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Eddy Alexandre consents to EminiFX preliminary injunction

The CFTC has secured a preliminary injunction agreement with EminiFX owner Eddy Alexandre. The proposed injunction, which awaits approval from the court, was filed on June 14th.

Receiver finds EminiFX had no legitimate business operations

Since taking over EminiFX’s business operations on May 11th, the Temporary Receiver hasn’t found any legitimate underlying business operations.

Eddy Alexandre released on extradition waiver, no guard

Eddy Alexandre has successfully moved to have his EminiFX bail conditions modified. Arguing that he’s left unable to pay for a security guard, whilst not disclosing what he did with EminiFX’s missing millions in crypto, Alexandre will be released on bail without guard 24/7 guard monitoring.

Eddy Alexandre still in prison pending EminiFX bail decision

A decision on Eddy Alexandre’s request to modify his EminiFX bail release conditions remains pending. In the meantime his attorney has filed a response to the DOJ’s opposition filing. The response mostly rehashes the same arguments, but also provides some new information.

DOJ opposes Eddy Alexandre’s change of bail conditions

The DOJ has filed its opposition to Eddy Alexandre’s proposed change of bail conditions letter. As predicted, a key issue is the missing millions in crypto Alexandre is suspected of stashing away.

Eddy Alexandre tries to weasel out of EminiFX bail conditions

Well that didn’t take long. Eddy Alexandre is already trying to weasel out of his EminiFX bail release conditions.

Eddy Alexandre’s initial court appearance and what’s next

EminiFX owner Eddy Alexandre was arrested in New York on May 12th. Later that same day Alexandre made his initial court appearance. Here’s what happened, and what’s next.

EminiFX Receiver reaches out, requests investor details

The court-appointed EminiFX Temporary Receiver has set up a website and made contact with investors.

How the FBI took down EminiFX & Eddy Alexandre

On May 12th EminiFX founder and CEO Eddy Alexandre was arrested. The bust was part of a joint operation between the DOJ and CFTC. Part of that operation was an FBI sting that began in or around March 2022. In this article we examine how the FBI took down Alexandre and, following his arrest, what [Continue reading…]

CFTC secures EminiFX restraining order against Eddy Alexandre

The CFTC has secured injunctive relief against EminiFX and owner Eddy Alexandre. Unsealing of the CFTC’s case today confirms Alexandre is facing both civil and criminal fraud charges.