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Troy Barnes sentenced to 33 months prison (Achieve Community)

This one looked like it was going to trial but at the eleventh hour Troy Barnes plead guilty to wire fraud. That was back in November last year, with a series of sealed filings mostly keeping things under wraps since. On April 25th however, Barnes’ sentencing hearing finally came up.

Kristine Johnson sentenced to 21 months & $302,297 restitution

Just shy of a fortnight ago, Kristine Louise Johnson was sentenced for committing wire fraud. Johnson, one half of the admin team behind the Achieve Community Ponzi scheme, plead guilty back in June, 2015. The case docket recorded Johnson had been sentenced on February 14th, but it wasn’t until yesterday that judgement was handed down.

Kristi Johnson sentencing hearing scheduled for February 14th

Following a guilty plea for wire fraud conspiracy back in 2015, Achieve Community co-owner Kristi Johnson has been stuck in sentencing limbo. As per a court order November, 2015 court order, Johnson’s sentencing was postponed until the resolution of Troy Barnes’ criminal proceedings.

Troy Barnes pleads guilty to wire fraud (Achieve Community)

Following on from a plea agreement filed under seal on October 25th, Troy Barnes has officially plead guilty to wire fraud. Barnes’ guilty plea was accepted at a hearing held on November 4th.

Troy Barnes plea agreement filed, hearing on November 4th

It’s increasingly looking like Troy Barnes will plead guilty, following a sealed plea agreement filed on October 25th. Barnes was indicted for wire fraud last November. The charges stem from his involvement in the running of Achieve Community, a $3 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Initially Barnes maintained his innocence and opted to go to trial. This [Continue reading…]

Troy Barnes enters plea negotiations with DOJ (Achieve Community)

After being delayed for almost a year, Troy Barnes’ criminal trial was scheduled to kick off this month. On September 9th Barnes’ attorney filed a Motion to Continue the trial, which was granted on September 19th.

Troy Barnes criminal case delayed until September, 2016

This is starting to get a bit predictable. On July 13th Troy Barnes filed yet another Motion to Continue Docket Call, again requesting more time to go over discovery.

Achieve Community SEC case on hold till further notice

On April 18th all parties involved in the SEC vs. Achieve Community civil case filed a joint motion to vacate the scheduled December 5th trial date. Citing judicial efficiency, the motion requested the court vacate the current trial date of December 5, 2016 in light of the ongoing criminal proceedings against Defendants Barnes and Johnson, [Continue reading…]

Kristi Johnson forfeits $2.6 million, now homeless

Last we checked in with criminal proceedings against Kristi Johnson, her sentencing had been delayed until the resolution of Troy Barnes criminal trial. Through the Achieve Community Ponzi scheme, Kristi Johnson and Troy Barnes solicited around $6 million dollars in fraudulent investment. In the aftermath of Johnson’s guilty plea mid last year, she’s since forfeited $2.6 million in assets.

Troy Barnes criminal trial set for January 19th, 2016

Following Troy Barnes’ indictment on October 22nd, a criminal trial was scheduled for November 16th. On November 3rd Barnes was assigned a Public Defender. In a subsequent filing Barnes asked for a delay in the proceedings, given that the criminal trial date was scheduled ‘less than thirty days from which (he) first appeared through counsel.‘ That [Continue reading…]