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Nerium “affiliates are employees” lawsuit dismissed on jurisdiction

John Harris’ lawsuit arguing Nerium affiliates were ‘denied proper classification as to employee status’ has been dismissed.

Nerium Skincare and Jeff Olson reach settlement agreement

On June 27th Nerium Skincare and Jeff Olson filed a Joint Settlement Report. The report detailed a fourth mediation session, held on June 12th. After the one-day session, settlement negotiations continued, unsuccessfully, until June 22nd. This was the parties’ fourth mediation. As before, the parties negotiated and made good faith efforts to settle the case. [Continue reading…]

Nerium accused of profiting from Brand Partner Kit gouging

A recently filed lawsuit alleges Nerium and Jeff Olson profited “substantially” from the sale of Brand Partner Launch Kits. A company and its owner profiting when affiliates sign up isn’t anything new, except for the fact Nerium explicitly claims it sells the kits “at cost”.

Nerium quietly pays off burns and skin damage lawsuit plaintiff?

Our last update on Christina Swiatek’s lawsuit against Nerium International and Nerium Skincare detailed settlement with the latter defendant. Nerium International were still holding out, however it appears they’ve since settled with Swiatek.

Nerium International permitted to sell third-party products

Nerium Skincare’s lawsuit against Nerium International dates back to 2016. Based on an agreement, Nerium International is supposed to only market and sell products developed by Nerium Skincare. In their lawsuit, Nerium Skincare allege Nerium International stopped honoring the agreement in 2014. Tracking the case has proven difficult, mostly due to the majority of filings [Continue reading…]

Raiding injunction granted against former Nerium Master Distributors

Nerium Internationals’ fight against former Master Distributors Mark and Tammy Smith continues, with the latest seeing a raiding injunction granted against the Smiths.

Nerium class-action pyramid lawsuit claims affiliates are unpaid employees

On May 16th John Harris filed a lawsuit against Nerium International, Jeff and Renee Olson and several John Does. In the proposed class-action suit, Harris argues that as Nerium affiliates (Brand Partners), he was in fact employed by the company. Throughout the course of the alleged employment, Harris claims he and his fellow Nerium affiliates [Continue reading…]

Nerium seek to stop former Master Distributors from raiding for Jeunesse

One of the more disturbing allegations in Mark and Tammy Smith’s lawsuit against Nerium, was the calculated poaching of Prepaid Legal distributors. When Nerium founder Jeff Olson first approached the Smiths, they claim they were in the midst of a “successful career” with PrePaid Legal. Olson nonetheless eventually convinced the Smiths to jump ship to [Continue reading…]

Master Distributors sue Nerium International for over $100 million

Mark and Tammy Smith aren’t just top earners in Nerium International, they’re the top earners. As Master Distributors of the company, Mark and Tammy Smith were held up as posters of Nerium’s success. As of late 2014, Ted Nuyten’s BusinessForHome clocked the Smith’s at $9 million career earnings and around $2.4 million in commissions annually. That [Continue reading…]

Nerium Skincare and Christina Swiatek enter confidential settlement

Late last year Christina Swiatek filed suit over the product Nerium AD allegedly causing “chemical burns and permanent skin damage”. Named defendants in the lawsuit include Nerium International and Nerium Skincare. As per a joint stipulation of dismissal filed on November 21st and a subsequent November 22nd order, Swiatek’s claims against Nerium Skincare have been [Continue reading…]