Despite the arrest of TVI Express CEO and owner Tarun Trikha in India last month, the company’s website remains operational with affiliates elsewhere in the world continuing to promote the scheme.

Fortunately, so too is the continuation efforts by law-enforcement agencies in prohibiting the proliferation of one of the longest standing pyramid schemes in MLM history.

During a TVI Express meeting at a “business centre” held three weeks ago, an officer from Egypt’s Public Funds Crime’s Investigation Unit rocked up and arrested four local TVI Express ringleaders.

Two affiliates were eventually released but when another TVI Express affiliate arrived at the police station and began to “interfere” and release his fellow affiliates, he too was then also arrested.

Speaking on behalf of his “colleagues” and after consulting with their respective lawyers, TVI Express affiliate Ahmed Ali said

his colleagues were arrested without a warrant. “The lawyers do not understand why they are being held”.

If I might be so bold as to point out the obvious to Ali, his fellow affiliates were probably arrested for promoting what has been universally condemned as a pyramid scheme the world over.

I’m not too sure what the specifics are in regards to Egyptian law and warrants, but the three TVI affiliates appear to have twice previously appeared before judges, having been sentenced to “remain in custody on remand”.

For their participation and promotion of TVI Express in Egypt, the trio are expected to appear again in court and be sentenced on June 11th.

Despite a review of TVI Express clearly demonstrating otherwise, Ali defended the company claiming that it was simply

a network marketing company. We do not use a pyramid scheme.