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SEC takes action against Ominto (Dubli), securities reg revoked

Dubli’s parent company Ominto has come under fire from the SEC, after the company failed to file annual reports since September 2016.

Kuvera Global targeting school kids, AMF warning issued in France

France’s Financial Markets Regulator has issued an investment warning against Kuvera Global.

FTC wants Eric Pinkston held in contempt over bitcoin liquidation

Eric Pinkston seems to think he can pull a bitcoin fast one on the FTC. Evidently the regulator has had enough. In an April 26th filing, the FTC has asked Pinkston be held in contempt.

Richard Maike’s attorney walks out 111 days before Infinity2Global trial

Following a series of delays, Richard Maike’s Infinity2Global criminal trial has been scheduled for July 22nd. Now that date is in jeopardy, following news Maike’s attorney has quit.

Carlos Wanzler loses Supreme Court bid, can be deported “at any time”

Carlos Wanzeler’s life as a fugitive might have finally come to an end. Following the cancellation of his Brazilian citizenship, Brazilian authorities have rejected Wanzeler’s Supreme Court appeal.

Juice Plus fined €1 mill for deceptive marketing practices in Italy

Italy’s AGCM has fined Juice Plus €1 million EUR for deceptive marketing practices.

Konstantin indictment stay suggests DOJ cooperation

Under the Speedy Trial Act, the DOJ had until April 26th to file an indictment or information pertaining to Konstantin Ignatov. An April 26th filing reveals continues negotiations between Konstantin’s attorney and the DOJ.

OneCoin scammers used NZ and AU to circumvent Samoan ban

After Samoan authorities banned OneCoin transactions in mid 2018, local promoters began laundering funds through New Zealand. This caught the attention of New Zealand authorities, who detailed the operation in a 124 page intelligence report.

$48 million clawback lawsuit filed against Traffic Monsoon scammers

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has filed a class-action clawback complaint, targeting top net-winners in the $175 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

Faith Sloan settles TelexFree Ponzi fraud with Trustee

In addition to being pursued by the SEC, TelexFree net-winner Faith Sloan also faced clawback litigation from the Trustee. According to the Trustee, Sloan stole $710,319 from TelexFree victims. Earlier this month we reported Sloan had reached a settlement with the SEC. In light of that yet to be approved settlement, the Trustee and Sloan [Continue reading…]