EVO Media Group Review: JetStream dev launches reboot

evo-media-group-logoEVO Media Group’s co-founders claim they ‘spent over 30 years, searching for the best product and opportunity for the entrepreneur‘.

Two EVO Media Group co-founders are listed on the company website; Michael Hagen (CEO) and Jack Amoroso Jr. (Secretary).

As per Hagen’s EVO Media Group corporate bio:

Mike sets the company vision and leadership direction for Evo Media Group. His prosperous 26+ year career includes direct sales/network marketing experience starting back with a 15 year run with Amway.

mike-hagen-jetstream-developerPerusal of Hagen’s Facebook page reveals mid last year his company, Hagen Media Group, were the “developers of the JetStream”.

June 3rd, 2016

Well the time has come. I will be launching my Network Marketing  Company in 17 days.

After a 26 year career as a Distributor and retiring for a while the time has come to be at the helm.

I will keep a few posted on this. We have been quietly behind the seems for the past 4 months putting this together. We are less than 3 weeks from a great Pre-Launch.

It’s Time… To Help 100s of 1000s now.

Hagen Media Group, INC.
Developers of The JetStream

JetStream Direct is a streambox MLM opportunity. The company markets $399 streamboxes, which are primarily marketed as gateways to pirated content over the internet.

Whether Hagen had a relationship beyond Hagen Media Group’s “development” of JetStream Direct is unclear. Today the Hagen Media Group website domain redirects to that of EVO Media Group.

JetStream Direct still appear to be in business, at least as far as having an operational website. Alexa traffic estimates for the JetStream Direct website are so low the company is unranked.

As far as I can tell, EVO Media Group appears to be a relaunch of JetStream Direct.

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OneCoin confirm UniverTeam buyout, victims lament losses

onecoin-logoEarlier today OneCoin confirmed their acquisition of the UniverTeam pyramid scheme.

BehindMLM first broke news of the acquisition back on the 5th of March.

As per a OneCoin press-release issued a few hours ago; [Continue reading…]

Latvian regulator: OneCoin modeled on a pyramid scheme

onecoin-logoLatvia’s Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) is

an autonomous public institution, which carries out the supervision of Latvian banks, credit unions, insurance companies and insurance brokerage companies, participants of financial instruments market, as well as private pension funds, payment institutions and electronic money institutions.

Part of the FCMC’s duties see them engage in consumer protection, with the regulator yesterday issuing a warning against OneCoin. [Continue reading…]

Classifieds That Pay Review: Paid affiliate chain-recruitment

classifieds-that-pay-logoThere is no information on the Classifieds That Pay website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Classifieds That Pay website domain (“classifiedsthatpay.com”) was registered on the 28th of October 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

Further research reveals Graham Frame conducting beta launch webinars for Classifieds That Pay on YouTube.

graham-frame-empower-network-affiliateFrame (right) claims to have been involved in MLM since the 1980s. He states he “retired” his offline businesses in 2013 and now focuses exclusively on online business ventures.

Frame first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as the admin of Simple Fast Cash. Launched in 2013, Simple Fast Cash saw affiliates pay $5 and get paid when they recruited others who did the same.

Simple Fast Cash affiliates were also funneled into Frame’s Empower Network downline.

Prior to Simple Fast Cash Frame was an affiliate with Pure Leverage. Other opportunities launched by Frame include YourCashCow (2006) and Cash4Sure.

YourCashCow was a matrix-based recruitment scheme that collapsed in 2008. Cash4Sure was launched around 2008, with affiliates promised ROIs on invested funds.

Those ROIs were never paid out and the scheme also collapsed.

Marketing videos on Frame’s YouTube channel suggest he was also an investor in Achieve Community.

Achieve Community was a $6.8 million dollar Ponzi scheme. The SEC shut the scheme down in early 2015.

In a video titled “Its Happening – Beta Launch”, Frame explains he came up with the idea for Classifieds That Pay after having a “strange dream” in 2014.

Frame claims he initially didn’t understand the dream, and that it was only after meditating for “many days, many hours” that he began to figure it out.

Gradually it was revealed to me that I should set out to create an opportunity that would initially

-directly help 5,000,000 people to improve their lives

-and so create an income that would allow donations of $2,000,000 a month to charity; especially to help starving children.

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Norwegian DSA warn against OneCoin pyramid scheme

onecoin-logoAlthough not as large as its US counter-part, Norway’s Direct Selling Association (DSA) has 22 member companies.

The organization claims that around 75% of Norway’s 88,000 MLM affiliates belong to one or more of their members.

One of the stated objectives of the Norwegian DSA is to ‘protect consumers’ legitimate interests with respect to direct sales companies‘.

And that brings us to OneCoin…

In a March 3rd article titled “(We) don’t want to be the police”, the Norwegian DSA called OneCoin out for being an “ugly” pyramid scheme. [Continue reading…]

Youlab Global Review: $399 or no affiliate discount

youlab-global-logoYoulab Global launched in mid 2015 and are based out of California in the US.

Heading up the company is Founder John de Vries, who also serves as Youlab Global’s CEO.

De Vries first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as the CEO of Xseed Health back in mid 2014.

Xseed Health operated in the health and nutrition niche, with a heavy emphasis on affiliate recruitment. Upon recruitment of enough affiliates, Xseed Health offered a “commission guarantee”.

john-de-vries-ceo-xseed-healthIn addition to running Xseed Health, de Vries (right) has also been a master distributor for Nutrie and top-distributor with Monavie.

Today the Xseed Health website is offline, with the domain it was hosted on not in use. Whether Xseed Health collapsed or was shut down, its demise paved the way for de Vries to launch Youlab Global.

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Binary options MLM? Demand to see SEC registration.

SEC-logoOver the past year or so I’ve seen an increase in financial service related MLM opportunities.

Typically these schemes are registered somewhere shady in Europe, however their primary source of investors is the US.

Back in 2013 the SEC took action against Banc de Binary Ltd., a non-MLM binary options company.

Although not MLM, Banc de Binary Ltd. is otherwise pretty similar to today’s MLM binary options offerings.

Through YouTube videos, spam e-mails, and other Internet advertising, (Banc de Binary Ltd.) solicit(ed) U.S. customers.

The problem for Banc de Binary Ltd. is that they weren’t registered with the SEC.

The case against the company has been playing out over the past three years, with news of a settlement breaking earlier today. [Continue reading…]

Darryle Douglas arrested, in custody

zeekrewardsFollowing the regulatory shutdown of Zeek Rewards, Darryle Douglas was classified an insider and pursued by the court-appointed Receiver.

After years of ignoring proceedings against him and then attempting to launch a new scam, Douglas was finally slapped with contempt proceedings.

On December 10, 2015, Judge Mullen found Douglas in contempt of court. A warrant for Douglas’ arrest was issued, however up until now we’ve had no updates as to Douglas’ status. [Continue reading…]

SEC’s Ceresney: Legitimate MLM involves retail sales

SEC-logoDespite a lack of retail a key focal point in several MLM-related enforcement actions over the past few years, there are still those who argue the legitimacy of chain-recruitment autoship schemes.

Typically in this business model, retail is either insignificant or absent altogether.

Instead, products are sold exclusively to affiliates, with participants in such schemes arguing that because affiliates are consumers, their purchase of product constitutes a retail sale.

The latest attempts to justify autoship recruitment can be seen over the past week in our LifePlus Review (comment #2 onwards).

What participants in non-retail MLM opportunities rarely touch on is that the recruitment of other affiliates who also purchase products is how they make money – with recruited affiliates then also required to do the same.

In other words its chain-recruitment. And no matter how much the value of the products is professed, at the end of the day it’s still a closed-loop income opportunity.

This is significant because without retail, there’s no way to determine actual product value. Logically speaking if a product did have market value, affiliates would be able to sell it to retail customers.

From an enforcement and compliance perspective, this results in the effective value of the product reduced to zero. In other words, it exists solely to perpetuate a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme.

Earlier this month the University of Illinois at Chicago and the SEC held a joint symposium to raise awareness.

The issue?

Combating Pyramid Schemes and Affinity Frauds.

Speaking at the event was Andrew Ceresney, Director of the Enforcement Division (typically the guys behind SEC litigation against MLM companies).

Not surprisingly, in his address Ceresney re-enforced the importance of retail in legitimate MLM. [Continue reading…]

JM Ocean Avenue Review: Pay to play & affiliate autoship

jm-ocean-avenue-logoJM Ocean Avenue came about following a merge between Ocean Avenue and JM International in 2014.

Ocean Avenue was launched back in 2012 by Fred Ninow and Ken Dunn. JM International was founded in 2009 by Joe Zhou, but outside of China is relatively unknown.

JM Ocean Avenue claimed the merger between the two companies ‘create(d) opportunities for distributors and customers by expanding to 25 new markets in six continents‘.

A month prior to the merge in June, 2014, Ken Dunn left Ocean Avenue. A year later in June 2015, JM Ocean Avenue affiliates began advertising HopRocket.


As above, HopRocket was initially billed as a “brand new JM Ocean Avenue opportunity”. At the time, it was claimed the JM Ocean Avenue affiliate-base had been pre-loaded into the company.

That fell apart a month later in July, with four JM Ocean Avenue executives (former Ocean Avenue staff) resigning.

HopRocket continued on as an independent MLM opportunity launch, now very much separated from its JM Ocean Avenue roots.

JM Ocean Avenue meanwhile moved its US headquarters to Los Angeles (the Ocean Avenue staff who resigned were based in Utah).

To date I haven’t seen specific clarification of what went down between JM Ocean Avenue and the four executives who resigned.

joe-zhou-chairman-jm-ocean-avenueToday JM Ocean Avenue is headed up by Joe Zhou (right), who serves as Chairman.

Joe Zhou started as an independent business owner at a direct selling company with a worldwide reputation.

There he gained practical experience and knowledge about direct sales and soon became one of the most successful and recognized direct sales team leaders in China.

In 2006, Joe became the Vice Chairman of a newly established direct sales enterprise. In just 3 years, he was able to establish a name for that enterprise in China and lead it to become one of the most recognized direct sales companies in China.

Since 2009, Joe Zhou founded JM International and has since worked tirelessly to take the company to dozens of global markets, which are now encompassed in seven major regions.

I wasn’t able to establish whether the current JM Ocean Avenue management run the company from within the US or elsewhere.

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