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EvoRich securities fraud warning issued by Latvia

EvoRich has received a securities fraud warning from Latvia’s Financial and Capital Market Commission. As per the FCMC’s March 9th warning, EvoRich

Skyway Capital & NEEW securities fraud warning issued by UK

Skyway Capital and New Economic Evolution of the World (more commonly known as NEEW), have received a securities fraud warning from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

Nussentials closes for good

Last year I attempted to review Nussentials, only to discover the company was “temporarily closed”. To protect our staff, representatives, and customers from any possible exposure, we have made the difficult decision to close temporarily until this threat has been dealt with and supply lines can reopen. We expect that period to be only a [Continue reading…]

Freebay added to New Zealand’s Karatbars fraud warning

Freebay has been added to New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority’s Karatbars International securities fraud warning.

OneCoin featured in Netflix’s Money: Explained series

Episode one of Netflix’s new Money: Explained mini-series features OneCoin and BitConnect. Both are MLM Ponzi schemes that bilked investors out of billions of dollars.

US BitConnect promoters sued by SEC

Top US promoters of the BitConnect Ponzi scheme have been sued in a securities fraud lawsuit filed by the SEC. Defendants on the chopping block are Trevon Brown (aka Trevon James), Craig Grant, Joshua Jeppesen, Ryan Maasen, Michael Noble (aka “Michael Crypto”). Jeppesen’s fiancee, Laura Mascola, is the sole named relief defendant. As described by [Continue reading…]

Sebastian Greenwood rejects plea deal, tons of new evidence

Two interesting updates have come from a May 27th Status Conference in Sebastian Greenwood’s criminal case. The first update is that efforts to negotiate a pre-trial disposition of the case have thus far been unsuccessful. As explained by prosecuting DOJ attorney Nicholas Folly;

Digital Income Systems fraud settlements top $3.5 mill dollars

Earlier this month we reported on the FTC reaching settlements with several Digital Income Systems defendants. On May 26th the FTC filed notices of settlement approval for defendants Jennifer Hedrick (aka Jennifer Maurer), Derek Jones Foley and William Foley, Christopher Brandon Frye and Kaitlyn Scott.

FTC files for new Success by Health preliminary injunction

In our last Success by Health update we noted the court had given Success by Health until May 21st to ‘file a motion to dissolve or modify the Preliminary Injunction and receivership’. To that end Success by Health filed a memorandum detailing what they believed the recent AMG decision had on the FTC’s case. Three days [Continue reading…]

Global Trading Club scammers on track to settle with CFTC

The Global Trade Club defendants are heading towards settlement agreements with the CFTC.