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DC-BTC Review: Another MMM Global Ponzi clone

DC-BTC fails to provide ownership or executive information on its website. DC-BTC’s website domain (“”), was first registered in 2022. The private registration was last updated on January 24th, 2024. Starting with “Mavrodi’s mathematics”, DC-BTC presents itself as a reboot of the MMM Global Ponzi scheme. DC-BTC System – it’s an International Association of Bitcoin enthusiasts! [Continue reading…]

MMM FSTP 2023 Review: Collapsed 2016 Ponzi clone reboot

MMM FSTP was an MMM Global Ponzi clone launched in 2016. MMM FSTP, believed to be run by Chinese scammers, heavily targeted China before spreading to the US and other countries. The original MMM FSTP operated from the domain “” and is long gone. Now in 2023, someone is trying to resurrect the scam from [Continue reading…]

MMM NFT: MMM Global Ponzi with NFTs

MMM NFT fails to provide company ownership or executive information on its website. The company borrows heavily from MMM Global: MMM Global was a Russian Ponzi scheme run by Sergey Mavrodi. Mavrodi (right) passed away in 2018. He was  supposedly destitute at the time. As per the MMM NFT website screenshot above, the scammers behind [Continue reading…]

MMM DAPP Review: MMM Global smart-contract Ponzi clone

MMM Global is a Ponzi scheme that needs no introduction. MMM DAPP is an MMM Global clone, run through a smart-contract. MMM Global founder Sergey Mavrodi died in early 2018, since then Russian scammers have been launching one MMM Global reboot after another. Supporting Russians being behind MMM DAPP is the official MMM DAPP YouTube [Continue reading…]

MMM Global 2019 Review: The Ponzi scheme that refuses to die

Being one of the most notorious MLM Ponzi schemes to date, MMM Global practically needs no introduction. MMM Global was founded by Sergey Mavrodi and has origins in Russia dating back to 1989. Over the past few years MMM Global has embraced cryptocurrency fraud. In addition to the central scam that collapsed in April 2016, [Continue reading…]

MMM Global Ponzi scheme resurrected for 2018

For some, the death of MMM Global founder Sergey Mavrodi earlier this year marked the end of an era. For others it presented a shameless opportunity to continue scamming people in his name.

Bizarre Sergey Mavrodi “Deepfakes” video surfaces

Overnight a reader sent me a link to a YouTube video, in which a seemingly resurrected Sergey Mavrodi smiled awkwardly and help up a sign. On first viewing I knew something was off about the video but initially I couldn’t figure out what. I felt like I was watching a CGI video, but only so [Continue reading…]

Russian scammers tried to resurrect Sergey Mavrodi

Following the death of their golden goose, Russian scammers tracked down a Sergey Mavrodi lookalike. After initially agreeing to be the “new” face of the MMM Global, Vladimir Fomin has revealed how “people from Moscow” hoped to resurrect the notorious Ponzi scheme.

MMM Global’s Sergey Mavrodi dead of a heart attack at 62

When I first learned of Sergey Mavrodi’s passing earlier today, my first reaction was “What is he pulling this time?” Such has been the staying power of Mavrodi’s MMM Global since it first popped up in 2011. Without a doubt MMM Global is one of, if not the most pervasive fraudulent schemes in MLM history.

Peru issues Pay Diamond, OneCoin, CoinSpace & MMM Global warning

Peru has grouped some of the top MLM Ponzi schemes doing the rounds and issued a collective consumer warning. The warning was issued on September 9th by Superintendencia De Banca, Seguros & AFP (SBS), Peru’s top financial regulator.