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Konstantin’s testimony drops one OneCoin bombshell after another

Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial is taking place over the next few weeks. The highlight of proceedings so far has been Ruja Ignatova’s brother, Konstantin Ignatov, trotted out as a cooperating witness. Ignatov’s testimony, yesterday in particular, has provided us with a few interesting bombshells.

Konstantin testifies for DOJ, turns on OneCoin and sister

Konstantin Ignatov has appeared as a witness for the DOJ. Examination by prosecutors spanned questions about his involvement in OneCoin, working under his sister, Ruja Ignatova, and Mark Scott’s visit to the Sofia head office.

Cardiffs incarcerated, Poujade fined $5000 a day for contempt

A long history of ignoring court directives has resulted in an incarceration order for Jason and Eunjung Cardiff. Jacques Poujade, who the FTC allege helped the Cardiffs conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars, will also be fined $5000 a day for non-compliance.

Silverstar Live & Mahmouds settle CFTC fraud for $75,000

Silver Star Live and owners Hassan Mahmoud and Candace Ross-Mahmoud have agreed to settle Commodity Exchange Act violations.

Traffic Monsoon Supreme Court writ denied

Charles Scoville’s bid to legalize Ponzi schemes through the Supreme Court has come to an end.

FTC sues Neora (Nerium) for being a pyramid scheme

The FTC has filed a lawsuit against the MLM company Neora (formerly Nerium), and owner Jeff Olson. According to the FTC, Neora has operated as a pyramid scheme since inception as Nerium International in 2011.

Traffic Monsoon Receiver denied use of Canadian attorneys

Just shy of two weeks ago the Traffic Monsoon Receiver requested permission to engage Canadian attorneys. The attorneys are required to pursue judgement against Canadian Traffic Monsoon net-winners. On October 28th the Receiver’s motion was denied.

DOJ files objections to Mark Scott’s motions in limine

The DOJ has hit back at Mark Scott’s motions in limine, labeling them a transparent attempt to whitewash the trial of the defendant’s criminal conduct and curtail significantly the Government’s ability to introduce relevant evidence. Below are the main arguments Scott’s attorney put forth that the DOJ object to.

Mark Scott’s attorney argues lying to banks isn’t bank fraud

Mark Scott’s attorney has put forward the extraordinary argument that lying to banks isn’t bank fraud.

Traffic Monsoon Canadian net-winners to face local lawyers

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has requested permission to engage local counsel to pursue Canadian net-winners.