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QNet ordered to get out of Ghana (fraud, money laundering)

Despite an endorsement from corrupt government officials, Ghana’s Attorney-General Godfred Dame has prevailed against QNet. In an only recently reported on July 2022 judgment, QNet has been ordered to get out of Ghana.

36 arrested in Ghana for “network marketing scamming”

Immigration officials in Ghana have arrested 36 scammers, accused of participating in a recruitment sweatshop. As reported by My Joy Online on October 6th; Most of the suspects are West African nationals alleged to have arrived in Ghana under the pretext of securing jobs in different companies. They were later recruited to engage in network [Continue reading…]

QNet pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia

QNet has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia. As per the Central Bank of Russia’s October 6th warning, QNet exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid” scheme.

QNet pyramid scheme fraud warning from Bhutan

QNet has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from Bhutan. As per the Office of Consumer Protection’s August 26th warning;

QNet scammers jailed for 48 months over kidnapping ruse

Three QNet scammers have been jailed in Ghana, after a gruesome ruse to con family members out of money came undone.

8 QNet promoters arrested in Ghana, 120 hostage victims freed

Another eight QNet promoters have been arrested in Ghana. The scammers were in charge of 120 victims, being held hostage in a “compound house”.

Armed youth storm QNet office in Ghana, stab scammers

Ghana’s youth are sick of QNet scammers targeting them for recruitment. Pulse reports earlier this week a group of “angry youth”, armed with machetes, stick and clubs, attacked a local QNet office.

15 QNet affiliates arrested in Ghana, 396 hostages rescued

Ghanaian authorities have arrested another fifteen QNet affiliate scammers. As reported by the Ghanaian Times, on October 15th

QNet human trafficking scammers arrested in Liberia

QNet affiliates recruiting new victims via human trafficking have been arrested in Liberia.

Ghana threatens QNet illegal immigrants with jail time

Ghana’s Immigration Service has threatened to jail QNet scammers entering the country illegally.