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Victim group calls for “urgent action” against QNet in India

QNet fraud across India is so rife that there are victim’s associations set up specifically to combat the pyramid scheme. Following increased illegal QNet recruitment in Manipur, the statewide QNet Fraud Victim’s Welfare Association has called for “urgent action”

18 QNet Vihaan arrests in India, BFH covers up fraud

Over the past few days eighteen QNet scammers have been arrested in India. On October 21st police arrested seventeen people in Jaipur for promoting QNet.

7 QNet scammers arrested in Togo, criminally charged

Seven QNet promoters have been arrested in Togo’s capital city Lome. As per a June 28th press-release from Togo’s National Police;

Three QNet executives arrested in Hyderabad, India

Three QNet executives have been arrested on pyramid scheme fraud charges in Hyderabad, India. As reported by India Today on May 30th;

$16 million tied to QNet frozen in India per new investigation

Indian authorities have frozen $16 million tied to QNet. The freeze order is part of a new QNet criminal case, initiated in Hyderabad on March 23rd. The new criminal case follows a fire at a QNet sweatshop in Swapnalok Complex on March 17th, which claimed the lives of five promoters.

60 QNet scammers arrested in Ghana

Sixty QNet scammers have been arrested in Ghana. Authorities claim the scammers continued to promote QNet, in violation of a July 2022 court order banning the pyramid scheme nationally.

Indian authorities freeze $11 million tied to QNet

Indian authorities have frozen $11 million dollars they allege is part of a money laundering racket tied to QNet.

QNet ordered to get out of Ghana (fraud, money laundering)

Despite an endorsement from corrupt government officials, Ghana’s Attorney-General Godfred Dame has prevailed against QNet. In an only recently reported on July 2022 judgment, QNet has been ordered to get out of Ghana.

36 arrested in Ghana for “network marketing scamming”

Immigration officials in Ghana have arrested 36 scammers, accused of participating in a recruitment sweatshop. As reported by My Joy Online on October 6th; Most of the suspects are West African nationals alleged to have arrived in Ghana under the pretext of securing jobs in different companies. They were later recruited to engage in network [Continue reading…]

QNet pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia

QNet has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia. As per the Central Bank of Russia’s October 6th warning, QNet exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid” scheme.