Serial Ponzi scammer Edward Zimbardi (aka Ed Zimbardi), has been arrested in the Netherlands.

As first spotted by Brandon @ Ponzi Patrol, WSB-TV Atlanta reports Zimbardi “has been arrested and charged with money laundering overseas.”

Channel 2 consumer investigator Justin Gray has confirmed through law enforcement sources that Flowery Branch resident Ed Zimbardi was arrested in the Netherlands.

Multiple US law enforcement agencies and states are now in touch with each other and Dutch officials about an investigation into Zimbardi here.

Interestingly, Zimbardi’s arrest in the Netherlands follows criminal charges from Dutch authorities.

While Dutch authorities have formally charged Zimbardi, US authorities have not yet.

It’s unclear what ties Zimbardi has to the Netherlands, or whether the money laundering charges relate to Dutch banking channels specifically.

Zimbardi, a convicted felon, launched CryptoProgram in late 2022. The fraudulent investment scheme pitched consumers on a perpetual 25% monthly ROI.

Following regulatory fraud warnings from British Columbia and California, Zimbardi collapsed CryptoProgram and rebooted it as Amsys in July 2023.

Amsys was short-lived and collapsed a few months later in August.

While Amsys was floundering, two additional regulatory fraud warnings were issued by Alberta and Georgia (the US state).

At some point during all of this Zimbardi, a Georgia resident, fled the US for Europe.

In the US Zimbardi is confirmed to facing regulatory fraud charges from Georgia and at least one other US state.

Federal charges from the DOJ, SEC and CFTC are also likely. These would span money laundering, wire fraud, securities fraud and commodities fraud.

As noted by WSB-TV, details of any US investigations haven’t been made public. Neither has the Dutch investigation or related criminal charges.

We’ll keep an eye out for updates.


Update 8th March 2024 – Dutch media are reporting Zimbardi has been released.