The FTC v. Neora trial kicked off on October 17th and has been playing out.

The FTC filed suit against Neora (then Nerium) back in 2019. The regulator alleges Neora is a pyramid scheme.

Proceedings wrapped up on October 25th, with a verdict expected after November 23rd.

Following the FTC v. Neora trial, the parties were directed to file post-trial briefs within thirty days of October 25th.

This is November 24th, the federal Thanksgiving Day holiday in the US.

As such, on October 27th the parties requested the filing deadline be moved forward to November 23rd.

At time of publication the court has yet to issue an order on the October 27th Joint Stipulation. I’m not expecting any hiccups though, the alternative being a post-Thanksgiving Day deadline.

I’ll make an update below confirming the November 23rd stipulation when it comes in.

Looking forward, we’re realistically then expecting a verdict in the first few weeks of December. I’d be surprised if it’s carried over into 2023.


Update 30th November 2022 – Both the FTC and Neora filed their respective post-trial briefs on November 23rd.

We’re now waiting on a judgment from the court to settle the case.


Update 29th September 2023 – On September 28th the Court ruled against the FTC, finding Neora wasn’t a pyramid scheme.