Following closure of the EminiFX victim claim portal, 110,318 transactions from over 30,000 victims have been verified.

The transactions correlate to $229 million in verified invested funds and around $30 million in verified withdrawals.

Just over 5000 EminiFX investors have submitted disputed transactions, or transactions that were unable to verified.

As of April 2024, the EminiFX Receivership is sitting on just under $154 million.

With respect to distribution to EminiFX victims with approved claims, the Receiver advises

The Receiver expects to spend the next two quarters finalizing the user transaction and non-user claims review, preparing and finalizing a distribution plan, resolving the Alexandre Assets account, working to resolve the tax situation as much as possible, and continuing to investigate any third-party claims.

The Receiver and his team will continue working toward a substantial interim distribution as soon as practicable.

EminiFX was a multimillion dollar MLM crypto Ponzi. Founder and CEO Eddy Alexandre was arrested in May 2022.

Following a guilty plea in February 2023, Alexandre was sentenced to nine years in prison in July 2023.

The outcome of civil proceedings against Alexandre, initiated by the CFTC in 2022, remain pending.