This past week we saw both the Hyperverse Ponzi reboots launch.

HyperNation launched on May 23rd with a silly marketing video aimed at children.

HyperOne launched on May 27th. Today we’ll take a look at that and where both reboots stand.

Spoiler: HyperTech co-founders Ryan Xu or Sam Lee failed to make an appearance at either launch.

Idiotic as it was, whereas HyperOne at least put effort into their launch, HyperNation just asked for money.

On May 27th HyperOne’s launch was marked by… its website accepting affiliate registrations.

Despite directing potential investors to “check its website”, at time of publication there is no new information on HyperOne’s public-facing website.

HyperOne affiliates who choose to sign up blind, are then expected to “top up/fund” their accounts.

Why anyone would hand Xu and Lee more money in light of how Hyperverse ended is beyond me.

Anyway, that’s it. That’s HyperOne’s launch. Someone clicked a button on the backend, opened affiliate signups and “money please”.

I pointed out the significance of Xu and Lee no-showing HyperNation’s and HyperOne’s then planned launches on May 22nd;

My take is unless you see Ryan Xu and Sam Lee on camera discussing HyperOne or HyperNation, assume they’ve cashed out and someone else is running the show.

I stand by that. Putting aside the outright fraudulent nature of the various Ponzi schemes launched under HyperTech, it is extraordinarily suspicious that Xu and Lee remain in hiding.

If they have split and Xu is running HyperNation while Lee fronts HyperOne, why didn’t they lead the respective launches?

If Xu and Lee (right) cashed out and sold the scam(s) off to someone else, why hasn’t that been disclosed to investors?

There’s no “good” outcome here. Hyperverse predictably collapsed with widespread losses and nobody, not even Kalpesh Patel, the face of Hyperverse fraud, seems to know what’s going on.

HyperOne claims to have received 10,000 pre-launch registrations (yes they were accepting registrations before “launch”).

The usual suspects are out recruiting investors but for what who knows. Something something invest in HOT tokens, thanks for your money… web 3.0, NFTs, metaverse, don’t ask any questions etc.

HyperNation… well the less said about that the better. And that’s reflected in communications from Hyperverse’s top earners.

Addressing his 6000+ strong “Community Builders” group a few days ago, Kalpesh Patel wrote;

The invisible corporate team still chooses to remain silent and anonymous.

Nodes booked a “divide and conquer” style 1 to 1 and guess what, after I gave them a list of questions I did not get answers to, their calls got cancelled.

“Nodes” are top earners in Hyperverse.

Where are Ryan Xu, Sam Lee, Jayden Wei, Alfred etc. since December 2021, why did they simply disappear after launching hv and when withdrawals started being affected?

Why has Steven Lewis never showed up as ceo, is he paid pactor.

He lives in Thailand, not Dubai which is what we were told, why the lies?

Who is running the show now?

Who indeed.


Update 15th May 2023 – HyperNation collapsed in February 2023. That same month it was rebooted as Satoshi AI.