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Success by Health affiliates harassing Judge and family

Success by Health affiliates are harassing the Judge hearing the FTC’s case against the company. Judge Lanza has labeled comments directed at him and his family as “highly inappropriate and disturbing”.

FTC seeks NetForce contempt judgment + civil sanctions

Following a directive last month in their NetForce case, the FTC has filed a motion seeking a contempt judgment and compensatory civil contempt sanctions. The FTC first sought NetForce contempt sanctions against Jay Noland mid last year.

Court declines to change SBH status quo post AMG (for now)

The Success By Health asset-freeze appears to be hanging by a thread. For now at least, a decision has been made to maintain the asset freeze and appointed Success by Health Receivership.

FTC files for new Success by Health preliminary injunction

In our last Success by Health update we noted the court had given Success by Health until May 21st to ‘file a motion to dissolve or modify the Preliminary Injunction and receivership’. To that end Success by Health filed a memorandum detailing what they believed the recent AMG decision had on the FTC’s case. Three days [Continue reading…]

Success by Health seeks reversal of preliminary injunction

The recent AMG Supreme Court decision has created a headache for the FTC. Following the decision, Success by Health now seek to dissolve the granted preliminary injunction. SBH also wants the Receivership to return any funds obtained as fees paid by the company.

Scammers celebrate AMG Supreme Court win

Although it’s been on my radar, BehindMLM hasn’t covered the AMG v. FTC lawsuit as it isn’t itself an MLM related case. That said, on April 22nd the Supreme Court handed scammers a victory. That victory has ramifications for MLM fraud related lawsuits.

Success by Health affiliates denied motion to intervene

The bid by Success by Health affiliates to intervene in the FTC’s regulatory case has been denied. The denied second motion to intervene follows an earlier attempt, which was also denied.

FTC moves for summary judgment on SBH’s fraud liability

In its ongoing case against Success by Health and owner Jay Noland, the FTC has moved for summary judgement with respect to liability. As summarized by the FTC, their case against SBH and Noland is as follows:

Affiliates put $250K+ towards Success by Health’s legal costs

In an attempt to overturn the granted preliminary injunction against Success by Health and owner Jay Noland, one hundred and eight SBH affiliates submitted filed declarations. Ignoring the FTC’s legal arguments, some SBH affiliates instead raised allegations of racism. The Court considered Defendants’ arguments about those allegations and stated: “This is a frivolous argument and [Continue reading…]

Rinpark dismissed from Success by Health lawsuit + updates

Rinpark SA is a shell company Jay Noland set up in Uruguay. As alleged by the FTC, Rinpark SA was part of the Success by Health pyramid scheme. Through Rinpark SA, $300,000 is alleged to have been transferred out of the US to Uruguay between August 2019 and January 2020. Through a second amended complaint [Continue reading…]