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QNet still recruiting in Ghana despite arrests & deportations

Ghanaian authorities seem to be having a hard time reining in QNet scammers. Despite multiple arrests and deportations, QNet recruitment efforts persist.

QNet banned in Afghanistan, staff & promoters jailed

Afghanistan’s Ministry of the Interior has banned QNet nationwide. Forty QNet staff and promoters in Kabul have also been arrested on fraud charges.

QNet affiliates busted for posing as National Security Operatives

A group of affiliates in Ghana decided to market QNet by posing as National Security Operatives. This didn’t go down well with the National Security Council, leading to actual National Security Operatives arresting the QNet affiliates.

QNet human trafficking recruitment ring busted in Liberia

Evidently QNet International’s pyramid scheme isn’t doing to well, prompting the company to use human trafficking as a recruitment tool. No, that’s not a play on words. Authorities in Liberia have made arrests, smashing QNet International’s human trafficking ring.

Crowd1 & QNet banned in Côte d’Ivoire for being scams

Authorities in Côte d’Ivoire have banned Crowd1 and QNet. The stated reason for the ban is both companies operate as scams and facilitate money laundering.

Three new QNet arrests, eBiz asset seizures in India

The Indian regulatory crackdown on QNet continues, following three new arrests by the Odisha EOW. Properties connected to QNet and eBiz in Hyderabad have also been seized.

QNet spinoff Serfa Marketing shut down, owner arrested

Authorities in India have shut down Serfa Marketing Private Limited, a QNet spinoff launched by former affiliate Baki Srinivas Reddy.

QNet India shut down, management and top promoters hunted

QNet’s Indian operations have been shut down by the Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The company’s management and top promoters are also wanted by authorities.

52 QNet scammers deported from Ghana

A report covering deportation of criminal from Ghana has revealed QNet “employees” are among those deported.

QNet victim loses $28,900, commits suicide

Adapa Aravind joined QNet back in 2014. In 2017 he quit his IT job to pursue QNet full-time. As required by QNet’s business model, Aravind purchased products each month in order to qualify for commissions. Those commissions never came though, and by 2019 Aravind (right) found himself $28,900 in debt. $7230 was savings Aravind had [Continue reading…]