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Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial rescheduled to November 4th

Following a failed bid to blame the DOJ for production of evidence so close to trial, Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial has been postponed till November.

FTC goes after top MOBE affiliate Steven Bransfield for $9.4 million

Top MOBE affiliate Steven Bransfield has revealed the FTC is going after him. The revelation was noted by the MOBE Receiver in his latest August 29th update report, following Bransfield’s bankruptcy filing.

Bitqyck a $13 million fraudulent scheme says SEC

The SEC has filed a lawsuit against Bitqyck and owners Bruce Bise and Samuel Mendez. The regulator alleges Bise and Mendez ” engaged in deceptive conduct”, and that Bitqyck itself was a $13 million dollar scam.

Valentus beta-phenylethylamine warning issued in Denmark

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has issued a warning regarding several of Valentus’ coffee blends.

Mark Scott backflips on evidence review process, DOJ not happy

With just five weeks to go till his OneCoin criminal trial, Mark Scott has backflipped on the review process he’s been fighting against for months. The DOJ has labelled Scott’s backflip an obstruction. And indeed the actions of Scott and his attorneys will now likely lead to a delay in his trial.

Traffic Monsoon flat sell-off prompts Hague Convention request

The sell-off of a flat in Manchester, purchased with stolen Traffic Monsoon investor funds, has prompted the Receiver to call for international judicial assistance.

QNet India shut down, management and top promoters hunted

QNet’s Indian operations have been shut down by the Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The company’s management and top promoters are also wanted by authorities.

Scoville demands victims pay $270,000+ in Traffic Monsoon legal fees

Charles Scoville’s lawyers have realized they’re likely not going to get paid. Cue motion demanding Traffic Monsoon victims pay over $270,000+ in legal fees.

Xsinergia securities fraud warning issued in Spain

Spain’s ┬áNational Securities Market Commission has issued a securities fraud warning against Xsinergia.

OneCoin promoters in Finland up for tax fraud and money laundering

Prosecutors have filed criminal charges against five OneCoin promoters in Finland.