EvoRich founder Andrew Khovratov was arrested in Russia back in April.

Shortly after, Bob Ultee stepped in as the saviour of the Ponzi scheme.

Across April and early May, this saw investors funnelled into Ultee’s bobcoin scheme.

In mid May a possibly intoxicated Ultee smashed his allegedly speeding lambo into the back of a Peugeot 107.

Anyway, here’s how BOBC is going…

Now, in a desperate attempt to keep the EvoRich grift going, the Ponzi scheme is selling “radical transformations”.

Do you know that there is a way to become the creator of your own destiny, take control of your life and make an incredible leap in all its walks at once?

The thing is though that most people don’t know how to access this treasure trove of knowledge, and therefore simply don’t allow themselves to live the life they truly desire.

It is “that knowledge” that EvoRich claims to be selling – through a series of four blocks:


We will analyze your life: what you already have, what kind of experience, how you live with it and what you want to change, what kind of people are in your life and what kind of people aren’t but should be there.

The first block will open your eyes wide to the real state of affairs, and in some cases will make you take off your rose-colored glasses.


We will work with limiting beliefs. Usually others promise to remove them, whereas we offer to replace them and teach you HOW to do this.

We will also identify the limiting attitudes that prevent you from achieving your goals.


We will learn to work with our higher SELF. We will get to know our NEW selves.

We will dig deep into our potential, burn bridges with old grievances and boldly enter a new cycle of our development.


It is one of the most powerful blocks. We will shape new intentions. We will look at our entire transformation journey.

We will give thanks, let go and acquire a new frame of life for our successful future.

The marketing pitch for EvoRich’s is kinda interesting…

Have you ever wondered why…

-You aren’t enjoying life?

-You doubt yourself, feel insecure?

-You do not respect, do not appreciate and do not believe in yourself?

-Your life is filled with past resentments?

-You have strained relationships with your loved ones, partners, children?

-You are unable to focus on a particular task and achieve your goal?

-You lack the energy to perform at your best and achieve what you want most?

-You live in constant stress and anxiety about the future?

-You can’t break through your financial ceiling?

For all but a handful of EvoRich investors, there’s one answer to all the questions:

“Yes, and I feel this way because I invested in a Ponzi scheme and lost all my money.”

Financially ruin your investors, and then try to convince them they haven’t been scammed with a feel-good recovery program. Brilliant.

EvoRich is flogging its “radical transformation” for 199 UNT. UNT is some internal shitcoin EvoRich represents is pegged to the the dollar.

Get in quickly for a 101 UNT discount today!