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FTC sues Neora (Nerium) for being a pyramid scheme

The FTC has filed a lawsuit against the MLM company Neora (formerly Nerium), and owner Jeff Olson. According to the FTC, Neora has operated as a pyramid scheme since inception as Nerium International in 2011.

Nerium’s Dennis Windsor counterclaims settled with injunction

Counterclaims filed by Nerium against co-founder Dennis Windsor have been settled via an agreed injunction.

Neora false advertising lawsuit dismissed

Nerium Biotech has withdrawn its false advertising lawsuit against Neora.

Neora sued by former Nerium supplier for false product testimonials

Neora’s former product supplier, Nerium Biotechnology and Nerium Skincare (together represented as Nerium Biotech), have sued the company for allegedly using false product testimonials.

Mark & Tammy Smith denied Neora arbitration injunction

Following the denial of a preliminary injunction, Mark and Tammy Smith’s lawsuit against Neora and Jeff Olson is heading to arbitration.

Dennis Windsor vs. Neora partial settlement reached

Following on from our article last week regarding a Dennis Windsor v. Neora settlement, on May 23rd the parties advised the court a partial settlement has been reached.

Mark and Tammy Smith granted Neora arbitration injunction

Since the filing of Mark and Tammy Smith’s Californian lawsuit against Neora (then Nerium), the company has moved swiftly to have the matter resolved via arbitration in Texas. To that end Neora filed an arbitration demand in July 2018. Describing Neora’s response as “retaliatory and vexatious attempts to litigate against Plaintiffs in Texas”, the Smiths’ [Continue reading…]

Dennis Windsor’s Nerium lawsuit might be heading toward settlement

Dennis Windsor’s long-running lawsuit against Neora might be coming to an end, following representation to the court that a settlement is on the horizon.

Neora Review: Nerium rebrands with new product formulas

In early January Nerium announced it would be rebranding itself as Neora. The announcement was certainly strange, considering Nerium is an established brand with a seven-year history. For their part, Nerium claims it rebranded because it is no longer focused on an ingredient in its flagship product. When Nerium International launched in 2011, the company [Continue reading…]

Nerium “affiliates are employees” lawsuit dismissed on jurisdiction

John Harris’ lawsuit arguing Nerium affiliates were ‘denied proper classification as to employee status’ has been dismissed.