It appears the FTC’s fraud case against Thomas Dluca, Louis Gatto, Eric Pinkston and Scott Chandler may have been settled.

On May 24th a Settlement Conference was scheduled for June 4th.

“All parties” were required to attendance the conference, which ran as scheduled.

A June 5th a minute order for the conference states:

Settlement Conference held on 6/5/2019. Settlement Reached.

No further information is available at the time of publication.

The FTC sued Dluca, Gatto, Pinkston and Chandler for fraud in March 2018.

Of the four defendants, Eric Pinkston was the first defendant to surrender.

Pinkston’s settlement with the FTC saw an agreed final judgment submitted for Commission approval last month.

Details of Pinkston’s settlement have not yet been made public.

Pending details of Pinkston’s settlement and confirmation Dluca, Gatto and Chandler have settled, stay tuned…


Update 23rd August 2019 – Details of Dluca’s, Gatto’s, Chandler’s and Pinkston’s settlements have been made public.