The Twindax Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Sometime in the past twenty-four hours Twindax pulled its website offline. Attempts to reach it now result in an SSL configuration error.

BehindMLM reviewed Twindax only a few days ago on May 20th.

We identified it as yet another Boris CEO Ponzi scheme. What made Twindax stand out is that it was a particularly low-effort Boris CEO Ponzi scheme.

Typically a Boris CEO Ponzi scheme gives us at least one marketing video featuring an actor with a bad accent. And a disguise if we’re lucky (so far we’ve seen wigs, mustaches and beards).

Twindax just slapped two photos of who knows who from who knows where. The individuals in the photos were given fictional names and that was that.

Twindax is the fifth Boris CEO Ponzi scheme to collapse over the past few days. It follows TeqraMirollex, Onward Capital and Impero Solutions.

This many Russian scams collapsing in such a short time suggests they are being run by the same criminals, or groups of criminals working together.