Via a letter addressed to the court, David Pike’s attorneys have confirmed the OneCoin money launderer intends to plead guilty.

Pike was arrested last November on charges related to OneCoin money laundering.

Information on the case has been scarce owing to ongoing negotiations between Pike and DOJ.

Last month we got a whiff of Pike likely to change his initial not guilty plea. This has now been confirmed in a letter to the court.

On March 31st Pike’s attorney filed a letter with the court stating;

It is anticipated by the parties that this matter will be resolved by a guilty plea.

A change of plea control date is currently set for April 9, 2020.

The bad news is, due to COVID-19, the purpose of the letter is to request a guilty plea control date extension.

Although the parties are close to finalizing a plea agreement, the final details have not yet been worked out.

Given the current coronavirus crisis and the nationwide virtual shutdown, we request the guilty plea control date be continued for approximately 60 days.

The DOJ has consented to the request, meaning it’s all but certain to gain court approval.

As of yet however there has been no order made. Regardless, sixty days from the end of March puts us roughly at the end of May.