Promotion of Copy Profit Success Global, also known as CPS Global, began in late 2017.

CEO and co-founder Joel Santiago claims “beta-testing” for a “prelaunch phase” started around nine months ago.

As of yet CPS Global doesn’t appear to have a public website. Promotion for the company primarily occurs through Copy Profit Success Global branded social media accounts.

CPS Global marketing material doing the rounds reveals Santiago is joined by co-founder Joe Otis.

Joel Santiago first appeared on BehindMLM as CEO and President of Volishon in 2015.

Volishon combined pyramid recruitment with access to discount travel.

By mid 2016 a former top Volishon affiliate claimed the company was in “total shambles”.

Despite attempts to resuscitate the business with an updated compensation plan, Volishon nonetheless went on to collapse.

Normally I’d leave it there – but such is the caliber of MLM marketer CPS Global boast as “select partners”, I felt it prudent to provide further insight.

Here’s Copy Profit Success Global’s management and “select partners” (click to enlarge);

  • Joe Otis – firmly believes in Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” and helped run Volishon as a credited “partner”
  • Marlon Hurd – credited on the Volishon website as a co-founder of the company
  • Oberlin Fonseca – promoted Volishon as an affiliate through a “Rocket Recruiting” app (obviously worked wonders)
  • Mack Mills (actual name: Mohammed Zidan, also goes by Mack Zidan) – scammed people through Empower Network, then got scammed by Empower Network himself
  • Steven Gerritse – also promoted Empower Network
  • Greg Perdriel – scammed people through BitConnect, now spends his time posing on social media and marketing failed Disrupt Thunder energy drink
  • Gerardo Ibarra – scammed people through TVC Matrix
  • Cheri Ward – scammed people through BTC Global Team, was likely also running the Ponzi scheme

In a CPS Global marketing video, Joel Santiago states Copy Profit Success Global

is by far the biggest opportunity that I’ve ever been a part of, and this will be the last one as well.

Read on for a full review of the Copy Profit Success MLM opportunity.

Copy Profit Success Global Products

Copy Profit Success Global market access to a “forex educational platform”.

We have some of the BEST Forex traders in the world with over 25 years experience.

Since our Team begun beta testing a couple months ago, ALL of our traders have profited following our system, most of which
had NO PRIOR Forex experience.

Accounts grew an average 11%-17% per month.

CPS Global’s platform consists of

  • CPS University – forex education
  • CPS Pro Signals – provided signals CPS Global members can “copy and paste” and
  • CPS Live – daily forex related webinars

CPS Global provide no specifics as to who their alleged “best forex traders in the world” are.

Whether or not the education platform is sold to retail customers is unclear. I’ve only seen it referred to interchangeably with CPS Global affiliate membership.

The Copy Profit Success Global Compensation Plan

Copy Profit Success Global affiliates sign up and pay a monthly $145 fee.

Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same.

Copy Profit Success Global Affiliate Ranks

There are fourteen affiliate ranks within the Copy Profit Success Global compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  • CPS Distributor – sign up as a CPS Global affiliate
  • CPS Generator – recruit and maintain at least three CPS Global fee-paying affiliates
  • CPS Builder – generate and maintain a total downline of at least twelve fee-paying affiliates
  • Associate – generate and maintain a total downline of at least forty fee-paying affiliates
  • Junior – generate and maintain a total downline of at least one hundred fee-paying affiliates and personally recruit and maintain at least 3 CPS Generators
  • Senior – generate and maintain a total downline of at least two hundred and fifty fee-paying affiliates and personally recruit and maintain at least 2 Associates
  • Director – generate and maintain a total downline of at least five hundred fee-paying affiliates and personally recruit and maintain at least 2 Juniors
  • Executive – generate and maintain a total downline of at least one thousand fee-paying affiliates and personally recruit and maintain at least 3 Seniors
  • Chairman – generate and maintain a total downline of at least two hundred fee-paying affiliates and personally recruit and maintain at least 2 Directors
  • President – generate and maintain a total downline of at least four thousand fee-paying affiliates and personally recruit and maintain at least 2 Executives
  • Crown – generate and maintain a total downline of at least eight thousand fee-paying affiliates and personally recruit and maintain at least 2 Chairmans
  • Elite 1 – generate and maintain a total downline of at least twelve thousand fee-paying affiliates and personally recruit and maintain at least 2 Presidents
  • Elite 2 – generate and maintain a total downline of at least thirty thousand fee-paying affiliates and personally recruit and maintain at least 1 Crown and 1 President
  • Shareholder – generate and maintain a total downline of at least fifty thousand fee-paying affiliates and personally recruit and maintain at least 1 Crown and 2 Presidents

Recruitment Commissions

CPS Global affiliates are paid $25 per affiliate recruited.

Residual Recruitment Commissions

CPS Global pay residual recruitment commissions via a 3×9 matrix.

A 3×9 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with three positions directly under them:

These three positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these first three positions into another three positions each (9 positions).

Levels three to nine of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with each new level housing three times as many positions as the previous level.

Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of CPS Global affiliates.

For each affiliate recruited into the matrix, Copy profit Success Global pay a $3 monthly residual recruitment commission.

These commissions are paid out for as long as affiliates recruited into the matrix continue to pay a $145 monthly fee.

Note that to qualify for residual recruitment commissions, each CPS Global affiliate must personally recruit at least three affiliates.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Copy Profit Success Global reward affiliates who qualify at the Senior and higher ranks with the following one-time bonuses:

  • qualify as a Senior and receive an iWatch
  • qualify as a Director and receive a MacBook
  • qualify as an Executive and receive a “vacation”
  • qualify as a Chairman and receive a Rolex watch
  • qualify as a President and receive a 12 month membership to “Jet Smarter” (private flights within the US)
  • qualify as a Crown and receive a “lambo” car

The above ranks must be maintained for at least 90 days before the Rank Achievement Bonus is rewarded.

Note that at the time of publication the Rank Achievement Bonus for Elite 1 and higher are not provided.f

Global Bonus Pool

The Global Bonus Pool is made up of three smaller pools tied to CPS Global affiliate ranks:

  • Executive to Crown affiliates earn in a 1% Global Bonus Pool
  • Elite 1 and Elite 2 affiliates earn in a 2% Global Bonus Pool
  • Shareholders earn in a 3% Global Bonus Pool

Although not explicitly clarified, I believe the percentages above are a cut of CPS Global’s company-wide revenue (affiliate fees).

Monthly earnings from the Global Bonus Pool appear to be capped based on recruitment criteria:

  • Executives earn up to $500 per affiliate recruited (capped at $1500)
  • Chairmans earn up to $1000 per affiliate recruited (capped at $3000)
  • Presidents earn up to $2000 per affiliate recruited (capped at $6000)
  • Crowns earn up to $3000 per affiliate recruited (capped at $9000)
  • Elite 1s earn up to $4000 per affiliate recruited (capped at $12,000)
  • Elite 2s earn up to $10,000 per affiliate recruited (capped at $30,000)
  • Shareholders earn up to $20,000 per affiliate recruited (capped at $60,000)

This suggests that shares in each Global Bonus Pool are based on the amount of personally recruited affiliates each qualifying affiliate has.

Joining Copy Profit Success Global

Copy Profit Success Global affiliate membership is $145 a month.


One of the core problems Volishon had was a disconnect between the company’s product and its compensation plan.

Volishon affiliates signed up, could ignore the company’s products and earn by recruiting new affiliates.

In essence, Volishon’s travel discount platform was a means to an end – it existed to prop up what was otherwise a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme.

Copy Profit Success Global is a continuation of this model, only third-party discount travel has been switched out for a forex trading platform.

Specifics of Copy Profit Success Global’s provided signals and traders are suspiciously scarce.

My research into why this is started with Rey Dinero Alecio.

Alecio is credited as one of CPS Global’s “select partners”.

Over the past few years, Alecia has been marketing various forex trading schemes:

In mid 2017 Alecio was promoting Copy Profit Share.

Copy Profit Share was a forex education and trading MLM opportunity supposedly run by “Nenad Korof”.

I’ve come across multiple sources claiming Korof was just a hired fall guy to front the scheme.

I haven’t been able to independently verify this (or that Korof is an actual person), so I’ll just leave that thread there.

By mid 2017 Copy Profit Share was on its third reboot, which seems to have been short-lived. At least officially.

Here’s where things get juicy.

According to this Facebook post from Alecio, Joel Santiago was also an affiliate in Copy Profit Share:

Again, Santiago wasn’t running Copy Profit Share – he was just an affiliate… and apparently earning $10,000 a month before the scheme collapsed.

In July 2017 TVC matrix stopped paying Mack Mills for his “Digital Income Method” recruiting platform.

On July 2nd Alecio held a Facebook live stream in which Mills has a cry about it (fast forward to [3:29]):


Update 27th April 2018 – Within a few hours of this review going live Rey Alecio deleted the referenced Facebook live stream. /end update


July 2017 was ten months ago, or roughly around the time Joel Santiago claims to have started beta testing for Copy Profit Success Global.

The timeline fits too perfectly for any of this to be a coincidence.

Copy Profit Share collapses, Santiago reboots it as his own company and brings on Mills as Master Distributor, fresh off his TVC Matrix partnership loss.

As I have, you can do your own research into Copy Profit Share – although I suspect much of what’s out there will quietly disappear following publication of this review.

In any event, Copy Profit Success Global is practically a 1:1 clone of Copy Profit Share.

The two companies

  • paid/pay the same $25 recruitment commission
  • had the exact same affiliate ranks and qualification criteria and
  • paid/pay the same 3×9 matrix residual recruitment commissions ($3)

The exception is Copy Profit Share’s auto trader, which was obviously an illegal unregistered securities offering.

Given the general secrecy surrounding Copy Profit Success Global, maybe they’re still running the auto trader in secret – who knows.

Hell, if it wasn’t for the Alecia Facebook post above revealing Joel Santiago was a Copy Profit Share affiliate – I’d be tempted to credit him with founding both companies.

Which begs the question: Who actually ran Copy Profit Share and to what extent are they involved in the operation of Copy Profit Success Global?


The problem with the forex signal MLM model is that, if any of them were actually profitable in the long-term, there’d be no need to attach them to pyramid recruitment compensation plans.

Joel Santiago claims since beta testing for Copy Profit Success Global began, example trading accounts have generated 9% to 11% a month.

If you were a forex trader able to consistently generate 9% to 11% a month what, you’re going to sit in a basement somewhere giving webinars revealing “exactly what (you) do and how (you) do it” (actual claim by Santiago), while a group of MLM underbelly hacks try to profit massively on the front-end through recruitment?


After Volishon failed, Santiago and those working with him evidently moved on to forex schemes and pyramid recruitment.

Copy Profit Success Global is the latest iteration of that, in a desperate attempt to keep a model that has already collapsed thrice afloat.

There’s also the potential of securities regulation, as clearly CPS Global’s own compensation plan breaks down the model into a fixed income per affiliate investor recruited:

This tops out at 8000 recruited affiliates = $1 million or so a month at the “Shareholder” rank (paging SEC to aisle 1, SEC to aisle 1…).

And boasting about “daily pay” (recycled affiliate fees) certainly does the company no regulatory favors:

DAILY PAY!!! All residual income will be paid out DAILY

On its own merit Copy Profit Success Global’s “Copy Profit Share” cloned business model has proven it doesn’t work.

That this “new” company is being touted with zero disclosure pertaining to past forex scam exploits, has attracted numerous confirmed scammers and is being promoted in secret – Where do I even begin…?

Want to be left holding the bag when Copy Profit Success Global inevitably follows the same trajectory as Copy Profit Share before it?

Sign up as a CPS Global affiliate today.