Rostex Global is a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme that was recently added to BehindMLM’s review list.

Unfortunately it collapsed before I could publish a review.

Rostex Global was your typical Boris CEO affair. The Ponzi scheme offered investors returns of up to 1.9% a day.

Commissions were paid down nine levels of recruitment (unilevel), determined by how much a Rostex Global affiliate invested.

Heading up Rostex Global was CEO “Gregor Douglas”:

Douglas didn’t exist outside of Rostex Global’s marketing, making him a prime Boris CEO candidate. I had a crack at trying to independently suss out who the actor is but came up blank.

Rostex Global marketing videos featuring Douglas were dubbed over. Russian scammers do this to hide the accent of the actors they use.

Rostex Global’s marketing videos are shot in the usual rented office environment, complete with company branded flags and mugs.

On or around May 24th, Rostex Global collapsed and its website was pulled offline.

Alexa traffic statistics suggest Rostex Global’s victims are primarily located in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Algeria.

Rostex Global’s demise is part of the great Boris CEO Ponzi collapse of May 2021.

Rostex Global is the sixth Boris CEO collapse I’ve reported on this month, following Twindax, TeqraMirollexOnward Capital and Impero Solutions.

This many Russian scams collapsing in such a short time suggests they are being run by the same criminals, or groups of criminals working together.