achieve-community-logoLast we checked in with criminal proceedings against Kristi Johnson, her sentencing had been delayed until the resolution of Troy Barnes criminal trial.

Through the Achieve Community Ponzi scheme, Kristi Johnson and Troy Barnes solicited around $6 million dollars in fraudulent investment.

In the aftermath of Johnson’s guilty plea mid last year, she’s since forfeited $2.6 million in assets.

Forfeited assets in a November 25th, 2015 filing include:

  • $1,770,463 in a Citizens Bank account bearing the name “Work With Troy Barnes”
  • $750,000 in a TD Bank account bearing the name “Binary Wallet”
  • $30,502 in a Credit Union of Colorado account bearing the name “Kristi Johnson”
  • $13,790 in a DST Systems account bearing the names “Kristi Johnson” and “MVP Reit”
  • $13,500 in a SQN AIF IV, L.P. fund management account bearing the name “Kristi Johnson”
  • $32,618 held by 1st Bank as a result of the issuance of two cashier’s checks requested by Johnson
  • $25 in a 1st Bank account bearing the names “Achieve International LLC” and “Work With Troy Barnes Inc.”
  • $23,000 derived from the sale of Johnson’s 2015 Ford Escape vehicle

An additional $4.7 million forfeiture money judgement also stands, with specifics to be worked out at a later date.

While she awaits her criminal sentencing, Johnson has been living with her mother. Unfortunately her mother is in poor health and was recently ‘moved to an assisted living facility‘.

This has left Johnson homeless, as she’s ‘unable to continue living at her present address now that her mother has been moved’. Johnson also claims she is ‘unaware of any other affordable living arrangements in her area at this time‘.

Prior to pleading guilty to wire fraud, Achieve Community investor Carol Gifford had offered her accommodation in a “basement apartment”.

Johnson’s guilty plea however stipulates she must “avoid all contact, directly or indirectly, with any person who is or may become a victim or potential witness in the investigation or prosecution”.

Gifford being an Achieve investor qualifies her as a victim of the scheme.

Johnson’s attorney however has confirmed with Gifford that the accommodation offer still stands, and so on March 1st Johnson asked the court to grant her permission to ‘contact Carol Gifford and to move‘ into her basement.

Judge Cogburn granted the request later that day.

Criminal sentencing hanging over your head, homeless, broke and living in a basement… was it worth it Ms. Johnson?

In related Achieve Community news, on February 29th the DOJ successfully stayed discovery in the SEC’s civil case.

For all intents and purposes, the SEC’s civil case against Achieve Community, Troy Barnes and Kristi Johnson, is now on hold ‘until such time as the criminal charges against Mr. Barnes are resolved‘.

Barnes’ criminal trial is still in progress, with a trial date scheduled later this month.


Footnote: Our thanks to Don@ASDUpdates for providing a copy of Judge Cogburn’s “Consent Order and Judgement of Forfeiture” (filed November 25th, 2015), Kristine Johnson’s “Motion to Modify Conditions of Release” and Judge Cogburn’s subsequent order granting the motion (both filed March 1st, 2016) and Judge Shaffer’s order granting the DOJ permission to intervene in the SEC’s civil case (filed February 29th, 2016).