sms-dailys-logoWhen it comes to communication, there’s definitely a school of thought that believes less is more.

If I were to write, let’s say for example, a five thousand word blog post which could just as easily be summarised in a short 500 word article – which would people find more useful?

Yes, when it comes to communication there’s definitely something to be said for being short and to the point. But is it possible to be too concise?

At some point surely you’re hurting the message you’re trying to get across at the expense of its length. And when it comes to something as comprehensive as MLM marketing, training, advice and tips – can you really fit what you want to say in 160 characters or less?

The guys over at SMS Dailys seem to think so.

The Company

Launched just a few days ago, I’m not entirely sure who’s behind SMS Dailys but the domain itself ( is registered to Jeff Long, otherwise known as one of the founders of AutoXTen.

The basic idea of SMS Dailys is that you sign up as a member and then each day receive one SMS from a rotating list of their mentors.

With Jeff Long seemingly the owner of the company (or at least the domain), it’s no surprise that fellow former silent AutoXTen founder Franco Gonzales is involved too. Gonzales is listed as a mentor as well as having produced the videos featured on the site.

The SMS Dailys Product

As mentioned before, the SMS Dailys product is a daily SMS sent to your mobile phone.

These tips are sent from a rotating list of ‘mentors’, including Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, Cedrick Harris, Diane Hochman, Mia Davies, Daegan Smith, Aaron Rashkin, Ray Higdon, J.C. West, Tim Berger and of course Jeff Long and Franco Gonzales.

Most of these guys seem to be operating on the internet as MLM coaches with varied success in multiple MLM opportunities in the past.

So what can you expect to receive in these SMS’? Well, according to the SMS Daily website;

  • Daily best practices for growing your online business.
  • Advertising sources uses by the top online marketers today.
  • Techniques to source leads and customers into your business.
  • Tips on list management and growing the backbone for any successful online business.
  • Strategies for list building, growing a customer base that is excited to follow and by from you.
  • Information about the tried and true tools used to grow your business.
  • First mover advantage and news of the hottest, most sought after tools, courses and resources used and promoted by the most successful people in our industry!

With each of the mentors pushing their own product lines independently from the SMS Daily opportunity, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any real value offered within the program, or if it just turns into one big giant marketing exercise for the mentors.

The SMS Dailys Compensation Plan

So how do you turn a daily subscription based SMS service into a MLM opportunity?

Simple, you combine it with a recruitment driven compensation plan.

SMS Dailys claim they offer an affiliate opportunity but quite clearly utilise a unilevel organisation MLM compensation plan. Whether you call it affiliate sales or MLM though, two things are clear;

1. There’s no way to subscribe to the service without becoming a member of the company and

2. You’re paid commissions on the recruitment of others, rather than sales of the SMS product (as a subscription) itself.

Unilevel Commissions

A unilevel is a simple concept to understand. With you placed at the top of your organisation, when you recruit someone to a business opportunity a new ‘arm’ (sometimes called ‘leg’) is created under you.

Then, for the life of that person in the business, each person they recruit is placed under them and so on and so forth. Thus your unilevel organisation grows and grows.

With the SMS Dailys unilevel organisation, members are paid 8 levels deep within their organisation at a rate of $1 a month per member recruited (this is everyone recruited within your organisation, whether you recruit them directly or your downline does).

So in other words, recruit people to the opportunity, get them to recruit people and sit back and earn $1 in each membership.

The SMS Daily compensation plan is in no way tied to the SMS product.

Joining SMS Daily

Joining SMS Daily is a straight forward process with a monthly subscription costing $12.

As far as I can see you don’t need to participate in the SMS Dailys compensation plan, but there’s no way to purchase the SMS subscription as a retail customer.


Like Jeff Long’s previous venture, AutoXTen, SMS Dailies from a MLM business perspective (don’t fall for the ‘we’re not MLM’ line, if it uses a MLM compensation plan, it is MLM), is nothing more than a recruitment game.

As SMS Dailys has just launched within the last week, naturally Long needs to get the word out about the opportunity. Unfortunately they can’t rely on any inherent value in the product (seeing as it’s just there to legalise a recruitment driven compensation plan), so instead they’re offering a cash incentive to get people recruited.

Between now and October 7th, SMS Dailys are offering up $25,000 in rewards for their top recruiters. First prize is a $10,000 payout going all the way down to 11th to 20th place, paying out $250 each.

This in itself highlights the lack of effort being put into this opportunity. With no real marketing campaign behind the opportunity, instead the idea is that by simply paying people to recruit with a large lump sum prize, the ball will get rolling itself and little more will have to be done company wise to promote the program.

I can’t help but notice that the top tier product of AutoXTen is something called the ‘AxT VIP Round Table Coaching Club’. No doubt this club is also full of mentors also sharing MLM tips and coaching secrets…

I’m not sure if any of the mentors involved in SMS Dailys are also involved in the AutoXTen coaching club, but cynically with Jeff Long behind both opportunities I wouldn’t at all be surprised.

What we’re looking at here is essentially the rebranding of the same thing, albeit in bite size portions. With the AutoXTen coaching club claiming to have a laughable retail value of $2,997 that’s obviously to be expected.

Take a snippets from the AutoXTen coaching club and publish it as a SMS and bam, you’ve got a side business you can essentially run on autopilot whilst generating additional revenue for yourself and those involved.

What it all comes down to is marketing the same information slightly differently… and that’s something Long (and Gonzales) seem to be quite adept at.

Finally there’s also the question of ‘why SMS?’

There are numerous ways to blast out subscription based daily messages over the internet so it’s curious that Long and co. have opted for the more traditional SMS route.

Well, not really if you think about it. Remember, those who sign up to SMS Dailys (aside from the get rich quick crowd attracted to the recruitment based compensation plan) are looking for information, training and coaching on either working their existing ventures, or possibly getting involved in entirely new ventures.

Most likely you’re going to have to validate your email address in signing up to the SMS Dailys opportunity, and what’s better than having a potential opt-in lead’s verified email address?

Having their phone number.

With a throw-away simplistic recruitment driven compensation plan and most likely rehashed information taken from elsewhere, that my friends is the true value of SMS Dailys to those running the opportunity.

With AutoXTen failing, no doubt it won’t be long before SMS Dailys members are encouraged to get on board whatever Jeff Long decides to either launch himself, or attach his name to.

SMS Dailys – Not only do they get you to opt-in as a lead for whatever they’re pushing – they even manage to get you to pay for it.