Following conclusion of their iComTech trial on March 14th, a jury took just three hours to unanimously find David Brend and Gustavo Rodriguez guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

iComTech was an MLM crypto Ponzi that launched back in 2018. Investors were pitched on up to 2.8% a day, paid from subsequently invested funds.

In late 2022 the DOJ moved against iComTech insiders, arresting founder David Carmona and four accomplices.

Following their respective verdicts, both Rodriguez and Brend (right) moved for a mistrial.

The court tossed the motion on March 15th, finding there was “no reason” to warrant a new trial.

Rodriguez and Brend, also a promoter of the collapse BitClub Network Ponzi scheme, are scheduled to be sentenced on June 28th and June 27th respectively.


Update 16th April 2024 – Due to a granted extension to file a post-verdict motion, David Brend’s sentencing has been pushed back to July 11th.


Update 16th May 2024 – Following a request for an extension of time to file post verdict motions, David Brend’s sentencing has been pushed back to August 28th.

Gustavo Rodriguez’s sentencing has also been rescheduled for August 27th.


Update 16th June 2024 – Following additional administrative issues, which now appear to be resolved, Gustavo Rodriguez’s sentencing has been rescheduled for October 22nd.

David Brend’s sentencing has been rescheduled for October 23rd, 2024.