A new entry on Mark Scott’s OneCoin case docket suggests he might be facing new charges.

On March 2nd the DOJ filed an endorsed letter with the court.

In the letter, the DOJ

request an adjournment of the change of plea control date in this matter that is currently scheduled for Thursday March 5, 2020.

The parties continue to have ongoing discussions about a pre-trial disposition, but have not yet reached an agreement.

Under known criminal charges, Mark Scott has already been tried and found guilty last year.

As of February 20th, Scott is scheduled to be sentenced on May 26th.

Unless I’m misunderstanding, the DOJ talking about a “plea control date” and “pre-trial disposition” means there’s additional charges we’re not aware of (i.e. another trial).

Adding to the confusion is an upcoming bond hearing.

The hearing was initially scheduled for March 6th. It was then rescheduled for March 10th.

As per a March 3rd order, the hearing will now be held on March 12th.

As it stands we have no idea what the proposed changes to Scott’s bail conditions are. Nor do we know anything about the upcoming plea hearing or related charges.

As per Scott’s case docket, the previously scheduled March 5th plea hearing has been rescheduled for April 9th.

Stay tuned…


Update 5th March 2020 – The March 2nd docket entry has been updated to reflect the change of plea control pertains to David Pike.

Pike has his own separate court docket, so it’s unclear why his case entries are appearing on Scott’s docket.

In any event, the takeaway is that Pike isn’t going to contest the charges against him.

The March 10th bond hearing definitely pertains to Scott, and we still don’t know the details behind that.

Stay tuned for more information pending the outcome of both upcoming hearings.


Update 4th April 2020 – Via a lettter addressed to the court, Pike’s attorney has confirmed he intends to change his plea to guilty.