RevAdShare Review: $10 180% ROI Ponzi scheme

revadshare-logoThere is no information on the RevAdShare website indicating who owns or runs the business.

An address in the UK is provided on the company website, however research reveals this address is virtual office space rented out by Regus.

RevAdShare would appear to have a presence in the UK in name only. Where the owner(s) of RevAdShare are operating out of remains a mystery.

The RevAdShare website domain (“”) was registered on the 15th of August 2014, however the domain registration is set to private.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

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SpikeUpAds Review: $10 advertising-based Ponzi scheme

spikeupads-logoThere is no information on the SpikeUpAds website indicating who owns or runs the business.

Three “certifications” are provided on the site, suggesting someone has paid a nominal fee to register the company name “The Spike Up Ads Limited” in the UK, Belize and Panama.

Belize and Panama are known tax-havens, with the “Certification of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company” from the UK typically used by admins in India.

Of note is the Panama “certification of incorporation”, which is datestamped 2003. This raised suspicion so I ran the certificate through an error level analysis scan:


As you can see above, the blue box around the “The Spike Up Ads Limited” company name suggests it was copy and pasted onto the original certificate image (which belongs to another company).

Meanwhile the language used on the SpikeUpAds isn’t flat-out terrible but is slightly off:

If we find out you have multiple accounts, all your accounts will be suspended and could be deleted without any refunds whatsoever so don’t do it!

This supports that the owner(s) of the company are not based in a native English-speaking country.

The SpikeUpAds website domain was registered on the 11th of November, however the domain registration details are set to private.

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OneRevShare Review: $1 advertising-based micro Ponzi

onerevshare-logoThere is no information on the OneRevShare website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The OneRevShare website domain (“”) was registered on the 27th of October 2014, however the domain registration is set to private.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

YOR Health Review: Weight loss with erroneous retail

yor-health-logoDespite listing members of their scientific advisory board (five scientists), athletic advisory board (seven advisers), global board (two Mexican singers and a “Mexico adviser”), there is no information in the “company” section of the YOR Health website indicating who owns or runs the business.

It isn’t until a visitor clicks “opportunity” and then scrolls down to “a letter from the founder” that Dennis Wong is credited as YOR Health’s “Founding Chairman”.

dennis-wong-cofounder-CEO-YOR-healthFurther research reveals Wong (right) is the CEO of YOR Health, yet his name does not appear in the capacity anywhere on the Yor Health website.

YOR Health are based out of the US state of California and launched in mid-2008.

Prior to YOR Health Wong ran YorVoice, which marketed VOIP.

According to several Dennis Wong bios (most of which seem to be written by himself),

By 2007, voice-over Internet was no longer a sustainable product to market, so that new reality and coming to terms with his failing health motivated him to look for a new business opportunity.

Since he had been investigating nutritional health, that became the obvious choice.

Going back further, Wong, along with Jeffrey Morgan, ran the pyramid scheme “Mall Ventures” (“”).

According to the FTC’s complaint, in which Wong, Morgan and Mall Ventures are named defendants, the scheme saw affiliates purchase matrix positions for “approximately $420″. This resulted in a commission paid out to the affiliate who recruited them, and also qualified the affiliate themselves to receive commissions from those they recruited.

Mall Ventures has derived an overwhelming portion of its revenues from the recruitment of new eCommerce Consultants (affiliates), rather than from the sale of products or services.

Many consumers were persuaded to pay up to $2,940 for multiple spots and to spend thousands of dollars more in their attempts to make money through

The FTC’s complaint was filed in January 2004, with a judgement handed down a few days later. This judgement saw Wong and Morgan fined $400,000, with an additional suspended monetary judgment of $10.4 million.

The original complaint and injunction request, the judgment and accompanying press-release can be read over at the FTC.

Whether or not Jeffrey Morgan is involved in YOR Health is unclear (due to the complete lack of information regarding executive structure and management provided on the YOR Health website).

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Yevo Prelaunch Review: Dehydrated nutritional meals?

yevo-logoYevo recently went into prelaunch and are currently scheduled for a February 2015 official launch.

The company currently does not have an official corporate website, with affiliates marketing a prelaunch domain that at the time of publication provides little more than a marketing video and sign up button.

This domain (“”) was registered on the 29th of October 2014 and lists a “Eugene Tipps” as the owner. An address for “Foods Matter LLC” in the US state of Utah is also provided.

Foods Matter LLC is a “domestic limited-liability company” registered in  the US state of Nevada. The Foods Matter LLC registration lists Peter Castleman, David Brown, Nathan Horvath and Chip Marsland as officers/managers of the company.

The YouTube video currently published on the “” website mentions an additional domain in the video description (“”). This domain is also registered to Tipps, however at the time of publication that domain is not active.

Presumably “” will be the official company website when Yevo decides to go live.

On the management side of things, research reveals Yevo affiliates crediting Peter Castleman (Chairman of the Board) and David Brown (CEO) as the co-owners of the company.

Eugene Tipps (credited as “Gene Tipps” for some reason) is listed as Yevo’s COO.

peter-castleman-chairman-of-the-board-yevoOn the MLM side of things, Peter Castleman (right) appears to have gotten involved in MLM back in 2002, when fund Whitney V LP along with Golden Gate Capital purchased Herbalife. Castleman was Managing Director of Whitney V at the time.

After the acquisition, Castleman served as Chairman at Herbalife until he resigned in 2007 to ‘focus on other business activities‘.

Bios published by Yevo affiliates suggest Castleman went on to launch a “Chinese herbal company” that was later sold off to Nu Skin.

David Brown was formerly the CEO of Lifevantage, where he was credited with prompting the company’s switch from retail to MLM back in 2008.

Prior to Lifevantage Brown was CEO and President of Metabolife (2000 – 2005).

Metabolife was founded in the early 1990s by Michael Ellis, a former police officer on probation for charges relating to his involvement with a methamphetamine lab.

Ellis and a boyhood friend, Michael Blevins, were arrested in 1989 for producing and distributing methamphetamine. Both Ellis and Blevins cooperated with federal authorities in return for lighter sentences.

Following Blevins’ release from prison, the two formed Metabolife to market ephedra, an herbal supplement containing compounds chemically related to methamphetamine.

In the late 1990s, the U.S. FDA considered regulating ephedra more strictly, in response to reports of adverse reactions and more than 100 deaths linked to the supplement. These included reports ofpsychosis, heart attack, stroke, and diabetic ketoacidosis.

A clinical trial conducted to address safety concerns found that Metabolife 365 increased blood pressure and induced mild cardiac arrhythmias; the trial concluded that there were serious safety concerns associated with the use of Metabolife.

Metabolife took an active role in lobbying against regulation of ephedra, forming an advocacy group called the Dietary Supplement Safety and Science Coalition and contributing heavily to Congressmen Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.) and Dan Burton (R-Ind.), among other politicians.

Following the FDA’s ban of ephedra, Michael Ellis was indicted on eight counts of making false statements to the FDA in an effort to obstruct regulation of ephedra.

Ellis ultimately pled guilty to a single count of lying to the FDA about the adverse effects of Metabolife 356. He was sentenced to 6 months in federal prison and a $20,000 fine.

Metabolife was also investigated by the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice for income tax evasion; ultimately, the company pled guilty to filing fraudulent tax returns and was sentenced to pay a criminal fine of $600,000.

Metabolife owner William Bradley also pled guilty to evading millions of dollars in taxes and was sentenced to 6 months in federal prison and 2 years of probation.

Some of the politicians associated with Metabolife also encountered legal difficulties; Texas state legislators Jeff Wentworth and Rick Green were accused of illegal lobbying on behalf of the company.

In response to falling sales, and facing more than $1 billion in personal injury legal claims related to Metabolife 356, Metabolife filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2005.

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Carlos Costa lied about Brazilian IRS TelexFree approval

telexfree-logoOne of the recurring themes in Carlos Costa’s sweaty TelexFree news updates, was the assertion that the Brazilian IRS had gone over TelexFree’s books and certified the company legitimate.

carlos-costa-angry-telexfree-bankruptcy-youtube-video-feb-2014Costa asserted as much with the knowledge that the IRS would not comment publicly on their report, and that the only other party with a copy was TelexFree.

What he wasn’t planning on however was the report being leaked to media outlet Globo.

And surprise, surprise… turns out Costa has once again been caught out telling porky pies. [Continue reading…]

Norwegian Olympic athlete dumped over promotion of Vemma

vemma-logoJaysuma Saidy Ndura describes himself as “the best athelete in Norway”.

Born in Western Gambia, after competing locally in his youth, Ndura moved to Norway in 2002 and officially changed his nationality to Norwegian in 2006.

Since then Ndura has continued to compete at a professional level representing Norway.

(Ndura) holds Norwegian records in the 100 and holds both the Gambian and Norwegian records in the 200 metres,and is the seventh and fourth fastest person to race for Europe of all times on the two distances.

He has a bronze medal from the African Championships and several top-three placings in IAAF Golden League meets and the IAAF World Athletics Final.

jaysuma-saidy-ndure-vemma-brand-ambassadorAround August of this year, Ndura signed on Vemma to be a brand ambassador for their energy drink, Verve. A press-release issued by Vemma reads,

We’re thrilled to announce that Jaysuma Ndure is now a Verve brand ambassador. In coming months, he will endorse Verve in Europe.

Norwegian, born in Bakau Gambia on the west coast of Africa, Jays now lives and trains in Norway. At the Norwegian Grand Prix Florø 2014, Jays set a new record, completing the 100-meter sprint in 9.95 second. At 200 meters, he holds the men’s records in Norway and Gambia.

As you might expect, Jays is totally dedicated to keeping his body in shape. He lifts weights for body strength. He runs to toughen his endurance. And he practices every aspect of his sprinting form to achieve perfection. The result? Dazzling speed.

Jays is strategic about the foods that nourish his body. So it’s no surprise that he chooses the Vemma Formula in Verve. It gives his body more of what it needs to compete head-to-head with the world’s most gifted athletes.

We are happy that Jaysuma Ndure has chosen to help promote Verve. His dedication to sport made him a superstar on the track. We predict that his enthusiasm will supercharge the wellness industry too.

Unfortunately for Ndure his new relationship with Vemma didn’t go down well with Olympiatoppen, the organisation responsible for training Norwegian Olympic athletes. [Continue reading…]

CoMingl Review: $10-$20 a month MLM social network

comingl-logoCoMingl (pronounced “co-mingle”) appears to have entered into a concept phase last year before finally launching in mid 2014.

There is no information on the CoMingl website indicating who owns or runs the company.

The CoMingl website domain (“”) was registered on the 3rd of August 2013, with the domain registration listing “Karma Holdings SA” as the owner. An address in Belize (a known tax-haven) is also provided.

Karma Holdings have their own website over at “”, however no information about who runs the firm is provided.

Karma Holdings is led by a team of talented men and women whose expertise and enthusiasm drive our superior financial performance.

Our Board of Directors sets the direction and our executive leaders motivate, manage and inspire our employees to improve continuously in everything they do.

The company describes itself ‘a diversified company that provides a broad range of high-tech products and systems‘.

As far as I can piece together, Karma Holdings are representing that CoMingl is owned by someone else and in some sort of partnership with them. A “recent posts” entry on their website however clashes with their 7th of November 2014 “CoMingl is on board” announcement:


Curiously, the CoMingl Terms and Conditions states:

By agreeing to these Terms you are giving your permission to Panache International, LLC. and the CoMingl system to send you email notifications related to your account activity.

Panache International claim they are based out of Dubai, and on their website state they

produce a wide range of disposable plastic products and packaging that are highly appealing to consumers worldwide, and rank among the world’s leading manufactures in terms of the quality and support we provide to our partners anywhere in the world.

What that has to do with CoMingl or why the company is sharing their affiliate details with Panache International I have no idea.

It does appear though that whoever is behind Panache International is also behind CoMingl. Again, taken from CoMingl’s Terms and Conditions:

Any notice to you will be effective when we send it to the last email or physical address you gave us or posted on our Website. Any notice to us will be effective when delivered to us along with an emailed copy to our corporate office:

Panache International, LLC

Naturally there’s no information about who owns Panache International on their website, and their domain registration is also set to private.

The only information linked to management of Panache International I was able to find is the crediting of “Vishaal S. Shah” as the company’s Managing Director:


In other marketing videos Shah is credited as the CEO of Panache:


With CoMingl using the corporate address for Panache International in their Terms and Conditions, it would follow on that Shah is likely the owner of CoMingl.

That said, I wasn’t able to find anything directly tying Shah to the company.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

Bank of Portugal: GetEasy “not authorized to accept deposits”

geteasy-logoThe regulatory noose continues to tighten around GetEasy, with news last Friday that the Bank of Portugal have issued a warning against the company.

Listed along with Get Easy Limited and Absolut League, the Bank of Portugal warns are ‘are not authorised to accept deposits or other repayable funds’. [Continue reading…]

Freedom10 Review: Text Cash Network reboot with vouchers

freedom10-logoThere is no information on the Freedom10 website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Freedom10 website domain (“”) was registered on the 6th of January 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.

Buried in the source-code of the Freedom10 website however is a link to the domain “”, which is used by affiliates to sign in.

Sharing the same affiliate backend, Text Cash Network initially launched in late 2011 and at the time was headed up by Brett Hudson.

Text Cash Network saw affiliates sign up and in exchange for agreeing to receive text advertisements from company, earned commissions based on how many new affiliates they recruited.

The idea was that advertisers would fund the commissions, but with the only participants being affiliates looking to get paid, not surprisingly the opportunity never really took off.

At some point Text Cash Network rebranded themselves as “True Cash Network”, with Freedom 10 appearing to be a continuation of the “sign up and get paid for receiving text ads” business model.

There is currently no specific information regarding whether Hudson is still involved with the running of the company on the True Cash Network website.

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