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Harendar Kaur’s son arrested in India (Speak Asia)

Balwinder Singh, son of Speak Asia’s Harendar Kaur, was arrested by Indian authorities at Chennai International Airport earlier this week.

Renu Sharma granted bail because teachers can’t commit fraud

The one person who might have led authorities to Manoj Kumar’s stashed Ponzi funds, has been granted bail. Renu Sharma, wife of Manoj, was arrested by authorities last October. In January the EOW filed a chargesheet against Renu, accusing her of laundering over a hundred million USD. Renu was a signatory and Director of Tulsiyat [Continue reading…]

Chargesheet filed against Speak Asia CEO’s wife

Following on from the arrest of Renu Sharma late last year, Mumbai’s EOW have now filed a chargesheet against the accused.

Police arrest Manoj Kumar’s wife (Speak Asia)

Despite it being over five years since Indian police first filed a First Information Report on Speak Asia, turns out there are still dedicated officers working the case. Two Speak Asia suspects were arrested last week, one the wife of Speak Asia CEO, Manoj Kumar Sharma.

Speak Asia’s Harender Kaur wanted by Interpol

This one totally flew under the radar, but it has come to my attention that Speak Asia’s Harender Kaur is wanted by Interpol.

Speak Asian Online: SpeakAsia scammers attempt reboot

If I could pinpoint the moment Indian regulators failed SpeakAsia’s victims, it would a Judge unfreezing the scheme’s bank accounts for a few weeks mid-2011. CID investigators immediately filed an appeal and had the accounts refrozen, but by then the damage had been done. Harendar Kaur, one of the masterminds behind the Ponzi scheme, rushed [Continue reading…]

Speak Asia ringleaders to be prosecuted “soon”

Following on from the arrest of several Speak Asia ringleaders early last month, comes the announcement that prosecutions against the accused are expected to begin shortly.

Six new arrests in Speak Asia criminal case (top investors)

Possibly setting a record for longest-running MLM Ponzi criminal investigation ever, news today from Indian regulators in the ongoing Speak Asia case. On the 31st of January, six new arrests were made by the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) in Mumbai.

India grants SEBI regulator streamlined court

If we learnt anything over the roughly three years it took Mumbai’s EOW to file a chargesheet against Speak Asia, it’s that Indian regulators were woefully ill-equipped to deal with the smoke and mirrors that accompanies modern Ponzi schemes. With millions of dollars at their disposal, those who ran the scheme paid off an army [Continue reading…]

5000+ page long Speak Asia chargesheet filed

Two and a half years in the making and despite Speak Asia’s best attempts to thwart investigations into the company at judicial and local levels, Indian authorities  on the 16th of December finally filed a chargesheet against Speak Asia. “The accused have been booked for forgery, criminal conspiracy and cheating among other charges under the [Continue reading…]