geteasy-logoForward: Bear with me… this has all gone down in the last few hours and putting the information together from mostly Portugese-language sources has been difficult. /end forward

Following the proclamation of plans to launch a Ponzi investment bank in the UAE late last year, GetEasy management went into hiding when said plans failed to materialize within the provided timeframes.

With investors wondering where their money went, now comes a series of announcements from various GetEasy ringleaders.

First up we have another iPhone video from GetEasy CEO Tiago Fontoura, announcing his resignation from the company.

Various chatter surrounding the above video reveals that in it, Fontoura has revealed plans to ‘create his own company with managers from GetEasy, (including) Pedro Mira, Edgar Fontoura, Fernando Aragao‘.

Fontoura also vows that this new company ‘will help those who invested in GetEasy recover their money‘.


Meanwhile GetEasy investors have been anxiously awaiting the re-opening of the company’s backoffice.

GetEasy investors were locked out of their accounts yesterday, with an official communication from GetEasy management yet to surface.

Thus far the only communication has been the following message displayed in place of backoffice access:


Word on the grapevine is that Michael Herzog, brought on during the name-change to iGetMania, has announced that theives have stolen the iGetMania investor database.

Note that as of yet I haven’t been able to independently verify this claim.

Regardless, with Fontoura fleeing the company and affiliates locked out of their backoffices, it seems something is definitely up over at iGetMania.

Stay tuned as more information comes to hand.

Update 10th Feburary 2014 – Michael Herzog is apparently claiming that some guy called Gildevan Ribiero has blocked access to the iGetMania backoffice, and is refusing to hand over GetEasy investor backoffice information (the database?) to be ported to a new server:


As per Herzog’s message, he purportedly paid Ribeiro to get the job done.

Gildevan Ribeiro is listed as one of the Directors of “MLMSoft Ltd.”, along with Herzog, former GetEasy CEO Tiago Fontoura and something called “Ifc Iberia S.l.”.

The company was registered in the UK on the 27th of November and is likely part of the complex web of corporations GetEasy uses to launder money throughout the world.