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SEC confirms federal fraud investigation into NovaTech FX

The SEC has confirmed a federal investigation into the NovaTech FX Ponzi scheme. Following non-compliance of investigative subpoenas served on Dap Dunbar and Corrie Sampson, the SEC obtained a court order enforcing compliance.

NovaTech FX $2.3 billion RICO class-action filed in New York

A NovaTech FX investor has filed a RICO class-action in the Southern District of New York.

NovaTech FX & Petions charged with fraud in Washington

NovaTech FX and owners Cynthia and Eddie Petion have been charged with securities fraud in Washington. A cease and desist order and Statement of Charges was filed against NovaTech and the Petions on October 27th.

NovaTech FX a no-show at second OSC Tribunal hearing

NovaTech FX and Cynthia Petion have failed to put in an appearance at a recent regulatory hearing in Canada.

OSC seeks disgorgement & civil penalty from NovaTech FX

The Ontario Securities Commission has filed a Statement of Allegations with Canada’s Capital Markets Tribunal. As per the August 25th filed statement, OSC has requested the CMT certify that NovaTech FX and owner CEO Cynthia Petion committed securities fraud in Ontario; issue a permanent injunction against NovaTech FX prohibiting further acts of securities fraud; reprimand [Continue reading…]

NovaTech FX’s exit-scam complete, payouts disabled

The reality of an announcement issued by NovaTech FX last week has been clarified over the weekend. As of May 11th, NovaTech FX has ceased paying out weekly returns and recruitment commissions.

NovaTech FX adds US & Canada to “restricted areas & regions”

NovaTech FX has added the US and Canada to its list of “restricted areas and regions”. Practically speaking the move means little but it’s the loudest acknowledgement of securities fraud yet.

NovaTech FX a no-show at Ontario securities fraud hearing

Despite being served notice of proceedings, NovaTech FX was a no-show at a securities fraud hearing in Ontario.

EmpiresX’s Nicholas confirms SEC NovaTech FX investigation

EmpiresX’s Joshua Nicholas has asserted “NovaTech FX has recently been brought to justice”. The claim, which BehindMLM has not been able to verify, was made in an April 11th court filing.

NovaTech FX investors threatened with “wrath greater than God’s”

As limited withdrawals continue to back up, weekly returns drop to a fraction of a percentage and regulators close in, Cynthia Petion is leaning more heavily into NovaTech FX’s religious undertones. Petion, who stylizes herself as NovaTech FX’s “Reverend CEO”, is now threatening to “rain down on” investors “greater than the wrath of God”.