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Eddy Alexandre’s EminiFX criminal trial scheduled for 2023

Following an August 3rd Status Conference, a March 2023 EminiFX criminal trial date has been set.

CFTC to serve MTI’s Johannes Steynberg thru Hague Conv.

The CFTC has informed the court it intends to serve Johannes Steynberg through the Hague Convention.

Special Master to decide unresolved Traffic Monsoon claims

Unresolved Traffic Monsoon victim claims are holding up distribution payments. As ordered by the court, 508 unresolved claims will now be decided by a Special Master.

QNet scammers jailed for 48 months over kidnapping ruse

Three QNet scammers have been jailed in Ghana, after a gruesome ruse to con family members out of money came undone.

SEC charges eleven Forsage scammers with securities fraud

The SEC has charged eleven Forsage Ponzi promoters with securities fraud. The SEC claims Forsage is a $300 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Forsage owner Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov is among the eleven defendants.

Decentra securities fraud warning from Peru

Decentra has received a securities fraud warning from Peru’s Superintendencia de Banca. As per the SBS’ July 12th warning, Decentra does “not have authorization from the SBS to collect money from the public”.

OmegaPro securities fraud warning from Peru

OmegaPro has received a securities fraud warning from Peru’s Superintendencia de Banca. It is the second fraud warning issued by the SBS against the company.

Jonathan Sifuentes settles My Trader Coin securities fraud

On July 27th the Securities Division informed the Arizona Corporation Commission that Jonathan Sifuentes Saucedo has agreed to a proposed Order to Cease and Desist, Order for Restitution, Order for Administrative Penalties and Consent to Same. In doing so, Sifuentes will settle My Trader Coin securities fraud charges brought against him.

FTC denied Financial Education Services preliminary injunction

The FTC has been denied a preliminary injunction against Financial Education Services. The decision puts regulation of the suspected $467 million dollar pyramid scheme in jeopardy.

FTC’s Success by Health & NetForce cases merged, trial set

The FTC’s Success by Health and NetForce cases have been consolidated as per a July 26th order. A January 2023 trial date has also been scheduled.