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OneCoin website down, DNS record under investigation

OneCoin’s website has gone offline. DNS records show that while the company still owns the website domain, it is now under investigation.

More defendants dismissed from BitConnect class-action

The BitConnect class-action isn’t going to well, following dismissal of the second amended complaint and several defendants.

Crowd1 under regulatory investigation in Norway

The Norwegian Lottery Authority has revealed it has an active investigation into Crowd1.

Wantage One claims Austrian securities fraud appeal filed

Wantage One claims it has filed appeal against a decision by Austria’s Financial Market Authority.

Rise Network Review: Secretive Unbox ecommerce platform

Rise Network operates in the marketing tools MLM niche. The company provides a suite address in Texas on its website. The same website cites Rise Network’s founders as Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana and Jason Rose. Long-time readers will recognize Juneja, Hokoana and Rose from their DS Domination days. DS Domination launched in 2013 and combined [Continue reading…]

Bridle tightens on Amer Abdulaziz’s Phoenix Fund lies

Phoenix Fund owner Amer Abdulaziz Salman is feeling the heat after Konstantin Ignatov shed light on his involvement in OneCoin. According to the former OneCoin CEO, Abdulaziz used Phoenix Fund to help mark Scott launder $110 million dollars.

Skyway Capital bans affiliates from mentioning Skyway Capital

It’s official; the Skyway Capital Ponzi brand is toxic. So toxic that Skyway Capital has outright banned affiliate investors from publicly mentioning its name.

Zhunrize Ponzi final judgments top $132 million

Zhunrize and owner Jeff Pan have been hit with $132 million dollar final judgments.

iGalen collapses after losing access to Emulin

As of November 8th the dispute between iGalen and product supplier ATM Metabolics has been resolved. As a result of the settlement, iGalen lost access to ATM Metabolics’ Emulin product.

David Pike, second OneCoin money launderer arrested

US authorities have arrested a second OneCoin money launderer, David R. Pike. Pike worked with convicted OneCoin money launderer Mark S. Scott. He was apprehended after lying to federal agents about laundered OneCoin money.