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Charles Scoville sends bizarre god letter to court

In light of his lawyers abandoning him, Charles Scoville has decided it’s best he represent himself. Scoville’s first communication with the court is a hand-written letter he’s penned himself. And boy it’s a doozy.

Matt Lloyd’s MOBE settlement approved + updates

Orders filed on December 19th have approved the proposed settlement between the Receiver and MOBE owner Matt Lloyd McPhee. QualPay’s and Synovus Bank’s long-running campaign to acquire millions in fraudulently obtained funds also appears to be finally over.

Exchange Wallet fraud warnings in Austria and Germany

Regulatory warnings against Exchange Wallet have been issued in both Austria and Germany.

SEC vs. Saivian trial scheduled for March 2021

As per an order made last month, the SEC vs. Saivian trial has been scheduled for March 30th, 2021 (not a typo).

Zhunrize Receivership winds down

The Zhunrize Receiver has filed his sixteenth and final status report. A December 19th motion also seeks to close the Zhunrize Receivership and discharge the Receiver.

BitClub Network website pulled offline

As the DOJ’s investigation into BitClub Network continues, the company’s website has now gone offline. As at the time of publication, attempts to load BitClub Network’s website throw up a 522 HTTP error (connection timed out).

BitClub Network’s Russ Medlin still at large

The unsealing of the BitClub Network case docket confirms that, as of December 20th, co-founder Russ Medlin is still on the run from authorities.

Traffic Monsoon victim claims process approved

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver’s proposed claims process has been approved. This means we now have a set cutoff date and procedural instructions for claim filing.

Russell Whitney’s estate settles MOBE fraud with FTC

Russell Whitney’s estate has settled with the FTC. As part of the settlement, a $1,428,616 monetary judgement has been awarded.

Traffic Monsoon claims process approval sought ($114 million)

Good news for those of you who keep asking when you’ll be able to file claims, the Traffic Monsoon Receiver has sought claims process approval.