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Isagenix Employee Stock Ownership Plan lawsuit filed

A proposed class-action is suing the Trustee of the Isagenix Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The Plan is made up of current and former Isagenix employees. The exact number of Plan participants isn’t provided but was estimated to be just over 550 back in December 2019. Plaintiff Shana Robertson is seeking to represent Plan participants in [Continue reading…]

GSBank quick to delete G999 clone shitcoin evidence

Less than 48 hours ago BehindMLM published evidence suggesting GSPartners’ G999 was created via an off the shelf shitcoin script. In response to that article, GSBank have deleted the evidence.

Daisy AI initiates shit token Ponzi exit-scam

Daisy AI’s smart-contract Ponzi scheme appears to be heading towards collapse. This has prompted the launch of a new “Daisy token” investment scheme.

TronCase launches new website, reboots Ponzi scheme

Following its collapse earlier this week, TronCase has switched website domains and rebooted its Ponzi scheme.

GSPartners’ G999 an off the shelf scamcoin script?

GSPartners’ G999 appears to be an off the shelf purchased shitcoin script. One that’s been used to launch at least two scamcoins.

Jaira David added to Krstic fraud case, indicted & arrested

A sixteenth defendant has been added to the DOJ’s Kristijan Krstic Ponzi empire fraud case. Jaira David, aka Jenny Liu, Kate Muller and Alice Newtown, was indicted under seal on March 4th, 2020.

TronCase Ponzi collapses, smart-contract cleaned out

The TronCase Ponzi scheme has collapsed. Two days ago TronCase’s smart-contract was sitting at 38.99 million TRX (~$2.37 million USD). Today it’s at 0.

GSPartners’ developer sent Movenpick cease and desist

As part of our coverage of GSPartners’ XLT Ponzi token launch, BehindMLM got in touch with Accor Group about a week ago. Accor Group owns the Movenpick brand, and we wanted to know if they were OK with GSPartners using one of their properties in Dubai to promote their XLT Ponzi points scheme. A few [Continue reading…]

Success by Health affiliates harassing Judge and family

Success by Health affiliates are harassing the Judge hearing the FTC’s case against the company. Judge Lanza has labeled comments directed at him and his family as “highly inappropriate and disturbing”.

Maasen, Noble, Jeppesen & Mascola settle BitConnect fraud

On June 1st the SEC tabled three proposed judgments against BitConnect defendants Joshua Jeppesen, Ryan Maasen and Laura Mascola. A partial judgment was tabled for Michael Noble. Each of the proposed judgments were consented to by the defendants. On June 3rd the SEC was directed to make an additional filing, explaining why the judgments were [Continue reading…]