Brazil’s Federal Police (PF) launched Operation Yang on September 13th.

The enforcement action follows a criminal investigation, which began last year in August.

Details in a a press-release issued by the Federal Police suggest they are targeting Mining Capital Coin.

The investigation began in August 2022 and investigates acts of money laundering that could reach R$300 million, obtained from financial crimes committed in South Korea, the United States of America, Brazil and other countries.

The investigations began based on information shared by North American agencies, which indicated that a company formed by Brazilians could have caused financial harm to around 60 thousand victims, with the promise of profits incompatible with investments available on the market, which resulted in the criminal group made around US$62 million from a series of frauds committed in different countries.

$62 million is the exact amount US authorities cited when they indicted Mining Capital Coin founders Luiz Capuci Jr. (right) and Emerson Pires in May 2022.

Both Capuci Jr. and Pires fled to Brazil to evade pending arrest in the US.

As to specifics of Operation Yang;

More than 100 Federal Police officers were mobilized to execute 25 search and seizure warrants and two arrest warrants, at addresses located in DF, GO, SC, MS, PR, RS, SP and ES.

Several precautionary measures other than imprisonment and asset constriction actions are also being carried out.

Earlier today a BehindMLM reader tipped me off that Emerson Pires (right) has been arrested;

Agents showed up at his rental home in Florianópolis. Took everything of value, jewelry electronics phones cars etc. Emerson is in custody.

Note that as of yet I’ve been unable to verify this information. Ditto whether the Federal Police were able to arrest Capuci.

With respect to the seizure warrants, the Federal Police claim

after the liquidation of cryptocurrency in favor of the organization’s leaders, the liquidated amounts ​​began to be used in the acquisition of high-end goods, luxury vehicles and, mainly, in the purchase of properties, especially in Brasília/DF and Goiânia/GO and Caldas Novas/GO.

Up to R$300 million held in bank accounts linked to those involved and the seizure of 52 properties were ordered to be blocked. The actions aim to decapitalize the criminal group and uncover other crimes committed.

Emerson and Capuci remain wanted fugitives in the US. Capuci for Mining Capital Coin and Pires for both Mining Capital Coin and EmpiresX.

The investigations counted on the collaboration of the Homeland Security Investigations Agency (HSI), of the United States Embassy in Brasília, DF, in police cooperation maintained between Brazilian and North American authorities.

Brazil doesn’t extradite its citizens, and it’s as of yet unclear what Pires’ and Capuci’s arrest in Brazil means for the US Mining Capital Coin and EmpiresX criminal cases.

Pending further updates, we’ll keep you posted.


Update 15th September 2023 – Guararema News are reporting Brazilian Federal Police obtained four arrest warrants, leading to four suspects in custody.

According to the PF, four arrest warrants were served in the state: two in Tubarão and two in Florianópolis. The identity of those arrested has not yet been released.

This raises the possibility that EmpiresX might be part of the Brazilian investigation. Alternatively the other two arrests could just be Mining Capital Coin accomplices.

Unfortunately we won’t know for sure till Brazil releases the identities of the arrested suspects.