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Karatbars International pyramid scheme warning issued in Namibia

The Bank of Namibia has issued a pyramid scheme warning against Karatbars International.

ACN Trump lawsuit survives motion to dismiss, likely to be settled

An ACN related class-action lawsuit has survived a motion to dismiss. On July 24th RICO claims filed against the Trump family in connection to promotion of ACN were dismissed. Six counts pertaining to fraud, false advertising and unfair competition survived and remain standing.

Steven Seagal fronts Skyway Capital, goes on Illuminati aliens rant

Desperate for a distraction after their Dubai ruse collapsed, Skyway Capital has signed Steven Seagal on for a celebrity endorsement.

Entry of default sought against Traffic Monsoon clawback defendants

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has filed for an entry of default against five Traffic Monsoon clawback defendants.

OneCoin to hold Global Mastermind event in Bali, dupes Indo govt

You’d think with their CEO in prison and former CEO and founder a fugitive on the run, that OneCoin would be laying low. But no… OneCoin is gearing up to hold a secret Global Mastermind event in Bali, Indonesia next month. As is typical for OneCoin, the planned Global Mastermind event was booked without disclosing [Continue reading…]

Neora sued by former Nerium supplier for false product testimonials

Neora’s former product supplier, Nerium Biotechnology and Nerium Skincare (together represented as Nerium Biotech), have sued the company for allegedly using false product testimonials.

Another BitConnect promoter arrested in India, 280 BTC & assets seized

Authorities in Surat, Gujurat arrested Rakesh Savani last Friday. Savani is identified as a “Asian region promoter” of BitConnect, the notorious MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme.

Debra Ambrose identified as private message leaker in NewULife suit

Earlier this year NewULife filed a lawsuit against a former distributor for claims made against the company. What differentiated this case was that the cited claims were taken from private Facebook chats, which neither party had provided to NewULife. Kevin Thompson, who is representing defendant Georgia Hargett (aka Georgia Balsley), recently provided some updates on [Continue reading…]

University professors support Traffic Monsoon SCOTUS writ

Five university professors have filed a brief in support of Charles Scoville’s Traffic Monsoon SCOTUS writ.

Prelim injunction granted against 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle scammers

Following an eleventh hour stipulation by the FTC and 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle defendants, a preliminary injunction has been granted.