Australian Fed Court to decide if MLM affiliates are employees

ecosway-logoBit of interesting news from down under, with a case involving an eCosWay affiliate being passed up to the Australian Federal Court for an “authoritative decision”.

A decision that could have widespread implications for any MLM company currently doing business in Australia. [Continue reading…]

Zeek Receiver sues top 11 Norwegian Ponzi investors

zeekrewardsNews today that the Zeek Rewards net-winner world tour continues, with Norway the latest country to see clawback litigation filed against those who refuse to return money they stole from victims.

Filed on the 19th of February the Receiver’s complaint names eleven Norwegian Zeek investors, who collectively stole over $1 million dollars. [Continue reading…]

Mo Brabus Review: $5 Ad Pack Ponzi investment scheme

mo-brabus-logoThere is no information on the Mo Brabus website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Mo Brabus website does have an “about us” page, however at the time of publication the link returned a “404 page not found” error.

The Mo Brabus website domain was first registered on the 21st of February 2012. The registry entry was recently updated on January 7th 2015, possibly indicating that this is when it was acquired by its current owner(s).

As to the domain registration itself, the Mo Brabus website domain is set to private but does reveal the Mo Brabus domain uses the name-servers of “”:


emmet-pearse-the-irish-networker-mo-brabus-adminAs per the “About Me” section of The Irish Networker, the blog website is owned by Emmet Pearse (right).

I am 36 years old I live in Northern Ireland in a small “City” called Derry.

I first got involved in network marketing in 2004 when a friend invited me to a hotel meeting about a gaming company from Malta.

Twenty minutes into the presentation I was hooked on the network marketing industry for life, I have the bigdealitus, I was going to make a million dollars over night and be driving a Ferrari by Tuesday lol.

Just like most new newbies in the industry I was not successful with my first company, I busted a gut trying to get it to work based on what I had been told by my upline but I crashed a burned.

I think I have an addictive personality, I just couldn’t quit, no matter how many obstacles came my way I just couldn’t quit network marketing, this is one of the main reasons why I am now a success in network marketing, Most people quit but not me.

Articles for the MLM opportunity Plexus Worldwide (weight loss) appear on Pearse’s blog, with the last post dated November 14th 2014.

Whether or not Pearse is still an active Plexus Worldwide affiliate is unclear.

What is clear though is that with the Mo Brabus website using his website’s name-servers, Emmet Pearse is either the owner or one of the owners of Mo Brabus.

Why this information is not disclosed on the Mo Brabus website is a mystery.

Read on for a full review of the Mo Brabus MLM business opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Messina and PMX Jewels ordered to pay WCM777 Receiver

wcm777-logoTwo recent satisfying decisions in the WCM777 case has seen Vincent Messina, his relative’s company International Market Ventures and PMX Jewels ordered to return stolen investor funds.

For those unfamiliar with the parties, Vincent Messina is WCM777 CEO’s ex-lawyer, Internet Marketing Ventures (IMV) is a company owned by a relative of Messina and PMX Jewels a company Xu set up to launder WCM777 funds through Africa with. [Continue reading…]

Trinity Lines in denial over Achieve Community shut down

trinity-lines-logoIf you’ve read even just one review here at BehindMLM on a matrix cycler scheme, you’d know that unequivocally these opportunities are identified for what they are: Ponzi investment schemes.

The recent SEC shut down of Achieve Community reaffirms that, with the matrix cycler positions Achieve offered its affiliates deemed “securities under federal law.”


Because ‘early investors (were) paid their purported investment returns from the funds of newer investors.

In the aftermath of the Achieve Community shut down, one would expect a number of similar matrix cycler Ponzi scams to distance themselves from Achieve. But how different can you really be when your core business model is the same?

One such business, Trinity Lines, recently sent out an email to its investors advising them that the scheme “is nothing like” Achieve Community. [Continue reading…]

Herbalife caught up in Hong Kong product investment scam

herbalife-logoThis one’s a bit of an odd story, in that for once Herbalife themselves aren’t directly involved in controversy surrounding the company.

Well, sort of.

Reports out of Hong Kong a few days ago detail two of the company’s affiliates milking Hong Kong residents for $50 million HKD ($6.4 million USD).

How’d they pull that off? [Continue reading…]

Bahrain bans MLM (network marketing)

I’m not sure how big the MLM industry was there, but news reports out of Bahrain claim that MLM opportunities have been banned.

Bahrain is a small island nation in the Persian Gulf, with an estimated population of 1.4 million as of 2014.

The ban on MLM was announced by the The Minister of Industry and Commerce on February 17th, with ‘increasing consumer complaints about such business practices‘ cited as the primary reason behind the move. [Continue reading…]

WakeUpNow formally terminate US MLM operations

wakeupnow-logoThe manner in which WakeUpNow’s demise in the US has been handled has been nothing short of spectacularly incompetent.

We first got a whiff something was up when top affiliates in the company began uploading YouTube videos and issuing statements about the company closing.

That was on the 10th of February.

Prior to those announcements and since then, right up until a few days ago, WakeUpNow corporate maintained radio silence on the issue. Well, on anything really.

There wasn’t a peep to be heard from WakeUpNow’s own website, nor their usually frequently updated social media profiles.

It was only on February 16th and WakeUpNow corporate finally came out of their shell, via a blog post from CEO Phil Polich. [Continue reading…]

SEC shut down $3.8M Achieve Community Ponzi scheme

achieve-community-logoFollowing a statement from Achieve Community co-owner Troy Barnes claiming that the SEC was on his tail, comes the expected news today that the agency has indeed shut down Achieve Community.

In a complaint filed on the 12th of February in a District Court of Colorado, the SEC claim that Kristi Johnson, Troy Barnes, Work With Troy Barnes LLC and Achieve Community International LLC (collectively the defendants), were engaged in the running of “an ongoing fraudulent Ponzi scheme”.

From approximately April 2014 through the present, TAC has offered and sold “positions” in TAC to investors. These “positions,” which are securities, promise investors a significant return on their investment.

Whodathunkit? [Continue reading…]

Visalus hacking espionage leads to indictment & arrests

ocean-avenue-visalus-legal-espionageBack in 2013 one of the more alarming MLM stories to surface was the case of hacking and corporate espionage between Visalus and Ocean Avenue.

As per a lawsuit filed by Ocean Avenue, Visalus hired a private investigator firm to conduct acts of hacking and corporate espionage at their behest.

In response to Ocean Avenue entering the market as a competitor with Visalus, Nic Sarnicola and Mallen on behalf of Visalus hired a private investigation firm called “Moser & Associates”, in Menlo Park California (the “P.I. Firm”).

The P.I. Firm at the direction of Visalus, and Nic Sarnicola hired a computer expert located in India referred to as “Sumit Vishoi” to access the email accounts of the former Visalus distributors working with Ocean Avenue, Ocean Avenue employees, Ken Dunn and Fred Ninow.

Additionally Visalus distributors who joined Ocean Avenue had their email accounts and other social media accounts and cell phone accounts hacked into shortly after Visalus discovered they had signed up with Ocean Avenue.

Further acts Ocean Avenue accuse Visalus corporate of include the illegal accessing and hacking of the company’s own servers and various accounts belonging to key staff and management.

Nate Moser, of the firm Moser and Associates, was even accused of breaking into Ocean Avenue’s offices and making off with one of their computers.

The photos below were included as an exhibit in Ocean Avenue’s civil complaint:


Ocean Avenue alleged that Visalus’ hiring of the firm was a response to several high-ranking Visalus affiliates joining Ocean Avenue in late 2012 and early 2013.

Despite the detailed claims against them, including photographic evidence, Visalus responded to Ocean Avenue’s lawsuit by stating it was “entirely without merit”. The company also vowed to “vigorously defend itself against (the) untrue allegations”.

Enter the Department of Justice, who covertly began investigating the case sometime in 2013.

This investigation has now concluded, resulting in four indictments on charges of conspiracy to access the e-mail accounts, Skype accounts, and computers.

“Without merit” hey? This should be interesting… [Continue reading…]