achieve-community-logoFollowing Troy Barnes’ indictment on October 22nd, a criminal trial was scheduled for November 16th.

On November 3rd Barnes was assigned a Public Defender.

In a subsequent filing Barnes asked for a delay in the proceedings, given that the criminal trial date was scheduled ‘less than thirty days from which (he) first appeared through counsel.

That motion has now been granted, with a new  trial date set on January 19th, 2016.

In related Achieve Community news, the Secret Service have requested to take possession of some $2.63 million in funds, frozen through the SEC’s concurrent civil proceedings.

The funds requested include

  • $1.77 million held in a Citizens Bank account under the name of Work With Troy Barnes
  • $750,00 held in a TD Bank account in the name of Binary Wallet
  • $30,502 held in a Credit Union of Colorado account in the name of Kristi Johnson
  • $13,790 held in a DST Systems account in the name of Kristi Johnson and MVP Reit
  • $13,500 held in a SQN Capital Management fund in the name of Kristi Johnson
  • $32,618 held in a 1st Bank account as a result of Kristi Johnson requesting two cashiers checks
  • $25 held in a 1st Bank account in the name of Achieve International LLC and Work With Troy Barnes Inc.
  • $4,700,000, recorded as “the proceeds of offenses” Johnson committed through orchestrating the Achieve Community Ponzi scheme

The United States Secret Service, Treasury Office of Asset Forfeiture … is authorized to take possession and maintain custody of the above specific assets, pending release of the specific assets from restraint in SEC vs. Johnson.

The funds will be held until it’s time to distribute them out to victims of the scheme.

A claims process will likely be established pending conclusion of criminal proceedings against Johnson and Barnes (expected to be in the first quarter of 2016).

Stay tuned…


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of the DOJ’s “Motion for Forfeiture of Property” and order granting Barnes’ “Motion to Continue Docket Call/Trial”, both filed on November 10th, 2015.


Update January 20th 2016 – Barnes had recently filed a request to delay his trial while he went over the presented evidence against him.

On January 12th Judge Cogburn granted the request, with a new trial date set for the 21st of March.


Update March 20th 2016 – As per a motion filed on March 14th, Troy Barnes requested his trial be postponed again.

Barnes’ court-appointed lawyer

received over 116,000 pages of discovery from the government and is in the process of reviewing the discovery with (Barnes).

Because of the voluminous discovery, undersigned counsel requires additional time to draft pretrial motions and conduct an investigation in the case.

On March 17th Judge Cogburn ordered Barnes’ trial be ‘continued to the May 2016 term‘. A definitive trial date has yet to be scheduled.


Update 17th May 2016 – Another continuance has been requested by Barnes, with discovery review cited as the reason.

Mr. Barns (sic) requests a continuance of his case for the following reasons: Counsel is still in the process of reviewing the over 116,000 documents received from the government.

Based on the documents reviewed thus far, undersigned counsel believes the case will result in a jury trial. Therefore, undersigned counsel requires additional time to prepare for trial.

The case has been continued until July 18th.


Update 1st August 2016 – Following yet another request for continuance, Troy Barnes criminal trial has been postponed till September.