Unitsky String Technologies continues to lie about its Skyway Capital Ponzi scheme.

The latest update appears to leave existing investors in limbo, while new investors continue to be recruited.

The overall status of the Skyway Capital is difficult to determine. The Ponzi scheme completely died in the west when its attempt to get in on crypto scamming collapsed in mid 2020.

This culminated in Unitsky String Technologies in December 2021, an attempt by Skyway Capital to distancing itself from itself

Now, in an August 17th Unitsky String Technologies update, the company represents it is done Ponzi scamming.

Moving away from association with investment activity

The main part of the investment channeled to develop Unitsky Group of Companies and UST Inc. engineering company (including demonstration and certification centers with test tracks in Belarus and the UAE, scientific and technological laboratories and production shops), was raised using the crowd-investing scheme.

Investment was carried out through independent foreign funds, a networks of business angels and enthusiasts not affiliated with UST Inc., who worked within the framework of partner investment programs offered by the funds.

However, crowd-investing has also led to some side effects related to the fact that in many countries there is no clear legal framework for it. It is regarded there as an investment mechanism with increased risks.

In this regard, the financial regulators of some countries issued warnings about the possible danger of investing.

To be clear, there’s nothing ambiguous about securities fraud. Calling a Ponzi scheme “crowdfunding” doesn’t change what it is.

And to that end, after its crypto collapse, Skyway Capital received securities fraud warnings from New Zealand, the UK and Spain.

Although such a warning does not indicate the dishonesty of the activities of the mentioned companies (Ozedit: it absolutely does), however, a shadow was cast on the SkyWay brand and the interests of the string transport developer, UST Inc., were affected, which until 2020 also used the SkyWay brand in its advertising materials and in the company name in English.

Having carried out the rebranding, UST Inc. emphasized its legal, financial and operational detachment from former or current funds, which use the SkyWay brand.

The logo and corporate identity elements were changed, the correct translation of the company name from Russian into English was made.

This is of course baloney. No better emphasized than Unitsky String Technologies’ latest update being featured on Skyway Capital’s website:

Not really surprising. Skyway Capital has been pretending its Ponzi scheme has nothing to do with Skyway for years.

The rest of Unitsky String Technologies’ update is Photoshopped images of vehicles that don’t exist as represented. Which begs the question, what’s the business model then?

The answer is of course nothing has changed. Skyway Capital is still soliciting investment from gullible investors, which is funnelled into Unitsky String Technologies.

As part of efforts to bury the Skyway Capital Ponzi brand, Skyway Capital began calling itself Sky World Community.

The Skyway Capital website is still the same. And there you can find the latest efforts to defraud investors.

Till 31.08.22, you can still invest at the discount of 1:90 and get a hologram with your photo at the String Transport Museum in Belarus. The investment conditions are the same:

– with the monthly installment payment of $500 for 10 months;

– as a lump sum of $5000.

Whether Unitsky String Technologies’ Ponzi marketing takes off in Turkey remains to be seen.

SimilarWeb currently ranks top sources of traffic to Sky World Community’s website as Russia (36%), Uzbekistan (26%), Cote D’Ivoire (6%) and the Philippines (5%).

Overall traffic to Sky World Community’s website is relatively stagnant.

A few months ago Unitsky String Technologies tried to get back into crypto Ponzi scamming through Cryptadium.

There’s not much happening there. Cryptadium’s Official FaceBook group has 4 members.