For some, the death of MMM Global founder Sergey Mavrodi earlier this year marked the end of an era.

For others it presented a shameless opportunity to continue scamming people in his name.

MMM Global was rebooted for 2018 a few months ago on the “” domain.

The premise of the Ponzi scheme is the same as it always has been; invest 0.02 BTC or more and receive a monthly ROI of up to 100%, paid out of subsequently invested funds.

Returns are paid as long as new gullible investors sign up. When recruitment dies however the scheme collapses and the majority of investors lose money.

No matter how many people have lost money in the various MMM Global scams over the years though, there’s seemingly an endless parade of idiots willing to line up and lose it all again.

Alexa website traffic estimates for the MMM Global 2018 website reveal this time around, said parade of idiots are being primarily recruited in Nigeria, Brazil, Laos, India and Colombia.

Nigeria in particular stands out as a testament to human stupidity, seeing as only a year and a half ago some three million Nigerian MMM Global investors lost $57 million. The last MMM Global collapse in Nigeria also resulted in at least one suicide, via ingestion of insecticide.

Ponzi math is a zero sum game, meaning this incarnation of MMM Global is unfortunately not going to end up any different to any other.

Despite his younger appearance featured on the MMM Global website, Sergey Mavrodi is dead and has nothing to do with MMM Global’s 2018 reboot.

Seriously guys, enough with the “provide help, get help” Ponzi nonsense. Let Mavrodi’s notorious contribution to widespread human misery and financial loss rest in peace and move on.

If you want to keep Ponzi scamming people, do what everyone else is doing – launch an MLM cryptocurrency scheme.