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Cardiffs’ contempt stay motion infuriates FTC

The FTC isn’t happy about the Cardiffs’ latest attempt to stall regulatory proceedings against them. Eunjung and Jason Cardiff have disregarded this Court’s Orders since the day they were served with the Temporary Restraining Order. They now seek to have the Court stay or set aside three of its Orders, all of which were issued [Continue reading…]

FTC v. Redwood Scientific Technologies referred to mediation

The next chapter in the FTC’s fraud case against Redwood Scientific Technologies is likely to be mediation.

Cardiffs found in contempt, dodge prison due to COVID-19

Jason and Eunjung Cardiff have once again been found in contempt of court. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pair have been spared prison time.

Redwood Scientific Tech trial delayed due to COVID-19

In what I imagine is going to become a frequently increasing occurrence, the scheduled FTC v. Redwood Scientific Technologies trial has been pushed back.

Cardiffs lose family home, denied Redwood injunction relief

A decision on whether Jason and Eunjung Cardiff are in contempt remains pending, but in the meantime several other motion decisions have gone against them.

Poujade’s appeal denied, Cardiffs facing contempt (again)

The Redwood Scientific Technologies comedy roadshow continues… Jacques Poujade’s appeal has been denied. And Jason and Eunjung Cardiff are facing contempt for a second time.

Cardiffs allege fraud occurred prior to preliminary injunction

Jason and Eungung Cardiff are challenging a previously granted preliminary injunction. The injunction is part of the FTC’s case against Redwood Scientific Technologies, which the Cardiff’s own.

Jacques Poujade denied contempt reconsideration & stay

Jacques Poujade’s attempt to reverse an order directing him to surrender money and assets has been denied.

Jacques Poujade files RengaLife contempt order appeal

Rather than comply with an order directing him to follow several monetary and asset surrender orders, Jacques Poujade has filed an appeal. Poujade is appealing an October 29th order, which imposes monetary fines running into tens of thousands for non-compliance.

Cardiffs incarcerated, Poujade fined $5000 a day for contempt

A long history of ignoring court directives has resulted in an incarceration order for Jason and Eunjung Cardiff. Jacques Poujade, who the FTC allege helped the Cardiffs conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars, will also be fined $5000 a day for non-compliance.