Liga Insurance’s Head of Marketing has reached out to BehindMLM to confirm TLC Trading has no insurance contract with the firm.

BehindMLM previously reported on Liga Insurance confirming TLC Trading’s marketing lies through emails to support.

I independently reached out to Liga Insurance but didn’t hear anything back till today. In an email exchange with BehindMLM Emma Mozharova, Liga Insurance’s Head of Marketing Communication Department, clarified;

Since July 1, 2024, inquiries have been received at the official email [email removed] regarding the existence of an investment insurance contract concluded with TLC Trading company, as well as a link to a video posted on YouTube was provided, where an individual identifying himself as Armen Sargasyan was continuously announcing that all their clients are provided with coverage for all funds invested in cryptocurrency acquisition on the basis of the insurance contract signed with Liga Insurance.

But in fact, the only insurance contract signed between Liga Insurance and TLC Trading is the product liability insurance contract and nothing else.

It must be noted that the above-mentioned product liability insurance contract covered only the liability of beer importer but not the funds invested in cryptocurrency.

Given the fact that the assertion of insurance of the funds invested in cryptocurrency does not correspond to reality, and considering that the reputation of our company was used by TLC Trading to achieve its goals as well as due to dishonest behavior of TLC Trading LLC, Liga Insurance has decided to terminate the above mentioned product liability insurance contract signed with TLC Trading LLC, which was used in their advertisement.

Currently, LIGA INSURANCE does not have any valid insurance contract with TLC Trading.

TLC Trading has since deleted the cited YouTube video (screenshot below):

Meanwhile the actor playing “Armen Sargasyan” has been outed as Polish national Tomas Malodobry.

Despite the above confirmation, which matches earlier email correspondence received by BehindMLM readers, TLC Trading still continues to lie about their insurance:

There’s an emphasis on “bankruptcy”. I take it the exit-scam plan is to collapse TLC Trading, frame it as a bankruptcy and palm off financial responsibility to Liga Insurance.

TLC Trading investors are in for a rude shock trying to get nonsense insurance refunds through equally nonsensical “package certificates”.