On May 5th Metafi Yielders introduced a new 4.2% a day investment plan.

Accomplice CEO Michael Daher confirmed this was an attempt to keep funds trapped in the system.

On May 6th, Metafi Yielders affiliates began reporting withdrawal problems.

As documented on the FaceBook group Metafi Yielders Scam – Now What!?, as of May 10th affiliates were still reporting withdrawal problems:

Requests to Metafi Yielders support are going unanswered.

As of May 12th, Metafi Yielders withdrawal problems have not been resolved:

Metafi Yielders’ first known withdrawal problems began in late April. They were brushed away under the guise of a “DDOS attack”.

In an attempt to remedy withdrawal issued by trapping more funds in the system, Michael Daher yesterday announced an additional 700 4.2% a day investment positions:

If memory serves Metafi Yielders’ first round of 4.2% a day positions was 1500. At $10,000 a pop, this put off $15 million in withdrawal liabilities for 30 days.

With 700 new positions, Metafi Yielders hopes to kick another $7 million in withdrawals down the road.

Meanwhile on the backend, at 4.2% a day Metafi Yielders’ withdrawal liabilities are growing astronomically.

In his video appearance yesterday, Daher went on to explain away support issues. Daher claims “Joseph” has quit as head of Metafi Yielders’ support department.

Joseph (right) is believed to be a Vietnamese national with a personal connection to Daher.

Joseph is to be replaced by Maggie Jay Babcock, a Metafi Yielders investor residing in Western Australia.

Daher Frames Joseph quitting as a reaction to racism. This appears to be an attempt to distract from Metafi Yielders’ ongoing withdrawal problems.

In the Q&A section of Daher’s May 12th update, in which affiliates were told they could ask anything, Daher then admonished them for asking “support questions”;

[10:14] If you can please again keep your Q&A till the very end we’ll come back to that. And I’ll give you full reigns of the show and you can ask whatever questions you have.

[17:23] Does anybody have any questions or comments?

I notice that people are asking for a lower package at the 4.2(%). This is exactly what I’m talking about here.

Why are you asking support questions in a live update? Right?

I’ve just explained, please use the website for a chat bubble. I’m here to give you an update, and you’re asking for support.

In the first investor question that Daher does ask, he goes on to lie about securities regulation requirements.

[18:07] Audited financials are coming, we are possibly going to release one tomorrow.

[18:21] The audited financials, actually we do not have to give you this. Just so you know.

By law it’s irrelevant to you, provided that you guys are getting your pays every week. But we are going to give you the full audit of our transactions.

In order to operate legally, Metafi Yielders needs to register itself with financial regulators. Not just in Australia, which is seen as a token regulatory gesture, but in every jurisdiction Metafi Yielders solicits investment in.

SimilarWeb estimates there were around 330,000 visits to Metafi Yielders’ website in April 2022. The majority of those visitors are believed to be from the US.

Securities in the US are regulated by the SEC. Part of that regulatory process is providing the SEC and public with periodic audited financial reports.

These reports would detail Metafi Yielders source of external funds and use of said funds to pay affiliate withdrawal requests. A report detailing “transactions” is not good enough.

In any event, neither Metafi Yielders of Michael Daher are registered with the SEC. Nor has the company filed any audited financial reports with ASIC.

With cryptocurrency crashing earlier this week, a number of MLM crypto Ponzi schemes are feeling the pressure.

Elevate Pass’ website went down a few days ago. Mido Finance has collapsed and COTP investors are also reporting withdrawal issues.


Update 17th May 2022 – Metafi Yielders is collapsing. The Ponzi scheme has announced withdrawal restrictions.


Update 24th May 2022 – Metafi Yielders has collapsed.