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Jacques Poujade denied contempt reconsideration & stay

Jacques Poujade’s attempt to reverse an order directing him to surrender money and assets has been denied.

Jacques Poujade files RengaLife contempt order appeal

Rather than comply with an order directing him to follow several monetary and asset surrender orders, Jacques Poujade has filed an appeal. Poujade is appealing an October 29th order, which imposes monetary fines running into tens of thousands for non-compliance.

Cardiffs incarcerated, Poujade fined $5000 a day for contempt

A long history of ignoring court directives has resulted in an incarceration order for Jason and Eunjung Cardiff. Jacques Poujade, who the FTC allege helped the Cardiffs conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars, will also be fined $5000 a day for non-compliance.

Intimidation used in Redwood contempt proceedings

The FTC vs. Redwood case seems to have fallen off my calendar, likely due to me forgetting to pen down an update. In any event I was reminded of the case earlier today by a reader. Looking at the case docket, wooh it’s a bit of a doozy.

Jason and Eunjung Cardiff facing incarceration over contempt

Redwood Scientific Technologies defendants Jason and Eunjung Cardiff, along with third-party Jacques Poujade, have been ordered to appear before court on July 30th. At the hearing they’ll be required to explain continued failure to comply with a previously granted restraining order – failing which they face potential incarceration.

$18.2 mill suspended judgment in FTC’s RengaLife case (updates)

A defendant in the FTC’s case against Redwood Scientific Technologies has agreed to a permanent injunction and suspended monetary judgment.

FTC fraud lawsuit making life difficult for Jason & Eunjung Cardiff

The FTC’s ongoing lawsuit against Redwood Technologies and owners Jason and Eunjung Cardiff, is evidently making life very difficult for the defendants. Facing eviction from the family home, a Judge has also now denied a request for the return of the Cardiff’s passports – without which Jason claims he’ll lose his new job.

FTC sues Redwood Scientific Technologies over consumer fraud

The question of why Redwood Scientific Technologies stalled on providing the FTC with requested documents for over a year has been answered: Redwood knew a regulatory lawsuit would follow. In hindsight I can’t say I blame them really. Turns out consumer fraud is just the tip of the Redwood iceberg… Prepare to be disgusted.

Redwood Scientific Technologies satisfies FTC’s CID

Although their position appeared particularly precarious at times, Redwood Scientific Technologies has finally satisfied the FTC’s Civil Investigation Demand.

Redwood Scientific Technologies fail to communicate with FTC

Last we checked in, Redwood Scientific Technologies was facing fines of $5000 a day for non-compliance with an FTC investigation. Redwood Scientific Technologies is the parent company of the now defunct RengaLife MLM opportunity. On July 13th the FTC filed a Status Report regarding a database Redwood provided in June. The FTC allege information crucial [Continue reading…]