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Neora not a pyramid scheme, rules Texas Court

Following a bench trial held last October, the Northern District Court of Texas began deliberation on FTC v. Neora. On September 28th the court handed down its findings, ruling in favor of Neora.

FTC leans on SBH decision in pending Neora pyramid case

The FTC hopes a recent victory against Success by Health will factor into a pending decision in litigation against Neora.

FTC v. Neora verdict due after November 23rd

The FTC v. Neora trial kicked off on October 17th and has been playing out. The FTC filed suit against Neora (then Nerium) back in 2019. The regulator alleges Neora is a pyramid scheme.

DSA supports pyramid schemes in FTC v. Neora amicus brief

The Direct Selling Association is terrified Neora is going to lose its upcoming FTC trial. In an amicus brief filed on September 16th, the DSA pleads with the court to consider the ramifications of a pyramid scheme losing to the FTC at trial.

FTC v. Neora trial on track for October 17th, 2022

On July 27th the FTC moved for a three-week continuance of their scheduled trial against Neora. The court denied the motion on August 5th, meaning unless a settlement is reached, the parties are on track for a courtroom showdown.

FTC: SC’s AMG decision has cost consumers over $1.5 billion

The FTC claims the Supreme Court’s AMG decision has cost consumer a staggering $1.5 billion. The losses were realized through various fraudulent schemes, with the AMG decision leaving the FTC unable to effectively hold scammers accountable.

Neora cleared of monetary penalties, fails to settle with FTC

The FTC has been denied monetary relief in their fraud case against Neora. The decision is undoubtedly a blow to the regulator’s enforcement efforts.

Neora pushes for renewed settlement discussions after AMG

Last December a settlement report revealed that, despite engaging for over a year, the FTC and Neora were unable to reach a settlement. In the wake of the AMG Supreme Court decision, both parties were directed to file a “Joint Report regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution”.

FTC & Neora settlement efforts “unable to bridge the gap”

Despite negotiations taking place for over a year, at present a settlement between the FTC and Neora looks unlikely. As per a settlement report filed on December 9th, the parties advise;

FTC’s Neora case trial scheduled for October 2022

As per the FTC’s Neora case docket, a three-week bench trial has been scheduled for October 11th, 2022. No that’s not a typo, the trial is two years away.