My OPI Review: Julie Wilson tries revenue-share

my-opi-logoMy OPI stands for “My Online Passive Income” and was launched in early March 2014.

According to the My OPI terms and conditions, is owned by Julie Wilson (Jules) and Bradley Wells.

Wilson has a long history of running Ponzi schemes, having first popped up on the BehindMLM radar with Prosperity Cash Machine. Prosperity Cash Machine was a matrix-based recruitment scheme, charging affiliates $175 to participate. The company launched in late 2013 and went into decline shortly after.

Bradley Wells I’m not too sure about, as I couldn’t find anything specific within the context of MLM.

Regardless, with Prosperity Cash Machine going into decline it appears Wilson is ready with another opportunity to tempt punters with.

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ViziNova Review: Renato Rodriguez reboots WCM777

vizinova-logoVizinova launched a few days ago and after some initial speculation, finally uploaded some information about the opportunity to their website.

ViziNova is a High-tech international E-Commerce firm that uses the power of the Personal Relationship Network Marketing model to share with a global community the latest and most exclusive mobile Apps for Telecommunication, Gaming and Personal Growth, plus Online Digital Marketing and Online E-Commerce Retail sales.

Credited as the founder and President of the company on Vizinova website is a one Mr. Alejandro Rodriguez Alvidrez. Alvidrez is credited with having ‘25 years of successful leadership in Advertising and Network Marketing‘ experience and being ‘one (of) Latin Americas’s most influential marketing leaders‘.

Exactly what network marketing Alivdrez has is unclear, with his LinkedIn profile only crediting him with being the CEO and Founder of Alquimia, which appears to be a marketing and advertising agency.

Things get interesting when you consider that Alvidrez lists himself as being based out of Mexico, but Vizinova state on their website that they ‘are located in Dubai, USA‘.

Assuming that the above is a typo and Vizinova aren’t asserting that there’s a Dubai in the US, it begs the question as to why Alvidrez would found a company based in two countries he’s not living in. And Dubai? That’s not even a stone’s throw away from the US.

The Vizinova website domain (“”) was registered on the 17th of January 2014, however the domain registration is set to private.

That’s odd. Vizinova provide ownership information about their company, so why would they bother to set their domain registration to private?

The Vizinova website domain has its own name-servers, with one eagle-eyed BehindMLM reader observing that the domains “”, “” and “” also use these same name-servers, indicating they belong to the same owner (note that whilst the domains are registered, none of them are currently in use).

Whereas the Vizinova primary domain registration is set to private though, these secondary domains are not . for example is registered to “ViziNova Incorporation”, with a supplied address in Dubai.


Dubai? Now we’re getting somewhere.

If one punches the email address used to register the domain into Google, this is what comes up:


WCM777? But that’s the Phil Ming Xu Ponzi scheme that is currently being investigated by the SEC…

Some Vizinova affiliates were claiming Phil Ming Xu owned Vizinova, but that has since been denied by a BehindMLM reader who claims to “work with corporate people”.

So who owns “” then?

That’d be one Renato Rodriguez:


The above screenshot is from a YouTube video by Rodriguez, in which he’s presented as an “international leader” of Kingdom777. Kingdom777 of course being the failed second incarnation of Ming Xu’s WCM777 Ponzi scheme.


That’s Rodriguez above, pimping WCM777 to prospective affiliate investors in Spanish. Most of the information on Rodriguez online is in Spanish, as this is the demographic Rodriguez targets. All of it is related to Ming Xu’s WCM777, Kindgom777 and later Global-Unity Ponzi scheme empire.

I don’t know what the connection is between Alejandro Rodriguez Alvidrez and Renato Rodriguez is, but it’s clear through domain-ownership records that Rodriguez is pulling the strings behind Vizinova.

Still not convinced?

Here’s Rodriguez’s Facebook profile:


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TelexFree owner shares “investment strategy”

telexfree-logoConfusion surrounding TelexFree’s new compensation plan is still abundant, but general consensus among the company’s top affiliates seems to be the adoption of either a three or five position approach.

Affiliates purchase three or five positions within the company (a minimum of one primary plus two secondary positions is required for commission qualification), and then provided enough new positions continue to be purchased by other affiliates (money coming in), TelexFree pays out $100 a week on the primary position.

The five position approach is near identical, but layers a second primary position under the first, requiring participating affiliates to make a greater initial deposit.

In response to the wider affiliate-base still unable to make heads or tails of the recent changes, TelexFree yesterday published a video titled “A perfect strategy for TelexFree’s marketing plan by Carlos Costa”.

In the video Costa, one of the three owners of TelexFree, sits down with pen and paper and walks them through the aforementioned three-position approach. [Continue reading...]

TelexFree making selective payments in Brazil?

telexfree-logoThere’s been a lot of talk over the last few weeks over the R$500,000 the state of Acre has been ordered to pay up in the TelexFree case.

General consensus is that it’s a legal strategy with TelexFree hoping that the case will be dismissed because Acre, one of Brazil’s poorest states, won’t foot the bill.

Commenting on the issue and fully aware of the recent floods that have left many in Acre homeless, TelexFree owner Carlos Costa remarked

I do not believe the governor (of Acre) will authorize this payment, because he will be making the people of Acre pay for a private company to make a case against another private company.

TelexFree have thus far been unable to get anywhere legally (twenty something defeats in court to date and multiple fines for acting in bad faith), so hitting the government’s hip-pocket appears to be their new ploy. [Continue reading...]

Pinga Work Review: Content moderation?

pinga-work-logoThere is no information on the Pinga Work website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Pinga Work website domain (“”) was registered on the 14th of January 2014, and lists a “Sher Ali” of “Pinga Work Limited” as the domain owner. A corporate address in London is also provided.

Sher Ali’s name does not appear anywhere on the Pinga Work website, nor is his name listed in connection with the company outside of the Pinga Work domain registration.

There’s a common tendency for scammers to register their opportunities in London using fake details, as all that is required is a PO Box. Pending further details, I’m therefore flagging Sher Ali as likely to be a fake name.

Supporting this is the fact that most of the marketing material I’ve seen for Pinga Work is coming out of Brazil and Russia, neither of which have anything to do with the UK.

Additionally broken English was also observed on the Pinga Work website, which fits the frequently used model of an Indian-based scheme registered in the UK with fake credentials.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading...]

Phil Ming Xu linked to Vizinova (Global Unity)

vizinova-logoFacing a regulatory crackdown in multiple jurisdictions, earlier this month Ponzi mastermind Phil Ming Xu publicly announced that he was giving up his WCM777 empire.

In a somewhat cryptic series of tweets, Xu revealed that he was ‘not a shareholder or officer of WCM777 or Global Unity’, having exited the company ‘due to investigations‘.

The story Xu pushed was that he’d sold off WCM777 and Global Unity to a new anonymous buyer, who he hoped would “legalize” the company and “continue his vision”.

Not surprisingly, turns out Xu might have been telling porky pies… [Continue reading...]

China fines Nu Skin and affiliates $781,000

nu-skin-logoA week ago Nu Skin advised that it ‘would likely be fined by Chinese regulators‘. The predicted fines stemmed from an investigation was launched after Chinese media reported on suspicious business activity.

Back in January the state press agency Xinhua ran a series of reports that accused Nu Skin and their affiliates of “brainwashing” their affiliates, making false marketing claims and citing false government endorsement of the business.

In initial response to the media coverage, Nu Skin China ‘voluntarily suspended business promotional meetings and applications for new sales representatives‘.

Now, in an “update on regulatory reviews”, Nu Skin has revealed fines just shy of $800,000 have been handed out. [Continue reading...]

Karatbars International warning issued in Canada

karatbars-international-logoMarch is Fraud Prevention month in Canada and, having already issued a warning on Phil Ming Xu’s WCM777 Ponzi scheme earlier this month, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) have now set their sights on Karatbars International.

The AMF’s latest warning, issued on March the 20th, warns Quebec investors ‘to be cautious about an investment program linked to the German company Karatbars International GmbH‘. [Continue reading...]

Gatwin Review: Affiliate-based ecommerce app

gatwin-logoThere is no information on the Gatwin website indicating who owns or runs the business. The company does however provide the following information on it’s IT properties and general locale:

The website is managed by BETRÓVICA S.L., with CIF B 65898256 and address Calle Muntaner 354. Bajo interior. 08021 Barcelona, España.

The file created is located in the Betróvica S.L. registered office, under the supervision of GATWIN S.L., with CIF L709496X and address Edifici Pirineus 1, 4, 3º 2A de Erts, Principat d´Andorra.

The company Betrovica SL runs the website and Gatwin SL run the company itself.

The Gatwin website domain (“”) was registered on the 23rd of May 2013 and lists a Fernando Vila, operating out of Andorra (a European micro-state that is recognized as a tax-haven), as the domain owner.

Further research reveals Gatwin marketing material in Spanish, naming Vila as the CEO (and presumably owner?) of the company:


For whatever reason, Fernando Vila’s name does not appear anywhere on the Gatwin website.

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Blessing Gold Club Review: $45-$110 cash gifting

blessing-gold-club-logoBlessing Gold Club claim to have launched in June 2013. A PO Box contact address in the US state of Pennsylvania is also provided, however this is little more than a forwarding address for mail.

Blessing Gold Club provide a list of trustees and “admins” on their website, however no formal corporate executive structure is defined. Admin names are supplied with Facebook profiles and Gmail email addresses, indicating that this is an informal group of top affiliates rather than executive management.

The Blessing Gold Club website domain was registered on the 17th of June 2013 and lists a Joseph Whitnell as the owner. An address in the US state of Michigan is also provided.

Joseph Whitnell’s name does not appear on the admin or trustee pages of the Blessing Gold Club website, so his exact role and/or relationship with the company is not clear. His name on the domain registration however does suggest that he owns the company.

On Whitnell’s Facebook page, he lists the website “EzDailyProfits” in his contact information.


A visit to the supplied website reveals an affiliate link for MyAdvertisingPays (an advertising credit based Ponzi scheme). Whitnell would appear to be an affiliate of MyAdvertisingPays.

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