AirBit Club has been banned in Italy following a securities fraud warning issued by CONSOB.

CONSOB is Italy’s SEC equivalent. The regulator issued a securities fraud warning against AirBit Club on March 30th.

In it’s warning CONSOB stated AirBit Club was “abusively offer financial services/financial products” in Italy.

As per its business model, AirBit Club solicits investment on the promise of returns paid for up to three hundred days.

AirBit Club is not registered to offer securities in Italy, or anywhere else in the world.

Subsequently, CONSOB has ordered Italian ISPs to block access to AirBit Club’s website.

Note the link above is not static and will show the most recent CONSOB warnings.

AirBit Club’s ban is listed as CONSOB warning 12/2020, issued on March 30th.

AirBit Club is run by serial scammers Gutemberg dos Santos and Renato Rodriguez.

In 2017 the pair were hit for a $1.4 million dollar judgment for running the Vizinova Ponzi scheme.

At the time of publication Alexa traffic estimates suggest AirBit Club is primarily active in Colombia (40%), Mexico (18%) and Russia (15%).