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Airbit Club’s Gutemberg dos Santos sentenced to 3.3 years

AirBit Club co-founder Gutemberg dos Santos has been sentenced to 40 months in prison (3.3 years). Dos Santos’ sentence was handed down on October 4th, following sentencing hearings for co-conspirators Renato Rodriguez, Cecilia Millan, Karina Chairez and Scott Hughes.

AirBit Club promoters + lawyer receive 1-5 year prison sentences

Two AirBit Club promoters and a lawyer have been sentenced to between one and five years in prison. Following a twelve year sentence handed down to co-founder Renato Rodriguez last week, a sentencing hearing for Cecilia Millan, Karina Chairez and Scott Hughes was held on October 3rd.

AirBit Club’s Renato Rodriguez sentenced to 12 years prison

AirBit Club co-founder Pablo Renato Rodriguez, 40, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison. On the money side of things, forfeiture was set at $65 million as per a previously consented to order back in March.

AirBit Club sentencings delayed following defendant’s death

On June 2nd Jackie Aguilar’s defendant filed a letter advising the court of her death on May 28th. Aguilar, one of six AirBit Club defendants who pled guilty to fraud, was due to be sentenced on June 27th. Following receipt of Aguilar’s death certificate on June 22nd, the case against her was dismissed on June [Continue reading…]

AirBit Club scammers plead guilty in criminal case

In addition to Pablo Renato Rodriguez, all five other defendants have also pled guilty. On the chopping block we have: Gutemberg dos Santos – AirBit Club co-owner Karina Chairez – AirBit Club Master Council promoter Cecilia Millan – AirBit Club Master Council promoter Jackie Aguilar – AirBit Club National Entrepreneur promoter and Scott Hughes – [Continue reading…]

Renato Rodriguez pleads guilty to Airbit Club wire fraud

Pablo Renato Rodriguez has pled guilty to an AirBit Club criminal charge. Rodriguez and partner in crime Gutemberg Dos Santos, were indicted in 2020 on criminal charges relating to AirBit Club.

Renato Rodriguez bashed in prison, got COVID-19 & wants out

Airbit Club defendant Pablo Renato Rodriguez isn’t having a great time in prison. After his arrest and initial denial of bail, Rodriguez contracted COVID-19 in pre-trial custody. This saw him subject to a two month lockdown. Upon release from lockdown and transfer to the Erie County Correctional Facility in New York, Rodriguez then got into [Continue reading…]

Gutemberg Dos Santos extradited to US from Panama

AirBit Club co-founder Gutemberg Dos Santos was extradited from Panama on November 25th. The extradition was part of the DOJ’s AirBit Club criminal case, which also names Renato Rodriguez as a co-conspirator.

AirBit Club civil case stayed pending criminal case outcome

AirBit Club civil proceedings initiated by the SEC have been stayed, pending outcome of the DOJ’s criminal case. The stay order was issued on October 5th, following a letter motion filed by defendants Cecila Millan and Margarita Cabrera.

Renato Rodriguez & Gutemberg Dos Santos indicted, arrested

Earlier today I published an article covering a civil fraud case filed by the SEC. The case was filed against two AirBit Club promoters. That was good to hear but it left me wondering why the the SEC hadn’t pursued the Ponzi scheme’s creators, Renato Rodriguez and Gutemberg Dos Santos. Turns out the DOJ is [Continue reading…]