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FTC: SC’s AMG decision has cost consumers over $1.5 billion

The FTC claims the Supreme Court’s AMG decision has cost consumer a staggering $1.5 billion. The losses were realized through various fraudulent schemes, with the AMG decision leaving the FTC unable to effectively hold scammers accountable.

Redwood Scientific & Jason Cardiff final judgments entered

Default judgment has been entered against Redwood Scientific Technologies and a bunch of corporate defendants. Final judgment has also been entered against owner Jason Cardiff and wife Eunjung Cardiff.

Cardiffs to face no monetary penalty for FTC Act fraud

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s AMG decision, scammers are getting off Scot-free. The latest set back for the FTC is a decision in their Redwood case against defendants Jason and Eunjung Cardiff.

VPL Receivership to disband, Cardiffs & FTC share costs

As part of the fallout of the AMG decision wreaking havoc on FTC regulatory cases, the VPL Receivership is schedule to be discharged. The VPL Receivership was established as part of the FTC’s ongoing Redwood Scientific Technologies fraud case.

AMG decision puts Redwood injunction on the line

As per our last update, Jason Cardiff had been given until May to secure VPL Medical mask contracts. Failing which the Redwood Receiver had been directed to cease funding the company’s operation. Since then we’ve also had the AMG Supreme Court decision, further complicating proceedings.

Scammers celebrate AMG Supreme Court win

Although it’s been on my radar, BehindMLM hasn’t covered the AMG v. FTC lawsuit as it isn’t itself an MLM related case. That said, on April 22nd the Supreme Court handed scammers a victory. That victory has ramifications for MLM fraud related lawsuits.

VPL Medical given till May to get profitable

VPL Medical has been given till May to get profitable. As per an April 2nd order, the Receiver (will) no longer be authorized to fund VPL operations out of funds designated for consumer redress after this month. The order follows the FTC’s revelation that VPL is blowing through $200,000+ in Receivership funds a month.

Still no VPL mask sales, FTC questions contract discussions

About a month ago this was the status of VPL Medical’s mask sales: As of February 24, 2021, no new sales contracts have been executed. As per a joint status report filed on March 26th, here’s the latest: As of March 24, 2021, no sales contracts have been executed. Oh my.

VPL draining the Redwood Receivership

With the future of VPL Medical hanging in the balance, on January 25th CEO Jason Cardiff told the Court that VPL “is currently talking to HHS and other federal and state agencies and believes that it is very close to landing some major contracts….” As revealed in a joint operating report filed one month later [Continue reading…]

Receiver accuses Jason Cardiff of inappropriate conduct

In an ex-parte motion requesting instruction from the court, the Redwood Receiver has accused Jason Cardiff of inappropriate conduct. The inappropriate conduct pertains to the Receiver believing that Cardiff and VPL Medical are ‘seeking to use their fee application positions to incentivize the Receiver to act improperly for their benefit.’