There is no information on the TVC Matrix website indicating who runs or owns the business.

The domain ‘’ was registered on the 14th February 2005 and lists ‘TVC Marketing’ as the domain owner, operating out of the state of Oklahoma in the US.

The TVC Marketing domain ( simply redirects back to the TVC Matrix and provides no further indication as to ownership and/or management of the company.

From what I’ve been able to gather, TVC Matrix started back in 2004 as a 3×8 matrix program (paying out commissions on membership) and at some point has switched over to what appears to be a unilevel compensation plan.

On one of the pages on the TVC Matrix the name ‘Virgil Coffee’ appears as a signatory and further research reveals that he is the founder and CEO of the company.

Why this information is not clearly presented on the TVC Matrix website is a mystery.

The TVC Matrix Product Line

TVC Matrix don’t offer any retailable products or services themselves. Instead, TVC Matrix members are required to sell memberships to third-party vendor ‘M0tor Club of America’ (also known as the ‘Auto Club of America’).

The Motor Club of America (MCA) are an auto club and provide mostly roadside assistance via monthly membership, they are also owned by TVC Matrix’s owner, Virgil Coffee.

MCA membership on the TVC Matrix website is advertised at three price points, $9.95 (Security Motor Club), $14.95 (Security Plus Motor Club) and $19.95 (Total Security Motor Club).

Other “vendors” that appear on the TVC Matrix website are the “Small Business Club of America” (SBCA) and “TVC Pro-Driver”.

The exact nature of these entities and TVC Marketing is not disclosed.

The TVC Matrix Compensation Plan

The TVC Matrix compensation plan isn’t really explained all that well on the company website, however from what I’ve been able to glean it appears to be an upfront 200% or so commission upon the signing up of new members, either to MCA, SBCA or TVC Pro-Driver.

Membership to MCA seems to be sold two months in advance, meaning when members sign up they pay for two months membership upfront.

For example, if you recruited a new MCA Total Security Club Membership member, they’d pay $39.90 and you’d earn $79.80 in upfront commissions.

Additionally you earn $6 for each member recruited by your own personal downline and 66 cents for each member in your entire downline (members you’ve recruited, members they’ve recruited and so on and so forth).

For clarification I’m going to suggest the above figures are solely for use on sales of the Total Security Club Membership as the company does not provide compensation plan information unless you sign up as a member.

Any TVC Matrix members reading this, feel free to clarify these figures in the comments section below this article and I’ll make any required updates and/or changes.

Joining TVC Matrix

Membership to TVC Matrix itself appears to be free but in order to participate in the compensation plan you have to purchase a membership to MCA. This membership will set you back anywhere between $9.95 to $19.95 a month depending on which option you choose.


The complete lack of a business model and compensation plan on the TVC Matrix website is a big enough red flag in itself to indicate that not a lot of thought and effort has gone into the setting up of the company.

Analysis of the TVC Matrix compensation plan (what information I was able to find on it without signing up), then reveals that 100% of the commissions generated are paid out from membership fees (the initial fee and an ongoing monthly fee).

With no retailable products or services and no distinction between TVC Matrix members and MCA members, that right there is pretty much your textbook definition of a pyramid scheme. Unless members recruit new members and those new members pay an ongoing membership fee, nobody gets paid.

I did find some matrix related compensation plan material on the TVC Matrix website regarding SBCA memberships but whether or not this is still active is unclear. Some other information I found mentioned selling SBCA memberships in threes and qualification criteria to unlock payout on various levels of a matrix.

In any case this material also revolved around signing up new members to SBCA membership plans with the recruiting member earning a cut of the membership fee(s) paid.

Poor presentation of the business and a compensation plan that pays out 100% commissions on the acquisition of new members and the membership fees they pay. These two facts pretty much speak for themselves when it comes to reviewing the TVC Matrix MLM opportunity as a prospective member.