zeekrewardsFor his role in scamming Zeek Rewards victims, September 2014 saw Darryle Douglas his with a $2.2 million dollar default judgement.

Rather than pay back the victims he stole from though, Douglas sought to further profit by attempting to launch Auction Attics. Douglas professed he was going to pitch Auction Attics to individuals on an authorized copy of the Zeek Rewards affiliate database.

Douglas’ antics  didn’t escape the notice of the Zeek Receiver, who filed a motion requesting the court compel Douglas to hand over the Zeek database he planned to market to, submit to a deposition and turn over requested financial records.

That was in October, with Judge Mullen on the 3rd of November ordering Douglas to appear at a hearing on December 3rd. At the hearing, Douglas was to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for not following the court’s previous order.

The December 3rd hearing came and went… and according to an order issued on December 10th, Douglas was a no-show.

darryle-douglas-sales-director-zeek-rewardsAt the December 3rd hearing the Receiver presented to the court pretty much what I’ve outlined above. In addition the Receiver also showed that Douglas (right) had been made well aware of the December 3rd hearing, leaving there no excuse for his ignoring it.

The Court took evidence at the hearing from the Receiver and from counsel for Mr. Douglas and is satisfied that Mr. Douglas received notice of the hearing well in advance of the hearing date.

The Court finds that Mr. Douglas received notice of the September 15 Order and has violated that Order.

Determining that Douglas continued conduct would continue to harm the Receiver (by way of non-cooperation and payment of the $2.2 million default judgement), Judge Mullen went on to order

that Darryle Douglas is in civil contempt.

It is further ORDERED that Mr. Douglas shall be incarcerated until he agrees to comply in full with the Court’s Order dated September 15, 2015.

The United States Marshal is hereby DIRECTED to issue and execute a warrant for Mr. Douglas’ arrest and incarceration until he can be brought before this Court and until he agrees to comply with the Order in question.

As at the time of publication, whether or not Douglas has been since been arrested is unclear.

Stay tuned…


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of Judge Mullen’s December 10th contempt order.