iComTech promoter Marco Ruiz Ochoa has pled guilty to one count of Conspiracy to Commit wire fraud.

Ruiz-Ochoa and several iComTech scammers were indicted in October 2022. Ruiz-Ochoa was arrested in November 2022.

Ruiz-Ochoa’s indictment pertains to his promotion of iComTech.

iComTech was an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme launched in 2018. The scam pitched investors on daily returns of up to 2.8%.

iComTech was primarily promoted to Spanish-speaking communities across the US and Latin America. It eventually collapsed in mid to late 2019.

Ruiz-Ochoa (right) pled guilty back in September and was originally scheduled to be sentenced on December 12th.

Owing to issued with Ruiz-Ochoa’s Presentence Investigation Report, Ruiz-Ochoa’s sentencing has now been rescheduled for January 18th, 2024.

Ruiz-Ochoa’s fellow iComTech defendants were scheduled to face trial on February 12th, 2024.

On November 28th David Brend’s attorney informed the court of a scheduling conflict. As a result, the court has set “a FIRM trial date of February 28, 2024”.


Update 16th January 2024 – On January 11th Ruiz-Ochoa’s sentencing was pushed back to January 19th.


Update 20th January 2024 – Marco Ruiz-Ochoa has been sentenced to five years in prison.