Internet Income System operates in the marketing MLM niche.

The company’s website lists two creators; Jeffrey Long and Chris Record.

Long, who typically goes by Jeff Long, first appeared on BehindMLM’s radar as the founder of AutoXTen, a recruitment scheme launched in 2011.

AutoXTen collapsed a few months after launch. Long went on to launch SMS Dailies, which also collapsed shortly after launching.

Long resurfaced in late 2015 with Get Paid Social, a Facebook spam pyramid scheme.

Get Paid Social went into decline throughout 2016, prompting Long to launch 1 Online Business in mid 2017.

1 Online Business combined a cycler Ponzi business model with social media spam. Alexa traffic estimates for the 1 Online Business show a brief hype period followed by a collapse leading into 2018.

Long launched and began promoting Luvv, a pyramid scheme, around April, 2018. Luvv is believed to have collapsed a few months after its launch.

In early 2019 Long launched NewU Financial, a shady MLM gifting scheme promising investors a 200% ROI. That lasted barely a few months before NewU Financial collapsed.

Within weeks of NewU Financial collapsing Long launched Abundance Network, another illegal gifting scheme.

A few weeks later Long’s partner merchants pulled the plug, citing pyramid scheme concerns.

This led to a pyramid scheme model reboot in August 2019 that, not surprisingly, was also short-lived.

I don’t know what Long’s been up to between 2019 and late 2023. He’s scrubbed his personal FaceBook page up until he announced Internet Income System in October 2023 (note there’s one Jesus copypasta post from April 2023).

Chris Record is known to BehindMLM as co-founder and CEO of Tecademics.

Launched in late 2016, Tecademics was an MLM company that sold $12,000 “college of internet marketing” courses.

After launching Tecademics went into decline throughout 2017. This eventually led to Record selling his share in Tecademics to co-founder Jim Piccolo in early 2018.

Piccolo would go on plead guilty to Tecademics related tax fraud in January 2023. Piccolo received an eighteen month prison sentence in September 2023.

After Tecademics Record appears to have continued promoting himself as a marketing expert.

Oh, and he’s also a crypto cringelord:

Both Long and Record are US residents. Internet Income System doesn’t provide a corporate address on its website but does cite parent company Video Funnels LLC.

Video Funnels is in turn tied to Long Enterprises, which appears to be a Utah shell company.

Read on for a full review of the Internet Income System MLM opportunity.

Internet Income System’s Products

Internet Income System has no retailable products or services.

Affiliates are only able to market Internet Income System affiliate membership itself.

Internet Income System affiliate membership provides access to:

  • Atlas Academy – a marketing webinar library and FaceBook group created by Chris Record
  • Video Funnels – video marketing platform

  • Go High Level – a CRM platform (note Go High Level is marked “optional”)

Internet Income System’s Compensation Plan

Internet Income System affiliates pay $100 a month.

Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same and convince them to purchase upsells.

$100 a month gifting payments

When a new Internet Income System affiliate is recruited, they pay $100 a month to whoever recruited them.

In turn, recruited Internet Income System affiliates receive $100 a month payments from affiliates they recruit.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions are paid on Internet Income System upsells:

  • recruit an affiliate who buys the Creator upsell for $250 and receive $100 on level 1 (your sales) and $100 on level 2
  • recruit an affiliate who buys the Mentor upsell for $1000 and receive $400 on level 1 and $400 on level 2
  • recruit an affiliate who buy the Master upsell for $5000 and receive $1000 on level 1 and $1000 on level 2

Note that level 2 refers to affiliates your personal recruits have recruited (your recruits are level 1 as per a unilevel compensation structure).

Joining Internet Income System

Internet Income System affiliate membership starts at $100 a month.

There is also three one-time fee additional upsell tiers:

  • Creator – $250
  • Mentor – $1000
  • Master – $5000


Although the names are different and there’s a new partner, Internet Income System is just a reboot of Jeff Long’s past gifting schemes.

Any time you see “100% commissions” with respect to MLM, you’re looking at an illegal gifting schemes.

Participants make a gifting payment to whoever recruited them, which in turn qualifies them to receive gifting payments from subsequently recruited participants.

It doesn’t matter what is attached to this business model, it’s illegal and typically classified as a pyramid scheme variant.

As with Long’s previous gifting schemes, in Internet Income System you have access to marketing platforms bundled with gifting payments.

What typically happens in these scenarios is the marketing is used to further promote the illegal gifting scheme.

This is further reflected in Internet Income System’s marketing, which touts commissions attached to its upsell tiers but doesn’t disclose what affiliates are paying for.

I could have probably sussed out what Internet Income System’s upsell tiers provide access to but, in light of its fraudulent business model, didn’t bother.

As with all MLM gifting schemes, once affiliate recruitment dries up so too do gifting payments.

This will see those at the bottom of the Internet Income System pyramid stop paying $100 a month, which in turn means those who recruited them stop getting paid.

Eventually they stop paying their $100 a month, meaning whoever recruited them stops getting paid.

Once this trickles up far enough the Internet Income System affiliate-base, an irreversible collapse is triggered.

With MLM gifting schemes being a type of pyramid scheme, math guarantees that when they collapse the majority of participants lose money.

Look no further than Jeff Long’s previously cited gifting schemes to see this play out over and over again.