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EminiFX victims have until December 18th to file claims

EminiFX victims have until December 18th. 2023 to file claims through a portal set up by the Receivership. The portal can be accessed through the EminiFX Receivership’s website.

Eddie Alexandre cops $213 million EminiFX restitution order

Eddie Alexandre will pay $213,639,133 in restitution to EminiFX victims. The CFTC’s civil EminiFX case has also been reopened.

EminiFX’s Eddy Alexandre sentenced to 9 years in prison

EminiFX Ponzi scammer Eddy Alexandre has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

EminiFX Receiver recovers $173 mill out of $260 mill invested

The EminiFX Receiver has filed a report pertaining to the “financial condition” of the EminiFX Receivership. The good news for victims of the Ponzi scheme is “the bulk of the EminiFX assets” have been recovered.

Eddy Alexandre pleads guilty to EminiFX criminal fraud charge

EminiFX founder Eddy Alexandre has pled guilty to one count of commodities fraud. Alexandre’s guilty plea includes $248.8 million forfeiture judgment.

EminiFX Receiver authorized to sell 3680 BTC

The EminiFX Receiver has secured court-approval to sell off 3680 BTC. The vast majority of the bitcoin (3658 BTC), was recovered from CoinPayments in November.

3658 BTC in EminiFX funds recovered from CoinPayments

The EminiFX Receiver has recovered 3658 BTC from payment processor CoinPayments.

CFTC’s EminiFX fraud case stayed pending crim proceedings

The DOJ has secured a stay of the CFTC’s civil EminiFX fraud proceedings.

EminiFX investors flood CFTC docket with improper filings

Disgruntled EminiFX investors have flooded the CFTC case docket with pro se motions. The motions demand the Judge reconsider an earlier order approving EminiFX Receivership expenses.

Eddy Alexandre’s EminiFX criminal trial scheduled for 2023

Following an August 3rd Status Conference, a March 2023 EminiFX criminal trial date has been set.