Joseph Ford Jr., a Californian federal police officer, is promoting MLM crypto Ponzi schemes on YouTube.


Joseph Ford Jr. cites himself as a resident of Brentwood, California on social media.

On December 15th, 2020, Ford Jr. graduated from the Department of Homeland Security’s Uniformed Police Training Program:

A year later, Ford Jr. reminisced at what appears to have been a proud moment in his life:

Later that same month Ford Jr. received notification to attend a “crypto currency investigations” course.

This course teaches hand on, crypto investigative techniques.

Ford Jr. claimed the course was “definitely up my alley”.

Ford Jr. was scheduled to attend the crypto fraud course between January 11th to 13th.

On January 7th, Ford Jr. tested positive for COVID-19:

A day later, Ford Jr. was promoting a cryptocurrency course of his own:

As of January 19th, Ford Jr. appeared to have recovered from COVID-19:

At this stage Ford Jr. appears have gotten himself neck-deep in MLM crypto securities fraud.

On January 23rd, Ford Jr. boasted about qualifying as a Senior Manager at Intelligence Prime Capital:

Intelligence Prime Capital pitched returns of up to 40% a month, purportedly derived via forex trading.

To qualify as a Senior Manager, Ford Jr. had to convince others to invest at least $10,000 into the scheme.

Intelligence Prime Capital, believed to be run by scammers in Asia, collapsed in February.

By this stage Ford Jr. was referring to himself as a “forex trading expert”.

He claimed at least one of the MLM Ponzi schemes he was promoting (believed to be Intelligence Prime Capital), was “broker regulated and fully compliant”.

After IPC collapsed, Ford Jr. fell deeper down the MLM crypto fraud rabbit-hole.

Ford Jr. founded PIN (which I believe is short for “Passive Income)…

…through which he continued to promote MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.

At time of publication Ford Jr.’s PIN FaceBook group has over 200 members:

By Mid March Ford Jr. claimed he and his downline had scammed people out of “close to $1 mill”:

Ford Jr. held PIN Zoom webinars to pitch scams to consumers.

On these webinars Ford Jr. was joined by PIN “business partners”.

In April 2022 Ford Jr. was promoting MetaFi Yielders:

MetaFi Yielders is an MLM Ponzi scheme pitching returns of up to 4.2% a day.

Later that same monh Ford Jr. began promoting COTP:

COTP is a Ponzi scheme pitching returns of up to 4% a day.

Another MLM crypto Ponzi Ford Jr. may have been promoted is HyperFund/Hyperverse.

Yesterday Ford Jr. joined the “Hyperverse Scam Now What!?” FaceBook group, putting him on their radar.

I’ve picked up the story from there. A US Federal Law Enforcement Officer promoting Ponzi schemes isn’t something we see everyday.

On April 27th, Ford Jr. suggested he was earning more promoting MLM Ponzis than he was as a police officer.

Ford Jr.’s stint as an officer of the law had been reduced to a “side hustle”.

As I understand it, Ford Jr. is employed as a United States Mint Police officer.

Every year, the United States Mint Police safeguard more than 1,650 Mint employees, more than $100 billion in gold, silver and coinage, and thousands of visitors to Mint facilities.

Today, Mint Police officers have the primary responsibility for protecting life and property, preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal acts, collecting and preserving evidence, making arrests, and enforcing federal and local laws.

This month things haven’t been going so well in the MLM crypto Ponzi niche.

MetaFi Yielders is trying to keep their Ponzi afloat with rolling 4.2% a day investment plans.

Two weeks ago Ford Jr. boasted of withdrawing $40,000 out of COTP.

COTP collapsed last week. Investors are waiting to see if the Ponzi is rebooted this week.

In violation of the Securities and Exchange Act and Commodity Exchange Act, neither Ford Jr. or the Ponzi schemes he promotes are registered with the SEC and/or CFTC.


Footnote: BehindMLM doesn’t typically showcase promoters of the MLM companies we cover.

We focus on the companies themselves and occasionally might mention a promoter or two in passing.

For law enforcement officers who should definitely know better though, we make an exception.