities arrested Tarun Trikha, founder and CEO of the company. In 2014 the Indian Supreme Court directed the Central Bureau of Investigation to investigate TVI Express. Four years later the CBI has finally filed charges.

TVI Express kingpin arrested in South Africa

Taking a break from the current devastation being wrought by scammers in South America, today we return to what was a hotbed of pyramid scheme mayhem for much of 2011 and 2012. Like a plague spreading from one country in the content to another, TVI Express engulfed a considerable portion of southern Africa before things [Continue reading…]

TVI Express affiliates arrested in Egypt

Despite the arrest of TVI Express CEO and owner Tarun Trikha in India last month, the company’s website remains operational with affiliates elsewhere in the world continuing to promote the scheme. Fortunately, so too is the continuation efforts by law-enforcement agencies in prohibiting the proliferation of one of the longest standing pyramid schemes in MLM [Continue reading…]

Government to investigate Indian Railways TVI saga

When “hundreds of employees” of India’s Central Railway Department lost “thousands of rupees” after senior management recruited them into the well-known pyramid scheme TVI Express, you’d have thought the first order of business would have been an investigation into management’s involvement and appropriate action being taken. Yet seven months after news of the scam surfaced, [Continue reading…]

TVI Express owner Tarun Trikha arrested in India

One of the more prolific MLM pyramid schemes we’ve seen over the past half-decade or so has been TVI Express. Like a hydra, despite being banned and certified illegal in multiple locations  across the globe (Australia, Indonesia, Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia and the US), TVI Express continued to pop in new markets and lure new affiliates [Continue reading…]

Indian TVI scam highlights regulatory inadequacy

About two months ago, news broke in India that the long-running TVI Express pyramid scheme had resurfaced amongst Nagpur state-run railway employees. Known as the “Central Railway Department”, with senior management ringleading the recruitment drive it was estimated that “hundreds” had been duped into believing they would receive ‘double returns in eight days‘. Following a [Continue reading…]

TVI Express scheme resurfaces in India

In what can only be described as one of the longest running pyramid schemes in history, TVI Express popped up on my radar this week after apparently claiming a fresh new batch of victims in the city of Nagpur, located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. For those unfamiliar with TVI Express, the scheme launched around [Continue reading…]

SA Reserve Bank show progress against TVI Express

One of the most enduring pyramid schemes over the last decade or so has been that of TVI Express. Originating in India, TVI Express has slowly spread like a virus from continent to continent, sucking in new members to fund commissions paid out to existing members. Using a reverse matrix compensation model, the commissions structure [Continue reading…]