Lotto Spring Review: Another Euro gaming opp

lotto-spring-logoThere is currently no information on the Lotto Spring website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Lotto Spring website domain (“”) was registered on the 21st of November 2014, with Jamie Mather or Nexus Group listed as the domain owner.

A PO Box address in the British Virgin Islands is also provided, but it would appear Lotto Spring exists there in name only.

On his Twitter profile, Mather lists his location as Malta – which is presumably where Lotto Spring is being operated from.

Nexus Group is a company that appears to be owned by Mather, also run out of Malta.

jamie-mather-ceo-lotto-springOn his personal website, Mather (right) describes himself as an online marketing consultant, stage speaker, trainer, business partner, event creator and business consultant.

My Mission for 2015 is to team up with REAL Businesses and help them become something much bigger than they are today.

If you’re a business anywhere in the world who wants to evolve and grow their sales, digital presence, do something new and crazy, or turn their little deli shop in to the most renowned sandwich shop in the western spiral arm of the galaxy, then you need to check my skills and story.

If my skills and your requirements match, then we should already be on the phone.

As per a Facebook update posted on the 25th of July, Mather appears to currently promoting Lotto Spring in Russia:

So glad to be in Moscow again, in the summer it’s my favourite city on earth. Some good friend’s to meet with, some good contacts to share my new project opportunity with.

Various Lotto Spring marketing presentations identify Jamie Mather as the CEO of the company.

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Next Level Africa Review: NLC virtual currency matrix cycler

next-level-africa-logoThere is no information on the Next Level Africa website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Next Level Africa website domain (“”) was registered on the 29th of March 2014, with a “Noel Adams” of “Concrete Cleaning NSW” listed as the owner. An address in New South Wales, Australia is also provided.

Further research reveals Concrete Cleaning NSW is registered in Australia via the ABN 15 966 592 911. Cullen Troy Adams is listed as the owner of the business, with the relationship between Cullen Adams and Noel Adams not immediately clear.

noel-adams-ceo-smada-world-next-level-africaNoel Adams (right) does have his own Next Level Africa affiliate website, on which he provides some additional information about his role within the company:

My name is Noel Adams I am the CEO of Smada World Pty Ltd Next Level Africa is owned by Smada World.

Smada World looks to be some sort of parent entity, set up on the domain “” (also registered to Adams). Various parts of the Smada World website also redirect to WIX, a free-hosting platform.

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WCM777 victim claims process approved

wcm777-logoJust a quick update for those victims wondering about the proposed claim process last month, good news – it was approved.

As per a July 13th update on the WCM777 Receivership website:

The Court has entered an Order approving a Claims Process.

You will receive specific instructions, along with the official Claim Form and bar dates within the next few months from the Receiver.

That process will see a “web-based claim portal” established, through which manual claims can be filed and determinations of claims viewed. [Continue reading…]

Cafe Nopal Review: Nopal coffee capsules & recruitment

cafe-nopal-logoThere is no information on the Cafe Nopal website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Cafe Nopal website domain (“”) was registered on the 23rd of July 2014, with John Dierksmeier listed as the owner. An address in the US state of Texas is also provided.

Dierksmeier (full name John Dierksmeier Quesada), first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as the Founder of MaxeVida in 2011.

MaxeVida combined retail sales and affiliate recruitment, tracked through a matrix-based compensation plan.

Similar matrix schemes launched by Dierksmeier prior to MaxeVida include TVBoxNet and EZProBuilder.

John-Dierksmeier-Quesada-admin-2x2-wealthWhen MaxeVida seems to have collapsed sometime in 2012, with Dierksmeier (right) then going on to launch Only20Bucks.

Again based on a matrix compensation plan, Only20Bucks was a recruitment-driven feeder for iClubBiz (in which Dierksmeier was an affiliate).

iClubBiz itself was an autoship-centric recruitment scheme launched in 2013.

After launching Cafe Nopal in 2014, Dierksmeier went on to launch Nopa Vida in early 2015 and 2×2 Wealth less than a month ago.

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MyAdvertisingPays send C&D after hotel events cancelled

myadvertisingpays-logoFor decades the hotel pitch was the acquisition method of choice for Ponzi fraudsters.

And although largely eclipsed by online webinars, Facebook groups and Google Hangouts, today the hotel pitch is still a staple for many MLM businesses.

One of them, MyAdvertisingPays, attemped to organize a series of events earlier this month, only to have the hotels had booked them at cancel at the last minute. [Continue reading…]

Daniel Filho’s bail hearing delayed till July 28th

dfrf-enterprises-logoOn July 21st Daniel Filho was arrested by the DOJ in relation to his running the DFRF Enterprises Ponzi scheme.

A bail hearing was scheduled for July 24th but, while the hearing took place, there seems to have been a curious issue with Filho’s representation.

Unfortunately I don’t have much to go on at the moment, save for a docket minute-entry. [Continue reading…]

Sann Rodrigues personally promoted DFRF Enterprises

dfrf-enterprises-logoSanderley Rodrigues de Vasconcelos is not having a good year.

Rodrigues (who goes by “Sann”), the top net-winner in the TelexFree Ponzi scheme, was arrested back in May on visa fraud charges. He a defendant in the subject of an SEC civil lawsuit against Telexfree, purported to have defrauded investors of $1.8 billion.

In Brazil Rodrigues is wanted by authorities for suspected pyramid scheme scamming through iFreeX.

Rodrigues is also the subject of two existing SEC initiated injunctions (separately granted in 2007 and 2014), barring him from engaging in fraud of any kind.

Now it is revealed Rodrigues was promoting DFRF Enterprises, a recently busted $22.8 million dollar Ponzi scheme. [Continue reading…]

DFRF Enterprises Ponzi fraud climbs to $22.8 million

dfrf-enterprises-logoFollowing the arrest of Daniel Filho earlier this week, the latest from the SEC pegs the DFRF Enterprises Ponzi fraud at $22.8 million dollars.

Prior to this new information, the SEC’s investigation had only uncovered around $15 million in fraud.

Now, as banks around the world slowly co-operate with US authorities and provide requested records, the $22.8 million figure is set to climb as the full extent of the DFRF Enterprises Ponzi scheme revealed. [Continue reading…]

Daniel Filho arrested in Florida (DFRF Enterprises)

dfrf-enterprises-logoLess than twenty-four hours after appearing live on radio in Massachusetts, Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho has been arrested in Florida by the Department of Justice.

Filho had been on the run from authorities for almost a month, after the FBI issued a warrant for his arrest on June 25th. [Continue reading…]

John Wuo accused of ethics violations over USFIA ties

usfia-logoJuly 21st saw another Arcadia City Council meeting take place and with it, another barrage of criticism relating to the city’s real-estate issues.

Added to the mix was an update on the John Wuo USFIA situation, with comments from residents and finally response from Wuo himself. [Continue reading…]