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TVI Express license revoked in Indonesia

TVI Express’ long fought battles with the authorities in Indonesia seems to have come to a head yesterday with the revoking of their ‘business license’. Effective immediately, TVI Express’ business activities in Indonesia have been frozen.

Lesotho: TVI Express is an illegal pyramid scheme

Lesotho is a landlocked country and enclave, surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. It is just over 30,000 km2 (11,583 sq mi) in size with a population of approximately 2,067,000. Or to put it another way, Lesotho is probably too small to rate on most people’s radars (myself included). Admittedly I’d never even heard [Continue reading…]

TVI Express seeks legality by ‘redefining terms’

When we last checked in on TVI Express in Namibia, the Bank of Namibia had declared TVI Express to be a pyramid scheme. In response to this, Namibian TVI members threatened legal action against the bank. Laughing it off, the Bank of Namibia (BoN) fired off yet another press release warning the Namibian public about joining [Continue reading…]

TVI to establish office in South Africa despite ban?

With the South African Department of Trade and South Africa Reserve Bank both conducting continuing criminal investigations, TVI Express is South Africa is all but dead. With arrests already made over the promotion of TVI Express in South Africa, those participating in the scheme risk fines and arrest themselves. Despite the regulatory crackdown and arrests [Continue reading…]

TVI Express South Africa “owners” arrested

Last week I wrote about TVI Express South Africa playing the race card as the South African regulators closed in on the business. This investigation, launched by the South African Reserve Bank, came on top of an already existing criminal investigation underway by the South African department of Trade. Whilst the South African Reserve Bank [Continue reading…]

TVI South Africa play race card as regulators close in

You’ve been running your TVI Express business for about a year now. During this time you’ve seen neighbouring countries strike out against TVI, labeling it a pyramid scheme or money game scam. Still, nobody’s said anything in your country yet so, perhaps with a little more caution, you continue to publicise your business and recruit [Continue reading…]

TVI Express owned by Buffet and advised by Clinton?!

Hype is something that’s seemingly unavoidable these days in the MLM industry. Everyone’s making extraordinary income claims and selling unbelievable products. Recently however I came across a TVI advertisement however that took the hype concept just a little too far…

TVI wins Indonesian International Good Company Award

Despite being banned or under investigation in the US, Australia, China and parts of Africa, some countries seem to be happy to allow TVI to conduct business within their borders. Some are even actively encouraging TVI Express to flourish. Take Indonesia for example who recently awarded TVI an ‘International Good Company Award. Apparently it was [Continue reading…]

TVI Express turns 2: Analysis of TVI’s 2010 factsheet

Recently TVI Express celebrated two years of being in business in the MLM industry. Along with the celebrations, most of which used the milestone as a pointer to the legitimacy of the TVI, TVI members took the opportunity to share with the world some statistics about the company. Despite troubles in Africa and Australia recently [Continue reading…]

Fostering Fraud: TVI Express abandon acct verification

Back in December last year, TVI Express took note of its members concerned and sought to address claims that fraud was rampant in the business. With no verification process attached to the process of joining TVI Express, members in countries where identity fraud was difficult to police were presumably finding it easy to inflate TVI [Continue reading…]