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Frank Calabro Jr. stole over $2.2 mill from USI-Tech victims

Earlier this month Frank Calabro Jr. posted a series of rants against the North Carolina Securities Division. In one provided court transcript, it is revealed Calabro Jr. stole at least $2.2 million from USI-Tech Ponzi victims.

Konstantin Ignatov released, Mark Scott returns to prison

Over the weekend OneCoin’s Konstantin Ignatov was released from prison. Conversely but for an unrelated reason, Mark Scott returned to prison. I was hoping we’d get a case docket update today but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

First OneCoin US arrest was in October 2017

Mark Scott’s trial saw FBI Special Agent Shimko take to the stand. As revealed in Special Agent Shimko’s cross-examination, the first known OneCoin arrest by US authorities was mid September 2017.

How OneCoin was illegally promoted in the US

On paper OneCoin never officially operated in the US. Unofficially US investors were being fed the same lies and encouraged to sign up. Spearheading these efforts were Maurice Katz and Sal Leto. Katz and Leto hosted various OneCoin events across the US, with the assistance of local promoters. One such event was attended by William [Continue reading…]

Matt Lloyd cops $318 mill MOBE fraud FTC judgment order

Matthew Lloyd McPhee has been handed down a $318 million dollar final judgment.

The witness testimony of Konstantin Ignatov

If you ever wondered what day to day life was like in a $4 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, Konstantin Ignatov’s witness testimony is probably your best bet. BehindMLM reader WhistleBlowerFin has graciously made available transcripts from Scott’s trial late last year. In addition to his pre-trial testimony and live reporting from the Inner City Press, [Continue reading…]

Digital Altitude Receivership over, PMV recovery dropped

The Digital Altitude Receiver has opted not to pursue recovery efforts against Paradise Media Ventures and owner John Souza. In light of that being the last outstanding action for the Receivership, the Receiver has filed for discharge.

Payza money laundering case heading toward plea deals

A March 12th status conference in the Payza case has been rescheduled for April.

Mark Scott fighting disbarment over OneCoin fraud

Convicted OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott is facing disbarment. According to a report from the Miami Herald, Scott has been suspended from practicing law as of last Wednesday.

Cardiffs lose family home, denied Redwood injunction relief

A decision on whether Jason and Eunjung Cardiff are in contempt remains pending, but in the meantime several other motion decisions have gone against them.