NewAge has come out of bankruptcy with new ownership and a new company name; PartnerCo.

PartnerCo’s new “identity” announcement was made on February 13th…

…although plans for the rebranding appear to date back to January:

Over on FaceBook, we can see NewAge’s official page was rebranded to PartnerCo on February 12th:

John R. Wadsworth, who purchased NewAge after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last September, is part of PartnerCo’s executive team.

As above, Wadsworth is PartnerCo’s Chief Brand Partner officer. Darren Zobrist heads up PartnerCo as CEO.

I had trouble putting together a history on Zobrist, which is a bit odd.

Last November Zobrist accompanied Morinda founder John Wadsworth (uncle of John R. Wadsworth), on a marketing trip to French Polynesia.

Zobrist is simply credited as a “new investor”.

From what I can tell, all of NewAge’s former branded companies will cease to exist. The products will be sold under PartnerCo.

This is a welcome change, as it greatly simplifies NewAge’s previous MLM offerings.

I haven’t seen a copy of PartnerCo’s compensation plan yet. The “rewards” section of PartnerCo’s website is a bit of a mess.

What with it being a new transition, fair enough. I’ve marked PartnerCo for a revisit at the end of the month. Hopefully compensation details are publicly available by then.

Pending publication of PartnerCo’s compensation plan, a BehindMLM review remains pending.