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Success by Health FTC fraud judgment tops $7.3 million

Success by Health as a corporate entity has been ordered to pay $7.3 million dollars in penalties. The September 18th judgment follows an earlier May 2023 judgment, which saw Jay Noland have to pay the same amount for violating the 2002 NetForce injunction.

Success by Health ruled a pyramid scheme, FTC wins case

An Arizona court has ruled Success by Health was a pyramid scheme. Having now considered the disputed evidence in its capacity as finder of fact, the Court concludes that the FTC should also prevail on its pyramid scheme claim as to SBH. The decision marks the first significant MLM related win for the FTC since [Continue reading…]

Success by Health defendants held liable for evidence spoliation

As part of a massive 131 judgment, the Arizona court hearing the FTC’s case has held the Success by Health Defendants liable of evidence spoliation.

Success by Health Receivership insolvent, funds running out

The Success by Health Receiver’s Tenth report reveals the Receivership is insolvent As of July 31st, 2022, the SBH Receivership has $1.85 million in liabilities. The problem is there’s only $15,548 left in the bank.

FTC’s Success by Health & NetForce cases merged, trial set

The FTC’s Success by Health and NetForce cases have been consolidated as per a July 26th order. A January 2023 trial date has also been scheduled.

FTC: SC’s AMG decision has cost consumers over $1.5 billion

The FTC claims the Supreme Court’s AMG decision has cost consumer a staggering $1.5 billion. The losses were realized through various fraudulent schemes, with the AMG decision leaving the FTC unable to effectively hold scammers accountable.

FTC denied Netforce Seminars contempt sanctions

The FTC has been denied NetForce contempt sanctions against Jay Noland. The request for sanctions stems from Noland allegedly violating his NetForce injunction judgment.

Success by Health trial narrowed to Individual Defendants

Resolution of several motions in the Success by Health case, have pushed the FTC’s claims against the Individual Defendants to the forefront. A hearing was held on February 17th, following which we’ve had some important decisions come in.

Success By Health defendants withdraw injunction appeal

The Success By Health defendants have voluntarily withdrawn their injunction appeal. No reason for the withdrawal was given, with the case docket only recording withdrawal was granted on December 14th.

FTC v. Success by Health trial likely to be delayed

The FTC v. Success by Health trial is likely to be delayed. Jay Noland and his fellow defendants are not ready for trial. At time of publication the Success by Health defendants have not filed a notice indicating their readiness for a Final Pretrial Conference.